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I'm Worried About My Future...

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Scorpio-of-Autumn | 11 comments Last night, my mother went on another tangent about the state America is in. She constantly rants to me and my younger sibling about how dishonest, lazy people are stealing from our programs that are meant to help the poor. She went on for ten minutes yesterday about how one of our neighbors is getting free college for her kids because she and her long-term boyfriend aren't "married".

I firmly believe that people shouldn't be forced to be married if they don't want. But to listen to my parents talk, life for hard workers is pointless, because we pay money that people take when they're capable of working. I've personally seen people who need welfare help not get it, because they "made too much" (mind you, these people are barely scarping by).

It makes me feel really depressed. I still want to work for what I own, because hard work has been instilled into my morals. But when the ones getting off easy are the ones who abuse the system, it feels really pointless.

I don't know what can be said. I try to tell my parents that not everyone who is on welfare (or isn't married) is trying to abuse the welfare system; but the whole topic makes them both so angry. I know I'm just a dumb teenager, but this topic makes me feel really anxious. Thoughts?

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Irene | 13 comments There is always gonna people who try to abuse the system and people who get completely abused by it's stupid rules, unfortunately it's something which is difficult to change.

I don't think you should be calling yourself a dumb teenager, btw, sure you don't know everything about the topic, but I doubt your parents do either. And if they do and you don't you're still allowed to have a different opinion. And if this is something you think should be different, maybe you could try to change it for the better in the future. Don't let other people's opinions bring you down or make you feel scared in anyway, turn them into motivations for doing what you believe in.

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This is definitely something I've discussed with more than a few people. And you're right. It's frustrating. Because I too have seen people who need welfare help very badly but aren't able to get it. I've also known a family friend who was on welfare for a time and had to resort to stocking money under her mattress in order to save to get off of the welfare system's help, because the way it's run is so messed up at this point it makes it pretty impossible to get off of it and stand on your own two feet again- again that's coming from her experience not my own.

I guess I'm just settling on the belief that there will always be people who abuse the system. But even though those people will always exist, it's still important that we don't let that stop us taking care of the people who do need it, because they're by far the majority.

And teenagers aren't dumb. (I'm only 20 so I'm no old sage myself). We may be inexperienced, generally speaking. And perhaps even a bit naive at times. But that doesn't mean you can't ask questions and seek out answers and give your opinion, even if you change that opinion after hearing the other side. Because without asking questions and speaking up, how are we supposed to grow up?

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