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message 1: by Flore (new)

Flore | 57 comments These books by Kurt Flasch appear to be the same book, but they do not show up as editions of each other:

Also, the formatting of the French title is probably wrong. From a quick search, French sources (e.g. Amazon and the publisher Vrin) do not seem to give a consistent title, but they clearly follow French conventions. Only names and the first word in a "line" in a title should be capitalised. The subtitle in its current form should be therefore written as "Une philosophie du christianisme". It seems that there should also be some sort of space before the colon, per French orthography rules, but I am less certain of this.

On the subject of inconsistencies in the French title, could the "correct" version perhaps be verified? "Maître Eckhart" is correct, but I've seen both "Une philosophie du christianisme" ("A philosophy of Christianity") and "Philosophe du christianisme" ("Philosopher of Christianity"). (I imagine that there's one title, and that there might have been confusion of "philosophe" and "philosophie", but who knows?)

message 2: by Rafael (new)

Rafael da Silva (morfindel) | 1369 comments Done

message 3: by Flore (new)

Flore | 57 comments Thanks! It looks like the issues with the French copy's title have not been fixed yet though. Sorry if my wording earlier wasn't clear!

message 4: by Rafael (new)

Rafael da Silva (morfindel) | 1369 comments I understood your request, don't worry about it, I just don't know if I must change it. The title is not showed in the cover, so the cver don't help us.

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments I updated the title and subtitle as per the publisher site. Also added translator

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