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Tim | 77 comments Here we go.

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Tim | 77 comments Hello there.

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So...want to post character profiles?

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Tim | 77 comments Sure,about what age should they be?

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I'd say mid/late teens

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Tim | 77 comments Sounds good,I'll post after school.

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Tim | 77 comments I'm really sorry. I completely forgot I'll get on my character right now.

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It's alright!

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Tim | 77 comments Character’s full name: Jack McGraw Diamond Hunter
Reason or meaning of name: He loved Jack in the boxes as a kid
Character’s nickname: J or The Hunt
Reason for nickname:He hunts
Birth date: 4/25/unknown
Job: Hunter
Physical appearance
Age: 17
How old does he/she appear:19
Weight: 120
Height: 5'8
Body build: Muscular
Shape of face: Tones
Eye color: Blue
Glasses or contacts:
Skin tone: Tan
Distinguishing marks:Dragon tattoo
Predominant features: Beard
Hair color: Brown
Type of hair: Wavy
Hairstyle: High and tight
Voice: Grizzly
Overall attractiveness:82%
Physical disabilities: none
Usual fashion of dress: Normal civilian clothing when not fighting
Favorite outfit: A white hood,black pants and shoes fit for running
Jewelry or accessories:

Good personality traits: Tries hard
Bad personality traits: Tries to hard
Mood character is most often in: Not overly happy but happy
Sense of humor: Funny mainly to himself
Character’s greatest joy in life: Running
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? Him dying...obviously
Character is most at ease when: Around strong people like him
Most ill at ease when: Around strangers
Enraged when: Someone Dis proves him.
Depressed or sad when: Grandfathers watch
Priorities: Love
Life philosophy: Try hard and you shall succeed
If granted one wish, it would be: Find a girl like him
Why? So he can settle down and have someone to talk to that knows him
Character’s soft spot: Hearing others happy moments
Is this soft spot obvious to others? No
Greatest strength: Being a rebel
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Talks to much
Biggest regret: None
Minor regret: Hasn't tried hard enough once
Biggest accomplishment: Became one of the small time leaders and a known assasin
Minor accomplishment: Talked to a stranger
Character’s darkest secret: Bakes
Does anyone else know? His Mother

Drives and motivations: Mainly love
Immediate goals: Find love
Long term goals: Find a true companion
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Talk to others

Hometown: Evensville
Type of childhood: Religious and happy
Pets: Shadow
First memory: Being carried in a basket
Most important childhood memory: Receiving Shadow his horse
Why: It's his only true friend
Childhood hero: A superhero
Dream job: Sit around and get money
Education: The best
Finances: None

Current location: An abandoned hospital
Currently living with:Himself
Pets:mShadow his Horse
Religion: Looking
Occupation: Kills
Finances: Pelts

Mother:Sarah Hunter
Relationship with her: Loves her
Father: Jack Hunter
Relationship with him:Hates him
Siblings: sister,Jaqulin Hunter
Relationship with them: He doesn't know

Color: blue and green
Least favorite color: orange
Music: Any Irish music
Food: Steak and rice
Literature: Any writing of a famous author
Form of entertainment:Running
Mode of transportation: Shadow
Most prized possession: Grandfathers watch

Hobbies: playing music and riding his horse
Plays a musical instrument? Violin
Plays a sport? No
How he/she would spend a rainy day: Run in the woods
Spending habits: New bows or swords
Smokes: no
Drinks: Sometimes
Other drugs:none
What does he/she do too much of? Running
What does he/she do too little of? Talk to others
Extremely skilled at: Killing
Extremely unskilled at: Talking to strangers
Nervous tics: none
Usual body posture: straight
Mannerisms: none
Peculiarities: none

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Daredevil or cautious? Daredevil
Logical or emotional? Logical
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Neat most of the time
Prefers working or relaxing? Working
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Confident
Animal lover?YES

How he/she feels about himself/herself: he loves himself
One word the character would use to describe self: He finds himself nice to others and always tries to stick his neck out for people. He always tries to be better than others even sometimes without knowing it. He thinks everyone is or has a good side so he helps everyone.
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self:
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait? Tries to top others so works hard
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? Tries to hard
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? His physical attributes
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? His confidence
How does the character think others perceive him/her: nice to others
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: His self confidence

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general: Likes others
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others?NO
Person character most hates: none
Best friend(s): None
Love interest(s): Not at the moment
Person character goes to for advice: No one
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Himself
Person character feels shy or awkward around: Others
Person character openly admires:none
Person character secretly admires: none
Most important person in character’s life before story starts: His father
After story starts: Himself

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Tim | 77 comments Sorry it took so long

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That's alright! I'm about to drive home, so I'll reply at home :)

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Tim | 77 comments Sounds good.

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Character’s full name: Abilene Goode
Character’s nickname: Abbie or Belle
Reason for nickname: Short for her first name
Birth date: 8/1/unknown
Job: None
Physical appearance
Age: 16
How old does he/she appear: 16/17
Weight: 108
Height: 5'2"
Body build: Tiny
Shape of face: Heart
Eye color: Green
Skin tone: Pale and freckled
Distinguishing marks: Very freckled
Predominant features: Eyes
Hair color: Auburn
Type of hair: curly
Hairstyle: Long
Voice: Soft and meek
Physical disabilities: none

Good personality traits: Kind face, wants to help
Bad personality traits: Frustrated easily; short temper
Sense of humor: Sarcastic
Character’s greatest joy in life: Her family
Character is most at ease when: People who support her
Most ill at ease when: Around strangers who could hurt her
Enraged when: People are idiots
Priorities: Family

I'll post the rest later

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Tim | 77 comments Can't wait.

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Hometown: Biradale
Type of childhood: Peaceful and content
First memory: Being carried in a basket
Most important childhood memory: Death of parents
Why: Obvious reasons- leads to her being raised by abusive uncle
Childhood hero: Mother
Dream job: Something where she can help people and be well-respected
Education: Homeschooled until recently, then teaching herself. She's very bright.

Current location: Uncle's House
Currently living with: Uncle Robert

Mother: Louisa Hallow Goode
Relationship with her: loves her, but she's deceased
Father: Kenneth Goode
Relationship with him: Loves him, but he's deceased
**Got into a terrible accident when they were walking- a hit and run sort of situation. Abilene saw the accident and is still traumatized by it, more often than not having flashbacks and nightmares.**

Color: gold
Least favorite color: orange
Music: Musical Theatre
Food: Chicken noodle soup
Literature: Anything considered classic literature. Some favorite authors include Ken Kesey, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Tennessee Williams
Form of entertainment: Singing to herself
Mode of transportation: Walking
Most prized possession: Necklace made from her parents' wedding rings

Hobbies: singing and exploring
Plays a musical instrument? Sings a bit
Plays a sport? No
How he/she would spend a rainy day: Reading and sleeping
Spending habits: Food and necessities
Smokes: No
Drinks: Not yet
Other drugs:none
Usual body posture: straight

Optimist or pessimist? Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert? A bit of both
Daredevil or cautious? Depends on situation
Logical or emotional?Emotional
Prefers working or relaxing? Working
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Unsure
Animal lover? OF COURSE

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Tim | 77 comments It looks fantastic

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Awesome! So do you want to start?

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Tim | 77 comments I can,I'll post here in about an hour or so,I need to finish some chores real quick.

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Tim | 77 comments It was a calm,breezy day. The breeze was going up hill not down like usual. It was perfect for what he believed he was made to do,and that's hunting. Jack began to ro run keeping sure he kept his footing and made little noise. He was moving with the wind,not against it. His new oak bow made easy picks from a distance but today Jack wanted a challenge. So he left his bow back in his cozy cot. It was right next to his mothers and father. He remembered when they told him if he were able to build it,he could move out,but not to far. Of course Jack was excited as anyone with this news. So he began to hunt more often so often he began to love it. The pelts he would get would be used for building materials. A year later he was able to finally build his dream home. One story two bedrooms a nice kitchen with a stove and a lovely straw roof. His bow lay in its hand crafted case it was a perfect place for a true winner,that winner is his bow.

Jack had been studying this new spot for months,the best deer and elk would roam an open field. Jack knew it would be hard so he had to wait for night fall when they begin to head back to the tree line. Jack climbed a tree swiftly like a squirrel. Quickly he made his way to a tree limb. He sat and waited. He always loved the woods after all they were where he grew up mainly. There were so many rumors of bad spirits or bad animals hurting or even killing hikers. He found himself fortunate because he had never been attacked before. He was just unsheething his knife when he heard a loud roar,suddenly all the animals ran away from him. His heart beat quickened as he knew the sound came from below him. A creature he had never seen before black with a bloody mouth stood below him. It began scratching the wood looking at him. "Good thing it can't climb"he said and just then the creature dugs its claws into the bark and began to inch it's way up.

Jack jumped to another tree quickly,he wondered why this thing wanted him. He jumped quickly from tree to tree making sure he wouldn't fall. He jumped to an older tree the branch snapped from his weight and Jack began to fall. He grabbed the lowest hanging branch with his left hands and his knife in his other he fell. In a small clearing Jack stood,it was dark due to the leaves covering the clearing. The roars seemed to come from every direction,he felt un safe like he usually felt in the woods. Just then he was tackled to the ground from behind. Jack stabbed the beast in the back and quickly ran. He knew every turn and he was able to get away. He took a second to examine his knife,usually he would see scarlet red blood but not now. This was something different. The blade was covered in black.

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It was a cold day in Biradale. So cold, in fact, that the tears running down Abilene's cheeks practically froze halfway down her face, even though she was inside.

She hid inside her closet. It was the safest place she could think of. She felt a sense of security amongst her dresses and shirts. Kind of like being warm without really being all that warm.

All she wanted was someone to be nice to her in return for her kindness- that's all she ever wanted. But no. Instead she got Uncle Robert. She got him and bottles littered all over the floor nearly every morning. Him and the smell of rum and whiskey on his breath.
Him and his words. Those were the worst. They cut her like a knife whenever he opened his mouth. The worst part was that he never remembered in the morning and she just had to pretend that nothing happened. She had to pretend her life was just fine.

Abilene was biting her nails again. She pulled her hand away from her mouth to see the tip of her pointer finger starting to bleed.

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Tim | 77 comments He stood quickly cleaning his blade seeing that it was corroded. He was surprised,but he put it away,the handle was still good so he would just make another. He decided to go home,he knew where he was so he was quick he ran in and got his bow. He loved the woods so a little scare wouldn't keep him away.

He grabbed the bow and put it behind his back,he soon left back to the woods. He ran quickly and payed even more attention to his surroundings soon he was lost but on the edge of the woods. He traveled back into the deep bush.

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She heard his clumsy footsteps knocking around downstairs along with his loud intoxicated shouting. She knew it was only a matter of time before he made it up there, and she had to move quickly. Maybe she could make it out the side door without him noticing.

Abilene stood up shakily and began to carefully make her way out of her room and downstairs. She was terrified but knew she had to do this.

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Tim | 77 comments Jack had found where he was actually he found his favorite spot. He had his many things in the large hollow tree,even a knife. He walked over and took out a log from the hole in the tree. Inside lay his first bow and his favorite knife. He told himself he would never use it unless his old one broke,like it had now. He took out his old knife and payed it in the tree carefully. He then took his favorite knife. It was black forged from black metal. It was the sharpest thing he had ever known. He sheathed it and soon began to roam the forest.

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