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New Books

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Gillian Hampton | 3 comments Gillian Hampton

Issue 3 of my fictional magazine XChange Confessions is in review at Amazon. I run a free promotion the first weekend so if it drops Friday it will be free Saturday through Monday (May 16-18, 2020)! Issues 1 and 2 will be free that Saturday! The description:

Ready for five tales of gender-bending fun and exploration? Step into this fantasy magazine dear reader and peek into the naughty lives of five hot ladies who became the women they are today by popping that special pink pill. This issue has it all! BDSM! Young man and older woman! BDSM! MMMF action! Nylons galore!

There's our Canadian Cover MILF Amy who confides in us her lustful adventures with her boy toy Michael.
Keeping with the college theme, there's Eve who pays the bills by working the pole as a stripper who shares how her first date with her professor (and most favored customer) Zach ended with the best road head his estranged wife never could deliver!
Then there’s the lovely Rachel who dishes on what happened the morning after her friends slipped her a pinky as a joke while camping. A joke that turned into an erotic adventure they will treasure forever!
Much to the chagrin of our editor-in-chief, Randy the truck driver describes his descent into Gothic smut heaven with the exceptional Anna. Accountant by day, pale sex goddess by night! (Or long holiday weekend!)

This book of over 12,999 words is sure to tickle any gender-bending fancy!

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Body Swap, M2F, gender change, Age Regression,...

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