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Spiritual meaning of Numbers

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Nataša Pantović It took Europe relatively long to accept the concept of zero. Accepting zero, enlightened minds of the time finally acknowledged the possibility of an idea that has no form and does not exist. For some Monastic Orders Zero provided a framework for the development of atheism.

Zero is associated with nil, non-being, nothingness, emptiness, and with zero defining non-quantitative as non-existent, everything non-quantifiable could now be defined as non-existent - including God.

Mystic Spiritual Meaning Tarot Kabbalah numbers

For further inspiration have a look at the Publishers main article Spiritual Symbolism of Numbers:

Spiritual Symbolism of Numbers

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Nataša Pantović Mysticism or Magic

From Pythagoras to Aristotle and Plato 4 elements Symbolism

It has all started and in its puzzling complexity ends with the worship of God (in Arabic the name for God is Alah) or divine, divine its omnipresent Cosmic entity, in Taoism known as Tao, materialised through trinity of forces (in Hindhuism known as rajas, satwas and tamas) within four elements of Gaia: earth, water, sun, and air. In their wisdom Chinese philosophers and ancient sages, even managed to further refine them deviding the manifestations of earth into wood and metal, exploring the dance of five instead of four elements. Within the western worlds, inside the works of greatest philosophers, mystics and artists we find this wisdom sparkled knowledge....

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