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message 1: by Hahtoolah (new)

Hahtoolah | 405 comments Noah's Wife, by Lindsey Starck (2016) 3 Stars

Noah’s Wife is a twist on the Biblical tale of Noah and the Flood. Noah’s wife, who is never given a name, is married to Noah, a minister. Although Noah is a minister, this is not a religious book. Rather, it is a modern day parable.

Noah, facing a crisis of faith, decides to leave his post in the city and take over a church in a small, remote town. Noah and his wife move into a new town that has been experiencing endless rain for months on end. The previous minister drowned in the river. Was it an accident or was he, too, experiencing a crisis? Noah believes that he can revive the congregation. He soon learns, however, that that the townspeople have their own ideas.

The rains have caused the towns people to fall into various states of depression and denial. As the waters rise, some people flee the town. Others are determined to stay. The zookeeper refused to leave because he loves the town and who will tend to the exotic animals if he leaves? His fiancée agreed to marry him thinking that they would leave the town to a drier place.

Noah’s wife, who had always relied on those near to her, finds herself struggling with the townspeople. In addition to the zookeeper, there is the much-married Mrs. McGinn and her daughter. The daughter has been engaged to the zookeeper for several years, waiting to get married until they can leave the town. Then there is the mysterious weatherman who comes to town to warn the villages of impending doom. Will they listen to him? Who leaves and who will stay?

This is a debut novel. It was interesting, but not a favorite.

message 2: by Regina Lindsey (new)

Regina Lindsey | 1005 comments This would make a great foundation for a tale. It is a shame it didn't come off strongly for you though.

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