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Nicole D. | 1482 comments 2/5

This book started out super funny and entertaining. It reminded me of a Sookie Stackhouse type book and there's a time and place for those, and a long car ride is the perfect time and place.

You pretty much immediately had to suspend disbelief. It wasn't that there was magic, (which there was) it was the immediate acceptance of that magic which grated.

The first 2/3rds of the book it was 3 stars - solid entertainment. And then everything got ridiculous and all of the flaws I was able to ignore in the beginning were glaring and annoying, like the author showing off of all his weird knowledge and obscure references. I didn't even care to finish, but I was sitting in traffic so I did.

The audio was OK. The narrator was good on the main character, Bekah, but she was annoying as heck on the love interest Trey and inexplicable in her robotic interpretation of "The Trips".

Had potential to be fun, but the author got in his own way.

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments Oops....sorry, we still haven't finished since my husband had to do a business meeting on our way back from our cabin. Sounds like I shouldn't be in a rush to finish.

I do agree that Trey's voice was super annoying.

Nicole D. | 1482 comments it's OK! it had a lot of potential.

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