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March 2016: Mystery Thriller > Chill Factor by Sandra Brown - 3 stars

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message 1: by Brandy (new)

Brandy (romansgirl) | 87 comments A successful magazine editor finds herself trapped in a remote cabin during a blizzard with a man she can't trust, or resist. He's her only chance for survival. But he could also be the serial killer that's been praying on women in this remote, mountain town for the past few years.

Despite the fact that I found the man trapped in the cabin with Lilly to be a pompous ass, I really enjoyed figuring this one out. And there was one character who bot off way too easy IMO. But I would love to have read this one while vacationing in Gatlinburg!

message 2: by Doughgirl5562 (new)

Doughgirl5562 | 704 comments I read this perhaps 10 or more years ago, but I still remember that I liked it!

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