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Desert > Dried up watering hole.

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Water can be found here for those willing to dig, but be wary predators and prey alike for the mud traps all without mercy.

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((Hope bringer))

Nightwing didn't like being out in the open, a crow sized creature that looked more like the crow sized love child of a chicken and bat rather than a terrifying dinosaur. He knew that he couldn't protect his pack mates from the monsters that they shared the watering hole with. Still the pack needed water and there was none to be found else where this dry season, so he could only hope that his pack would go unoticed by the larger predators.

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MixItUp! Giana lifted her head to the blazing sun, This drought is gonna kill us all Giana thought. She looked around, a black dot in the sky caught her bright eyes. Giana stopped walking, tilting her head until she made out the outline of Nightwing. "What is a bat like creature doing out here in the middle of the desert?" Giana asked herself

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"What in stars name are we doing out here? Curse this drought, if the sun doesn't kill us then the predators will pick us off like the dead meat we already are," Nightwing cursed under his breath as he landed on an exposed rock in the middle of the watering and called out for the rest of his pack to catch up.

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MixItUp! Giana lowered her head, continuing to watch Nightwing, Maybe he can help me find water Giana thought a small smiling creeping on her face but she paused, this creature could attack her if she made the wrong move. The female triceratops stepped lightly, her head held high and her tail swaying

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Once the rest of Nightwing's pack arrived at the scene, the group quickly set to work to try and dig up the water that they could smell just underneath their feet. However try as they might, the pack of small dinosaurs and pterosaurs couldn't break through the hard crust and Nightwing could only watch as watch as a nearby iguanadon came managed to break through the hard crust. Only to shoe his pack mates away when they tried to take a drink. His eyes feel to the triceratops nearby and be as much as he hated to admit it, he could only hope that she would be a bit more merciful when she gave it a go.

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MixItUp! Giana eyed the water with thirst, she met Nightwing's eyes before looking away. Giana tried to copy what the dinosaur had done to break through the hot, hard crust. Using her 3 horns she raked through the crust, hoping that she could get deep enough to get some water come out. After she had raked a spot over and over, small droplets of water appeared, without thinking she twisted, lapping up the water.

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