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Olive (totalbookworm127) | 1 comments I'm looking for a book that I read about five years ago. I’m just going to describe it in as much detail as I possibly can! I hope you can help me!

The family lives in a big city somewhere and the parents of two children (an older girl and younger boy) go out to get something. As the parents leave the mother leaves the garden gate open. The sister goes to make lunch for herself and her brother but when she goes back outside her brother isn't there, it’s assumed that he's dead. (The reader doesn't actually find this out until the end, but chronologically it happens first).
So the three people in the family decide to move out and they move into this massive mansion thing which is really old (I think it used to be a castle or something). The girls always feel as if she’s the only one looking after her brother (who is no longer alive, he’s a ghost but only she seems to be able to see him). She starts getting worse and feeling really scared and paranoid by the ghosts in the mansion, one of the woman who used to live there had a little boy who died early but she never found him.
At the end, the family decide to move out as it becomes too much for the girl, she still believes that she must look after her younger brother. The ghost of the little boy lives with the ghost of the mansion and as they are driving away the mother says something along the lines of:
“look at him, he’s actually smiling”
And the daughter is taken aback and says:
“you can see him too?”
And the mother replies by saying:
“I was the one who left the gate open”

Thats it folks! Hopefully somebody will know what I’m on about!!
(Also, i apologize in advance if I've used this website incorrectly or if I take a while to reply, I've never actually used this site before)

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Lobstergirl | 37621 comments Mod
Olive, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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Rainbowheart | 15786 comments Any chance it's the same book Anne is searching for here?


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Rainbowheart | 15786 comments Still looking, Olive?

Anne's book turned out to be Dear Hank Williams.

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