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Medium in Paradise by Tabby Moray House Sitter in Paradise by Tabby Moray Treasure Hunter in Paradise by Tabby Moray

Medium in Paradise:

Medium Dina Douglass’ life is just where she wants it. Well, sort of. If she could just ignore the fact that her long term boyfriend isn’t into marriage and that a pesky ghost has decided her newly purchased home is where the heart is, then her life is perfect! However, when this same pesky ghost starts insisting she date her ex-boyfriend, Detective Barney Nichols, Dina’s stale love life gets a breath of fresh air. Fresh air she didn’t know she needed until she and the handsome detective meet face to face…

Treasure Hunter in Paradise:

Foolishness doesn't sit well with stunt woman Ava Anderson. So when she's manipulated into flying across the ocean to embark on a wacky treasure hunt for her inheritance, she ain't a happy camper.
But after getting one look at the sexy Frederick Rako, treasure won't be the only thing she's hunting down.

House Sitter in Paradise:

Moon Montgomery always knew she'd be a writer. But when her writing loses its shine, her boss suggests (forces) her to go out there and wrestle her inspiration back. So when an opportunity arises for her to housesit a luxury home in St.Lucia, she feels it's the perfect opportunity to get some R&R and maybe start writing a book. But when she arrives and meets Garret Kistler, her disturbingly hot neighbor, even the best laid plans can go sexily awry...

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D.N. Hoxa | 1 comments Hey guys!

Just released my contemporary romance/comedy novel. I'm looking for opinions on it, so if you like the blurb, look it up here:
Once Upon a One Night Stand (Lover, #1) by D.N. Hoxa

Five friends. Five stories.

Welcome to the LOVER show. Let's begin with L:

Have you ever tried not liking a guy when your best friends decide you should like him? How about if that guy had the sexiest ass on the planet, and was your birthday-cake one-night-stand with icing on top?

London Reeves agrees that three years is a long time to live without sex, but one steamy hot night could never last longer than the morning after. Yet, her four lunatic best friends disagree on that last one. The voices in her head disagree, too, and even her mother seems to think she's crazy. And sexyass will not take a goddamn no for an answer. Now what exactly is a girl do against that?

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