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message 1: by Bill (new)

Bill Kupersmith | 125 comments The phrase "Milton men" is striking. I remember from Trollope a reference to "Manchester men" & I reckon that Milton really is Manchester. Thornton & the like are what Matthew Arnold in Culture & Anarchy designated "the Philistices" who represent the properous trading & manufacturing class, tho Thornton doesn't despise what Arnold calls "Culture" hence his association with Mr. Hale reading Homer & Plato. Mrs. Hale & her sister belonged to what Arnold called "the.Barbarians" the old landed aristocracy. And the rioting mill workers are Arnold's "Populace."

message 2: by Simon (new)

Simon (sorcerer88) | 108 comments yes, i think others have suggested that the author was fictionalizing Manchester with Milton.
Unfortunately I'm not at that part yet. but good catch!

message 3: by Alana (new)

Alana (alanasbooks) | 627 comments So is the reference more of a breakdown of class distinctions in the area?

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