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Niran | 1792 comments Hey :)

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Hey c:

Did you want short templates, or long ones for both characters?

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Niran | 1792 comments Let's do short templates for our characters , it's easier just to discover things in the role play
Also, sorry it's in general, I created it on the app so I don't know xD

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Niran | 1792 comments Let's do short templates for our characters , it's easier just to discover things in the role play
Also, sorry it's in general, I created it on the app so I don't know xD

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Short works fine by me. ^-^

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Niran | 1792 comments Okay cool, I'll start making mine

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Should I post mine right now?

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Niran | 1792 comments If you want :)

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Niran | 1792 comments Boy
Name: Sebastian Deleros
Age: 18

•playing guitar

•loud people

Name: Nyla Kelsorit
Age: 17

•playing the piano
•insane foodie

•social networking
•the colours yellow and brown

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[ Name ] Sadie Moore
[ nickname ] Sadie, Ava
[ Age ] 17
[ Personality ]
::.Head Strong

-Going to the beach
-Shopping & Fashion

-Cold weather
-Spiders & bugs
-Lying to people

[ Name ] Colin Fisher
[ nickname ] Colin
[ Age ] 18
[ Personality ]
::.Overly Confident

-Going to the beach
-Going to parties

-Lying to people
-His temper getting the best of him
-Being impulsive
-People pointing out the obvious

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Niran | 1792 comments Can you start? :)

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments
[ Sorry it's been kind of hectic, for the past few days. I hope you don't mind making, one of our two characters friends and the other could be like a crush.]

Sadie was either going to be super late, or super early being she went too bed late last night, and didn't know there was late arrival today which seemed already off, from the schedule she usually paid attention to. On top of that she was suppose to finish a history project with, Sebastian which she totally forgot. So you could say she was royally screwed today.

Making her way to school on her long board she hoped her friend wouldn't be upset that she forgot. Besides Sadie excelled at history but when it came to math, or science she kind of just flunked horribly. And who wouldn't blame her; math and science really was boring with the whole discussions, and long packets of homework. At least in history class it was worthwhile and got your attention, right off the bat. Or so she thought.

Colin was hanging out with his soccer buddies in front of the school playing some soccer, and making conversation as they didn't have anything better to do. Well they could do something else but they preferred soccer as it, was a passion for them. You could almost say it ran through there blood.

He couldn't help but reminiscence that this was the end of high school as he knew it before going, to the college that gave him a soccer scholarship or the fact he was having, a lot of things piled on top of during his freshmen year. But when he joined the soccer team and then became captain, it felt like those teammates, those friends he now calls was almost like his family; maybe even helped, him through thick and thin. And it sure felt great to have them on his side.

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Niran | 1792 comments The morning was a struggle for everyone, but especially Sebastian, and today was the first day of school, so who knew what the day held.
He did the usual; get up, have a shower, brush his teeth, get dressed, have a glass of coffee and was off to school. As he pulled up to the high school, he heard himself let out a big sigh," God, here we go again". But it was the last year, senior year, and apparently this was supposed to be the year of their lives. When things only got better, but Sebastian didn't know what to actually think of that.

Without thinking too deeply, he got out the car, throwing his side bag on his shoulder and shutting the door of his car abruptly. He looked up at the high school and gave another sigh, he really didn't want to be here, but eh, that was life. He looked around for Sadie, because they were supposed to have completed a history project together, so yeah, he was basically going to kill her when he found her.
And finally he did, he saw her blonde hair glowing in the light. He walked straight up to her and gave her a raise of his eyebrows," You, Miss Sadie, owe me an explanation".

Nyla made it to school just on time, usually she was very late, always late because she was a clumsy mess. She only lived a few streets down from the school, so she usually walked. Besides, she didn't really have a drivers licence just yet, like she said, she was clumsy so she always failed her driving exams.
She was close to the steps up to the high school when all of a sudden a soccer ball came flying her way, so she ducked slightly and let out a shocked squeal.
She looked over at the group of boys, went to the ball and kicked it in their direction skilfully. The ball stopped slowly at the foot of another boy," You should be careful", she stated, giving a small smile and a little raise of her boys.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments When she was just about to stop near the tree; where she usually sat in the morning, she somehow saw in the corner of her eyes was Sebastian that forced her to put her foot hard to the, ground to stop herself from crashing into anyone.

"Well good morning to you too."She stated with pure sarcasm showing through, before taking her skateboard under her arm."About the project...I was  already starting it. Then I had to vist my older brother in rehab." Sadie gave a exasperated sigh. "It's been a exhausting night you could say, Sebastian. I don't even want to go from memory which I can but I'd rather not."

Looking towards Nyla's direction,  he chuckled softly to himself."I'll try but I might not be able to control myself. Taking the ball in hand he headed over to where, she stood. "Nyla is it? I swear I've seen you in one of my classes or two. No wait I know. It was English."He stated softly before raking his hand through his hair. She was quite the beauty. A goddesses some would say. He would say a Victoria Secret model. But he knew he should be focusing on, his soccer scholarship along with his grades, schoolwork, even graduation. But sometimes focusing on something too much could do more damage then good.

"I'm Colin. Nyla is a pretty name. Suits you well."He said with a smirk that showed from ear to ear. "How about we hang out some time. Maybe even prom. Here's my number if you want to talk, or whatever suits you." He took a pen from his backpack, and wrote it on her hand along with a heart before saying, "bye" and going back to his friends.

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian's eyebrows were raised the whole time, his facial expression clearly showing suspicious. But that slowly faded away as he saw her facial expression change into some sort of tired and exhausted way. So he just shrugged it off and pulled her in for a hug, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her in. He kissed her forehead and said," Don't worry about it, it's forgotten".
They walked side by side, and Sebastian continued," But how's your brother?". He hoped he was doing better, he didn't know much about Sadies older brother as she didn't really talk about it much. But he just wanted to ask to make her feel comfortable. He looked aside to her and gave a little, reassuring smile, just letting her know that it was okay and that she didn't need to feel so overloaded. He was there for her.

Nyla stood there, frozen and in shock. She just watched him walk away in a dumb founded manner before she looked down at her hand realised that he had his name and his number written in pen on her hand.
She looked around slightly and then back at her hand.
"Did that just happen?", she asked herself quietly, she didn't want anyone to think she was crazy since she was talking to herself.
She shook her head out and gave a slight sigh, making her way to the school entrance and then eventually inside the school. Nyla found her locker and quickly opened it, but of course, her books and things in the locker fell out. So she spent some time picking them up and placing them back in carefully before she took out her phone and decided whether or not to put Collins number in her phone.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Sadie blinked almost as if she wasn't, expecting his hug or kiss on the forehead but she did always expect it. Just her reactions is what he thought was funny yet cute, and in a way so did she too. She just quietly squealed and kind of bit her lip to get rid of, the blush and warmth surfacing on her cheeks."Sure it's forgotten."She buried her face into his side like she always did. Sometimes Sadie couldn't help it..and besides she did think he was a comfy pillow that, she could sleep on whenever."He's not really doing so well and my mom wants to stop paying for it; including his friends because all in all they both see when he leaves he'll be a druggie again. God only knows he got me into that mess last year. I even vowed I wouldn't do that stuff because I wanted to be a better person. I-I just want some good to come out of it."Sadie gave a sad almost harsh smile before, holding onto him tightly for a few seconds before letting go."Anyways I got out us for the whole day thanks to my mom. Now we can go to the beach and relax."

Colin chuckled softly as he watched her in the corner, of his eye before he walked away. He never saw a girl who acted so klutzy like or cute more then Nyla. And the last girlfriend he had was worse. He almost could say psycho because she wanted to know where he was, and control his life. Last time he would ever date a cheerleader.

It was when he threw the ball to his friends before they walked into school and started talking about the little moment he had with Nyla. "Dude you should like totally hang out with her. Like she's far better then Rachel, and we all know she was worse."His friend Tate told him. Shaking his head, Colin gave a shaky sigh. "I don't know guys. I mean she is quite pretty and far better then Rachel I just don't want to, rush anything and I don't want to hurt another girl. I mean maybe that's, the gentlemen inside me but maybe I'll wait a day or two. It's only the start of our senior year."

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian looked down as she explain what was happening with her brother; it was a shame, because without the drugs, even with them, he was still a good person. You could see it in him. But things are different now.
"Come on, let's forget about it for a while, okay?", Sebastian smiled in a small way, ruffling her hair slightly in a playful manner. Then his forehead creased and he looked her in the eyes," The first day back and we're already ditching? Well well, look at us, still rebels", he joked, laughing slightly. The thing with Sadie and Sebastian, they ditched a lot, but they still passed exams and stuff. He walked with Sadie and said," Since you want to ditch you can drive, missy".
He actually couldn't wait to go to the beach and just relax, even though he had been doing that the whole summer, but for some reason he felt excited. Maybe because he was going with Sadie.

Nyla walked into home room, and not a second passed before her best friend Kesey pounced on her like a little tiger.
"Nyla!", Kesey hugged her tightly and kissed her cheeks, she was pretty affectionate and hyper. She was a short, little bombshell who had pastel died pink hair and dressed like a 90s skater. Her best friend was kind of weird, but it worked.
"Umm, what is that on your hand?", she asked, trying to sneak a peak.
Nyla looked down and quickly covered it," It's not a big deal, some guy called Colin gave me his number. Apparently I'm interesting in some sort of way". They both went over to a desk and sat side by side, Kesey still looking at her hand.
"Wait, Colin Colin? Popular, soccer Collin?", Kesey said, her eyes widening as more clues came to her.
"Yeah he played soccer", Nyla shrugged.
"Every girl has a crush on him, his ex girlfriend was Rachel, crazy, psycho Rachel", Kesey continued, making funny faces.
Nyla just laughed, because she didn't really keep up with the schools gossip.

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Niran | 1792 comments ?

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments (Sorry; I just finished up typing up both replies like Wednesday.)

Sadie just merely looked up at him, and giggled softly feeling a small smile slowly appearing on her face."So what.. we always pass our classes as is. Nothing new to me or you Sebastian. And I really want to skateboard; been itching too do so this whole time." When he ruffled her hair she put it back into place. "Watch it boy or I might die your hair one of these days."Sadie teased playfully. Pulling his hand along to the front door of the school, she couldn't help but give a cute yet dark smile."Deal."


Sitting at his desk as usual for History he decided, to take a quick look at his phone; maybe Nyla, decided to text him. Or delay the inevitable. "So you are interested in her after all aren't ya?" Tate asked with a half-chuckle half-smirk appearing on his face.

Sometimes he didn't get Tate whatsoever. In a way he was a total pevert, ladies man, and maybe a bit sarcastic to the extreme. Then again that, matched Colin's overly confidence with certain things. So it evened out. And maybe he did like Nyla. She was definitely far better then Rachel. He didn't even know, why he dated her to begin with. Maybe because of her body and looks which were beyond, words but her personality was just a whole different story. A whole different world apart from his. "Maybe. I mean I don't know why you talked me into, hooking up with Rachel. Probably because, her brother was the captain of the football team."Colin said with an exasperated sigh while raking his hand through his hair.

"We both know Rachel was hot back in freshmen year, through sophomore year. But then again I was only, friends with Adrian for a short time. Besides I dislike the football team just, as much as you do. Not just for the fact, were rivals but at least some of us are smart." Tate gave his famous dark smirk, and cocky laugh. Colin chuckled softly to himself; amused by his last comment. "That is so true in every which way. Tried out for the football team, to only find out I didn't make the cut. Soccer is a lot better. At least we stick together as friends. True friends."He smiled sincerely.

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Niran | 1792 comments Before he knew it Sebastian and Sadie were in her car, driving with the windows down, the wind in their hair and the music playing.
It was a good scene, he'd rather be here than in school doing boring work, and Sadie was right, they always passed even if they weren't in lessons. They were good at cramming and last minute studying when it came to exams and tests.
Sebastian hummed along to the music playing on the radio, it was a punk rock radio station; playing music from sleeping with sirens, ghost town etc. They were net the beach, they would there in around ten minutes.
"If I get a call from the school telling my parents I'm blaming you", Sebastian joked, giving a playful smile and leaning his head on the seat rest. He hadn't really realised before how Sadie's hair blew in the wind so delicately, so nicely. Hm, he said, do girls hair always do that or was it just Sadies?


What a drag this lesson was turning out to be: it was long, the substitute teacher kept disappearing and the class would erupt into chaos.
It was kind of hilarious and kind of annoying because Nyla was hungry and tired.
She felt something hit her face and the turned to Kesey to see a playful, devilish smirk on her face, and instantly Nyla knew it was her who had thrown the paper ball at her face.
She simply just stuck her tongue out and made a silly face, giving a smile afterwards.
But finally, and eventually, the bell for break went and everyone packed up and practically ran out of their seats like there was no tomorrow, like there was an earthquake.
"Oh thank god", Kesey exclaimed," That lesson dragged like no other".
Nyla and Kesey walked side by side, and Nyla couldn't help but laugh at her friends expression. They walked to their lockers, which were side by side, and put their things away before heading to the cafeteria which was already filled with students who were hungry and somewhat hyped up.
"Here we go again, the packed nature of the cafeteria; all the cliques separated and divided", Kesey continued, giving a dramatic sigh.
"Oh come on, it's not that divided", Nyla said, trying to sound positive, she bought her muffin and sat on the nearest table.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Seeing the beach come into, view she felt just as happy as Sebastian, was this moment. The feeling of not having to worry, about school right then and there; but also with, what was going on. Sadie couldn't even remember the last name she was, here let alone felt so free. So calm and relaxed.

Parking her car near the boardwalk, she stopped to look at him for a second. Almost feeling him staring back, but somehow she was looking at him past, the exterior of a friend. More like a boyfriend. It felt strange to think that way. They both told each other they, wouldn't be boyfriend and girlfriend for.. if they did; well it'd be awkward if something, ever did happen to either of them. But couldn't a girl dream? Maybe having that tiny stare brought back, feelings she tried to relinquish from her grasp. "You can blame me all you like, but your parents love me. They did think after all we were right for each other. As friends of course."Sadie laughed nervously, feeling warmth surface to her, cheeks while trying to play it off cool as a smile.

Heading to the cafeteria with his friend, Tate to catch up with the rest of the soccer team he caught eyes staring at him, and Tate from the football section and cheer leading section of the cafeteria. Colin stared at the captain for a fleeting second feeling the need, to punch him and rip him too shreds; of course that included his buddies as well. Almost glaring with a pure hatred he started to walk towards Adrian.


Seeing his friend's frustration he swore, this time he wouldn't be able to hold him back nor would, the rest of the soccer team. Not this time around. Maybe because Adrian didn't just try to talk, trash about Colin but aside from the rival part..Adrian tried to ruin his chances to a soccer scholarship, by getting him drunk or even high. You probably could say Rachel. Adrian's sister. "Come on Colin we don't need his shit. We have the others to talk trash about him. Besides he's not worth you doing some pretty serious damage to."Tate tried to be sincere and a good friend as he always has been.

Glancing at his best friend he gave, a nod before clasping his hand tight around, his backpack strap. Well that was before he heard Adrian start talking. Saying how he cheated with school work, the scholarship, parties, basically you name it he said it. Chuckling darkly he started, approaching him and at that point even Tate or his friends at the table, watching knew they couldn't stop him."You know Adrian the only reason you're, actually talking shit is because you can't get a girl nor can, you do you're homework without trying to flirt with a girl. At least I try to actually get my homework done or act somewhat like a gentlemen to girls. That my friend is what separates us apart. Football really isn't a sport. Well it is but for the jocks at heart. Soccer you actually use you're brain and feet. But hey we're from different sides of life. Maybe you should take a book and actually try to read."He said with pure sarcasm showing, through before turning swiftly on his feet and heading with, Tate to their usual table.

"That son of a bitch deserves to die as is Tate. I swear he's a nuisance to me and this damn school. Anyways I'm going to ask Nyla out later. I need something severely to distract me. And she is a very good one."

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Niran | 1792 comments ((Sorry for having such a late reply! I had exams and now I'm finished :D))

Sebastian felt the breeze and suddenly felt at ease, he didn't have to think about school and the people in it. No one mattered but him and Sadie and that beach.

The beach looked beautiful. Sebastian got out and slammed the door, his eyes on the beach and the energy around it. People were having fun and relaxing and laughing. He liked this sight.
"God", Sebastian sighed, breathing in deeply and looking over at Sadie," It's so nice here". He walked over to her, his hands in his pockets and saying," I'd love to live on the beach, just to hear the waves and feel this constant relaxation".
He could hear the waves, and it eased him and made him feel...he couldn't even explain it. He put his arm over Sadies shoulders and pulled her close, grinning at her and saying,"Come on, let's hit the beach".


"God it's so obvious", Kessey said, shaking her head and rolling her eyes," The cliques and stuff".
Nyla looked over at Kessey and stuffed some muffin in her mouth, which got them both laughing and giggling.
"Enough with the clique stuff, K. Who cares? The jocks stick with the jocks, the nerds stick with the nerd, the goths stick with the goths, and we stick with each other", Nyla smiled, giving her friend a reassuring look.
Kessey was one of those people who didn't and did care what people thought about her, she was kind of a contradiction but it didn't matter because Nyla knew how to ease her mind and keep her calm.

Kessey soon forgot about that issue and moved on to the lack of "hot guys" at the school. She was fussy when it came to boys. Nyla listened, smiling and laughing when Kessey spoke occasionally.
Thought she couldn't help but skim her eyes through a sea of people and find that her eyes were on Collin, probably the most popular guy in school. Everyone loved him, the boys and the girls.
Nyla was unsure about him, she didn't really know what to think.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments  (It's fine! At least your done. ^-^)

Sadie looked over at Sebastian smiling mostly to herself, being she was at the beach which was very relaxing for her. The same could be said about Sebastian. Just the idea of being away from school including the, history project..and being here was what it was really at. She didn't blame him for wanting, to live near the beach. Skate every day with him. No parents to tell them what to day. Surfing till the sun was down. A perfect dream. But in reality not all dreams came true.

Hearing his sigh made her snap out of her revery. She couldn't help giggling at his words and how, he was so happy which in the end made her happy. "How about this.. after we finish school you and I will own or rent a beach house. Whichever works best. We can surf and skate till our hearts desire and I thought of maybe opening up, a surf or skate shop in honor of my brother. He wanted to do it when he was done in rehab. But it probably won't happen. So you and I make it happen."She stated smiling brightly from ear to ear. That was before she was pulled close into his waist with his arm wrapped, around his shoulder. Ava awaited his reponse mostly out of curiosity.


Colin went back to eating his cheeseburger as he, listened to Tate drone on about Adrian's crap and how Colin was close to, almost giving Adrian a taste of his own medicine. He did appreciate his friend telling his other friends and teammates, of what should've went down but his mind was stuck on Nyla. Yes it was super early to even think about liking her, let alone the thought of love. But she was different then other girls he dated in the past. Aside from wearing makeup and making it look elegent, she didn't care about the populars. She cared about her friend Kessy. A true and real friend. Exactly like Tate. Not just making friends to see how many she had. You could say he was that one. Who had a lot of friends and was like a jock. And people can think what they want but Colin actually,  did care about his teammates even if Tate was the closet one.

People can like him, love him, or hate him. He didn't give a fuck to say the least. At least he wasn't like Adrian who just played everything as a joke. Still though, the thought of Nyla he couldn't get out of his head. "Tate I think I have an idea."He smiled almost too eagerly. "Dare I even ask?"Tate joked. "Oh it's nothing to bad. You know how Adrian always throws his annual summer parties when the year just started?" He nodded. "Well we're going to do something similar. But not like a crazy party. Just you, Zack, Daniel, the rest of the team, and maybe some other friends at our pool party. And I think I might ask Nyla and Kessy if they want to join."

Tate looked at him as if to say, "You sly dog you're a genius and merely went with, "Do it. I'd ask right now."

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Niran | 1792 comments Sebastian couldn't help but grin from ear to ear, his eyes widening and his mood suddenly becoming lighter, more alive. "Really?", he asked in excitement. He couldn't believe it. He nodded his head and exclaimed," Hell fricking yeah", he didn't have any doubt about wanting to do all those things with Sadie. He trusted her, respected her and felt extremely close to her, he couldn't imagine doing all those things with anyone else.
When she said it would honour her brother he felt more obliged and determined to do it.

He nudged her playfully, raising his eyebrows and saying," Well well, look at you coming up with all the smart ideas". He gave a playful laugh and walked to the beach with Sadie. When they got to the sand he removed his shoes, his socks and rolled up his jeans and walked on the sand, feeling free.


Nyla kept looking over at Collin, of course she was being extremely sly; moving her hair and acting bored while she looked over.
Kessey was looking at her with wide eyes and a somewhat angry look on her face, she must have been talking while Nyla wasn't even paying attention to her.
"Why are you so distracted today?", Kessey asked. Nyla sneaked a glance at Collin again and looked down, shaking her head and shrugging," I don't know".
Of course, Kessey caught on straight away," You're looking at Collin".
Nyla gave an awkward laugh, shaking her head and pulling faces to imply she wasn't, but of course she was and she gave up and nodded," Yes I was looking at him. I had a curious encounter with him today...I don't know".
Kessey looked at Collin and then looked at Nyla," That's great, because he's looking at you now too, don't make it obv-".
"What!?", Nyla said, looking over at Collin and making it completely obvious. She suddenly caught eye contact with him and her eyes widened and she looked away again.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments [ Sorry for the late reply I've been on/off busy with school lately, and probably will be this week and next week, with starting classes then. ]

Sadie looked at him brightly nodding. "Yes really, Sebastian. Besides the fact I don't think I would open up a skate shop nor surf shop with, anyone but you. And also my brother really enjoyed your company when you were over so that's a plus."She laughed playfully feeling, almost like everything was at ease right then and now. Yes, there was a lot of hardships right now but she wanted to leave it behind her. Graduate from high school, go to college for business mostly, as it would help with knowing the business aspect of running both a surf and skate shop, so she could get that under her belt. And maybe tell Sebastian she liked him. Not just as a friend; a girlfriend really. But Sadie worried if she told him he would say something. From what she knew some friends who became more then best friends either lasted, as lovers or it was quits. So she worried which one she would fall under.

"Psh it wasn't a smart idea just out of love for what I love to do. Passion for surfing, skating, and of course vans because like why not?" She joked giving a playful laugh as she took her shoes, and socks off as well before taking him by the hand. "Come on I want to show you something."Sadie spoke softly as she walked with him further on the sand,
 past several rocks and, a cliff that stood nearby.


Colin caught Nyla looking at him while trying to make it not look so obvious. Even talking with her friend to pretend,
 or smiling coyly; dare he say act sly? He laughed softly to himself, amused over it really. She was really getting into his head and he barely even talked, to her before beside looking mostly. It was like he could never take his eyes off her. And it wasn't just her being, gorgeous - pretty to say the least. There was something more but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"You going to ask her or not, to this party you coaxed? It's already seeming like your drooling for her Colin. Come on I'll go with you. Maybe I can ask her friend out. She's quite a cutie." Tate grinned playfully.

Hearing his friends voice made him lose track if he was in a trance or not but nodded. "Got it." He just said walking, with Tate over to Nyla's table. He knew people were watching shocked that Colin Fisher the captain of the soccer team, would be talking to someone below his rank; popularity to be frank. But like before he didn't care. Let them talk.

When he did make his way over there alongside his friend, they both sat down smiling seeing Nyla, was blushing and Kessey well was sorta but not really. "Hello to you both first off. This is my friend Tate by the way." Colin introduced him. "We were going to have a summer party at my place. Nothing too crazy like Adrian's of course. Just my friends, some good food plus music. I promise if drinking will be a problem it will be kept to a minimum." Colin chuckled softly being genuine and sincere of it. "Would either of you like to come? I know for sure Tate would be upset if he didn't talk to you at least Kessey. He thinks your quite the cutie."

Tate looked at him and elbowed him almost already glaring now. "Hey now don't try to make moves already." He addressed his friend before paying attention to Kessey. "It's true though you are quite cute."

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Niran | 1792 comments ((That's okay :D good luck with going back to school, I know how much it sucks xP))

Sebastian gave a small smile, he had enjoyed being with Sadie and her brother. Her brother was cool.
"I liked hanging with you and your brother", he stated, nodding his head and smiling softly. For some reason it felt right, it felt like he was supposed to be there, like it was long overdue. He remembered Sadies brother saying "You take care of her alright? She's a good girl, she's got her head screwed on straight", while Sadie was getting them something to drink.
It wasn't hard to promise her brother that he would take care of her. Sadie was his priority.
Sebastian laughed and grinned even harder as she spoke about the shop, it all seemed unreal to him, like a dream. But he didn't want to get ahead of himself, in case things didn't happen or something happened with caused them to not open to shop. Though that was highly unlikely. Both him and Sadie were determined and dedicated.

He allowed Sadie to pull him to where she wanted, they walked past things and ended up on a cliff.
"Wow", he stated, seeing the view. Then as a joking way turned to her, furrowed his forehead and said," Wait. This isn't where you push me off the cliff and take whatever I have right?". He gave a small chuckle and nudged her playfully.
"It's beautiful".


Nyla and Kessey were completely in their own world, bickering and telling each other off. But what they didn't realise was that Collin and a friend were making their way over until Kessey dared to look over at the "populars" table.

"Nyla!", Kessey hissed," Your boyfriend is coming over with a friend". Nyla and Kessey suddenly stopped their bickering and straightened themselves up, whispering at each other to stop acting up and stay cool and be calm. It wasn't a big deal, sure everyone was staring but they were just people right. Who cared?

The boys welcomed themselves to Nyla and Kesseys table, sitting and smiling away as though they were all friends. Kessey and Nyla simply sat there, with dumbfounded expressions as they looked at the boys while they spoke of a party.
"P-party?", Nyla asked, raising her eyebrows and looking from Collin to Tate and then back at Collin.
"We'll be there", Kessey quickly interrupted, smiling smoothly and nodding. She looked over at Tate and said," We wouldn't want Tate to be upset or sad now, would we?". She gave him a sort of flirtatious and welcoming smile. She was a confident girl who had a lot of sass and cuteness to her, she wasn't to be messed with.
Nyla looked at Kessey with a sort of wide eyed look, and decided to snap out of it! She shook her head slightly and said confidently," Thanks for the invite, we'll definitely be there. Just tell us when, and if you want us to bring anything".

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