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Awake at Dawn > Sunday: ch 30-35 (pg. 328-end)

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Okay so when I say Lucas is at least accepting the friendship thing more than Derek ever did, he did follow it up with saying he wanted more. Also that was so cute, waiting 11 years. Though I was waiting for the counter, apparently you didn't wait alone but so cute. Also he came for her. He saved her life and risked near death to get in there to her. Even if she had to save him.

I thought Sara would be the one and how weird. She made it sound like murder but it was cancer. I totally can see it now, the surgeries and the chemo making her ill. AWE. I'm glad Sara is better and I hope she can talk to her about it, maybe they can stay friends and Sara can wind down a bit given everything. Also her and Trey, not sure how I feel about that.

I hope she told them about the old vamp and how Tabitha had seem him. I knew them getting the vamp was too good. Maybe he's also part witch or something. Now she is going to meet her grandparents!!!! I'm excited and I hope they have answers.

Also can we take a moment to say AWE Holiday wants Burnett around!

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