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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele scoffed and a chuckle past her lips before she turned her attention back to the front of the blazing fire. Besides her other students, she thought unworthy to be in her company were cramped up next to her and she was growing quite annoyed. The boy a few feet behind her was too egotistical for his own good and off the bat, she didn't intend on wanting to get to know him anymore. Word was the gods had abandoned the camp. Despite being a fierce warrior, who could hold off on her own against a thousant mortal men, the thought made Gisele's stomach knot tightly. Father wouldn't abandon me, right?

QUEEN | 55 comments "What are you implying dear Chiron!" Gisele asked her voice somewhat deep and her eyes narrowed. Her father was mighty and although she knew the camp director respected her father, tensions were not uncommon among the gods and more. For in the instance when Gisele had run off on her first day, Zeus came down angry from mount Olympus fuming and raging lighting storms. "If a quest is needed, it is a quest I shall gladly attend!" She asserted herself, beginning to rise. She never knew how to keep herself in a bottle like the many others around her.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele remained standing. She glanced back at Leo, quickly looking him up and down. Sizing up her opponent. She stood her back straight. She gave off a pretty intimidating apperance but once you got to know her and managed to set aside your assumption about her one learned her fierce loyalty to others and the heart some say she stole from a lion because of her almost lack of fear and great bravery.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele followed after. She cautiously took her time and collected a pair of small flails,
(view spoiler) a weapon she used with deadly accuracy
and her ivory retractable sword. (view spoiler) It was one of her favorite weapons and helped her beat her father in a game of godlike chess. As to why it was ever used in the first place remained a question to be answered. She had the strength of many so she lacked her usual guard and turned around ready to begin. She was ready and anxious to begin.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele turned her head, "Hi Leo," she said taking his hand. Internally she was smiling because of the raw strength she had when she shook his hand. She could easily break his bones accidentally but she did her best in not squeezing to hard. But even that was pretty difficult. She took out her flair with her free hand and swung it by her side quick and hard. The sound of the wind it caught was loud and she eventually slowed it down.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele walked off, her flair flinging by her side. Just for fun she let out little war shouts and chats that she had learned while at her time at camp. It echoed throughout the forest and alerted potential enemies of her presence. She walked with a bound to her step before she heard something nearby and shot off into the darkness. She caught sight of a nearby obstacle; a minotaur. It was a docile one but for the course Chiron probably instructed him to appear aggressive and throw the demigods off course if need be. Gisele smirked as she zapped away from the minotaur, its breathing deep and heavy and clearly audible even from a few feet away.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele eventually escaped another trap using her flair to whack the net picks off the ground she freed herself and shot off again into the night. Her head buzzed and she knew what was coming. She swore loudly as her sight began to go. Ever since she was little she'd get phases usually lasting an hour or so where her vision would fail her and all she would be able to see was black. The only benefit from it, her other senses became enhanced but the stress on her eyes to visually see left her with a massive headache afterward. She stopped abruptly, feeling her way around carefully. How wonderful She thought bitterly to herself. Just because my grandfather has an usually large and blinding ego does not mean I have one to! She growled at no one, more the theory suggested when she was born and brought to mount Olympus to her grandfather. Hermes was inevitable one of the most devoted gods but his brain span was all too little for Gisele to actually respect in any manner. A nearby crack sounded and she whirled around, her heart beating. Not wishing to stay out in the open where the monsters lurked, she raced off blindly running, all whilst hoping Zeus' conscience would lead her thorugh the darkness. But she knew that was a far long hope.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Fine Leonard," She replied. She looked around, more sensed around. She heard something. Something big. She swallowed hard. "Bank left," She told them before sprinting off. Just then, a Orthrus crashed through the forest towards them all, snarling, barking and howling. It was larger than an average dog, the size of a shire horse. The only thing was, it was blind. But it had a stupendous sense of smell.

QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele sensed an upcoming tree as she, Leo and Kyler ran from the beast. Grunting she but on a burst of speed, racing at the tree she leapt, raced up it somewhat before flipping back she unsheathed her sword, now in a retracted state she sent it's edge running across its thick fur. She tumbled down but caught herself and got up quickly, pushing the others onward.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Get over it. We can discuss tree abilities later!" She growled forcing them onward her legs moving a mile a minute. "Does anyone see the flag!" She asked.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Its an obstacle Leo!" Gisele shouted at him.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele groaned loudly and abruptly stopped. Finally her sight came back. Just in time to see one of the heads part its jaws wide and lunge at him. Thinking quickly, she threw her flair not at the beast but at Leo. It caught him between its handel and its spike, throwing him out of the way.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Eh, it had two heads. Not much I could do," She shrugged. Internally she was grateful he was ok.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Up above?" Gisele wondered aloud, her eyes flicking up to the treetops.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Your guess is as good as mine," Gisele replied. A chill ran goosebumps up her expose arm.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele smiled wide. Yes! She thought mentally. she took the oppurtunity to race towards the bluff.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele faltered only slightly for she reganined her footing quick and rose to her full height. She bared her teeth at his annoyance and summoning her strength, she harnessed it and lurched forward, she threw her weight forward as she launched using the muscles in her legs like a spring she cleared the distance just barley and caught to top of the flag. Joy filled within her but it was short lived for she quickly was pulled back down to the ground by gravity where she skidded to a stop, dirty covering almost her entire body. But the flag was clamped within her grasp.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Leo's words barley grazed her ego. She was shining too brightly to care what he thought. Leo was already gone by the time she looked up from the flag. She rose from the group, pain in her hip and lower back made the walk back to camp slow and painful. When she appered from the foret, she looked around, confused. Chiron approached her. "Where are they all?" She asked referring to the students.
He let out a hearty chuckle, "They have all gone to sleep, well its five in the morning Gisele," he said. "What?" her lips parted. It surly felt longer than that. "Well congradulations, he said softly, "You best be on your way to cabin Zeus my friend, he said leading her by a hand on the shoulder. she dipped her head when they arrived at the cabin. "Thank you," She said.

She entered the cabin shoftly after, took a shower and changed her clothes. Her bunk was closest to the lower screen window. The flickering flames from the lights welcomed her back and she smiled softly. She could hear the night and the murmurs of some distance cabins. None in particular grasped her attention. She sighed before rolling over, she grimaced for her back was still in pain and was most likely to be even more so in the morning. She entered sleep quietly listening to the sounds of night.

Gisele woke late to the sound of banging on the side of her cabin. She turned over and gasped part way, sprawling out of bed for the pain from her back was in horrible condition. She threw a nearby shoe at the side of the cabin and the boar currently booring her tusks into the wooden ecterior outside scampered away. Gisele let out a exaggerated groan before forcing herself to get dressed and leave the cabin.

When she finally did, the sun was hanging in the sky and as she walked up the slight incline, students munching on breakfast were visible. Among the noise she could hear her cabin clearly. They were currently debating the events of last night and sought out answers upon Gisele's arrival. A blonde moved over to make space for her on the edge of the bench and shee was bombarded by questions. She silenced them quickly with a mutter of, "not right now."

She tried to keep her eyes upon the table for she could feel the gaze from across the room from Leo's own cabin.

Word travels fast huh? She asked herself mentally before crossing her arms she placed her chin down and looked off towards the camp.

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QUEEN | 55 comments (sorry, i mean campers!!)

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QUEEN | 55 comments (doesnt Chiron make announcement?)

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QUEEN | 55 comments (ah ok)
The Zeus cabin members strained their ears in order to hear what Chiron was instructing Gisele to do. He glared at them and they returned tp their food. Gisele nodded and Chiron walked off. She sighed and then left the table, heading across the field on her way to the oracle to receive the prophecy. She would have gladly bounded her way there but she was still in pain and was unable to go at any pace faster than a walk. Hopefully there was something in that prophecy about a new hip.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Despite being hurt and in pain, Gisele was moving pretty quick for a injured demigod. She finally made it and knocked on the door. She waited patiently. She heard a weird noise and looked around.

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QUEEN | 55 comments (are you gonna be the oracle?)

The door swung back and Rachel appeared behind it.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele dipped her head respectfully before entering. She wasn't wearing anything too fancy except for her retractable sword which she placed on the ground by the door before taking a seat.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele's eyes widened. What should I do, she wondered. She got Rachel a glass of water and held it out to her. "Rach?" She asked. She gently shook her, "Rach?" She asked concerned.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Oh," Gisele said startled. "Okay," She departed Rachels house grabbing her sword on her way out she headed back to the camp meal grounds where Chiron was waiting for her.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "What the!" She somewhat shouted at him. "What the hell do you think you're doing here!" She asked outraged. Not only was his cabin on the verge of fighting her own but now he had the audacity to follow her to find the prophecy, who does this kid think he is!

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QUEEN | 55 comments She recited the prophecy and slapped him afterward before walking off again.

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QUEEN | 55 comments She was in pain and growing annoyed. She whirled around, practically snarling. It was times like this her bloodline made her appear very aggressive and dangerous. Her sword was held out in front of her, ready to strike if need be. "You insubordinate little god, can't you give me some space," She hissed angrily, "I am in pain, and you," she jabbed the sword forward slighty as a threat, "need to learn patience." She glared at him before once again setting off for Chiron. This time she reached him and ignored Leo.

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QUEEN | 55 comments She took it from him and sent him off with a glare. Chiron noticed their bickering and called Leo out to join his cabin. Before he sent Gisele off he exchanged a moment with Gisele whom he also instructed Gisele to do the same, which she did gladly. She ignored the eyes from her cabin mates and focused on Chiron who was ready to give the announcement.

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QUEEN | 55 comments AverageNarwhal wrote: "Chiron cleared his throat. "The quest has been called. Giselle, daughter of Zeus will lead. Giselle. You may choose some quest mates. You will leave in the morning.""
((I thought she was granddaughter....))

s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» wrote: "((Watch the god-modding hon.))"

((ok sorry))

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QUEEN | 55 comments AverageNarwhal wrote: "((I think they would still consider you a "daughter" for all intents and purposes.))"


Gisele stood. "Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I promise not to let you down," She placed her right arm over her chest, bowing slightly to her superior. She cleared her throat, "And I have chosen Leo to accompany me," She stated, mentally hoping he was right about the prophecy.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Of course its dawn," She muttered under her breathe.

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QUEEN | 55 comments She rolled her eyes, "All about the drama, aren't yea?" She asked slyly somewhat mimicking his personality.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele shrugged it off as nothing, "It's fine. It was my own fault anyways," She mumbled. "I have to pack, I'll meet you at the entrance soon." She said before walking off towards her cabin. She quickly collected her necessities before she returned to Leo.
"I'm ready," She said.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "I suppose," Gisele replied slinging her bag over her shoulder. She had changed as well and was wearing a pullover hoodie and athletic pants. If she was going to be walking a long distance, she wanted to be prepared. "Are we walking on foot? Or...?" She asked curiously, having an idea in mind.

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QUEEN | 55 comments ((narwhal??))

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QUEEN | 55 comments "I thought you knew!" She said. She sighed. "Let's go ask Chiron," She suggested with a shrug.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "There comes a day when yaydayadyad darkness. Something something something shall mark the dawn of war. Whatever the hell that means. Lightning strikes twice, golden man mark day of light age or something close to that. And the rise of a kingdom. It shall be then,
when kingdoms collide, a broken man shall cause the return of monsters and the dawn of men.
Two enemies shall usher forth. When the prey kills its predators, the banished one shall mark the restoration of- I can't remember the rest," Gisele groaned placing a hand to her forehead.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "Sure," Gisele shrugged. "But were gonna need something," She said before abandoning her belongs with Leo she headed off.

She went to the stable to collect their aids.

When she returned she held two bridals one in each hand. They held two pegasus. A dappled and a silvery white one. Both were large and had even larger wings.
"Here," She handed Leo the silvery pegasus. She then collected her bags, flung them carefully over the back of her steed and then hopped on gracefully. She settled herself onto his back and placed a hand on the pegasus' neck. The pegasus scrapped the ground annoyed and impatiently before he began to walk forward without Gisele's permission. But she didn't mind.

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QUEEN | 55 comments "You!" She chuckled, "Scared of heights?!" She laughed loudly. "You were just fighting a two headed beast the other night!" Gisele exclaimed.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele groaned. She turned her pegasus around and trotted him back to Leo. Giseld extended a single hand to Leo, "C'mon princess, I'll keep you safe. We'll fly low and slow?" She asked.

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QUEEN | 55 comments She grunted and placed his hands around her waist. She ignored the odd feeling lingering from Leo's touch and instructed him to keep his heels down while keeping them firmly around the pegasus. Not meaning to startle Leo, she gently tapped the pegasus who walked forward. "See? She asked glancing back at him, "Nothing to it." She said with a smirk.

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QUEEN | 55 comments Gisele chuckled, "Hold on," She said glancing back at her before she applied pressure to the back of her heels, the pegasus bolted forward at a gallop. She maintained a good seat. A smile spread across her lips.

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QUEEN | 55 comments A wicked smile appeared upon Gisele's lips. "Like that, do ya?" She asked with a smirk. His grip upon her was pretty strong but not strong enough to inflict serious damage so she didn't comment upon it.

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QUEEN | 55 comments (its your go)

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