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Salma (louvrespaces) | 63 comments Mod
Anyone could start a story about fantasy!

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Salma (louvrespaces) | 63 comments Mod
All you gotta do is write the title and go on with your story!
Note;You have to ask the moderator for permission.

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Celestial Can we create a story together?

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Salma (louvrespaces) | 63 comments Mod
Of course!

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Celestial Awesome!

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Haley S (haleyjs) This sounds super fun!!

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Could you make a character creation/ claim?

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Haley S (haleyjs) Great question..

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Salma (louvrespaces) | 63 comments Mod
Snow white woke up to the sound of birds chirping.She looked out the window and immediately thought of Belle her bestfriend...she hurriedly grabbed her coat and run out.

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Chizy (chinini) (( What are you? I don't know if we're siblings or friends or something like that. Where does your character live?))

Titania jumped out of bed enthusiastically. She was pumped and ready for the day. She couldn't wait to go horse riding, shooting practice, duel practice etc.. Her mother didn't approve but she did it it secretly and often had to lie plus she had friends who helped her.

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Celestial Zelda breathed in the fresh morning air. She had been up for about an hour. The kingdom was just now waking up. She loved to watch the people sleepily start their work to get their shops ready to open. Zelda rose from the chair and dropped her magic books into a satchel. Then she slung the bag over her shoulder and sauntered out the door on her way to the library.

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Haley S (haleyjs) Belle woke up and smiled. Today she and Snow would go out to the woods together. She pulled her hair up in a messy bun and ran out of her bedroom.

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Salma (louvrespaces) | 63 comments Mod
The air whipped past Snow White as she ran.By the time she arrived at Belle's house,she was out of breath.Luckily,Belle was already up.
''You ready?"She asked the obvious.

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Haley S (haleyjs) "Oh yes I am," Belle laughed. "Adventures are the best, even though we have been in the forest many a times. Shall we go or should we eat a few of my chocolate muffins first?"

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Salma (louvrespaces) | 63 comments Mod
"Um...I thought to go out first but after all that sprinting,I'm forced to say let's eat first!I'm famished!"Snow replied.

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Haley S (haleyjs) Belle laughed, "of course you are!" She pulls out her muffins and quickly takes a bite.

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Salma (louvrespaces) | 63 comments Mod
Snow takes one and dives into it."This is good!"After a few minutes,she asks Belle,"So...what is happening?In the kingdom I mean.You know I'm not allowed to go out.And that means no news either.I miss you all already."She finishes off the last of her muffin.

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Haley S (haleyjs) Belle shrugs, "It's okay, I guess. I am getting quite used to it, though. The books really help me. But all of the servants her are friends to me. But I miss you too."

message 19: by Haley (new)

Haley S (haleyjs) @Snow--I am going to make a forest thread so we can rp in that.

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Lady Guinevere Amber (queenladyguinevere) | 51 comments Lady Guinevere slowly awoke from her slumber with streams of multi colored light shining on her eyelids. She let out a soft yawn and stretched her seemingly stiff body. Hummmm.... Where am I? She thought. She slowly raised her hand to brush away the sleepytime dust from her eyes. As she rested her hand down on the soft plush velvet cushion she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings.

"It appears I fell asleep at my beloved window seat!" She gasped!

Then slivers of pealing giggles slipped from between her pink full lips as she realized that she held a book in her hands. Still giggling she picked up the book and remembered the memories from the night before.

Last night I was reading a book given to myself to read from my Dear friend Belle the evening before. She said it was her favorite of all time. She promised me I would not use my book reading power to read it and instead read it like a normal person would. At first I was sceptical, but then soon gave into the whims of my friend of promises that the next day her, the others and I would meet in secret and have a book meeting at our special place in the forest that I found a couple months ago.

I met the girls only a few weeks of moving here. They are other Princesses and people of the different realms and kingdoms. When I first met Belle we were in the local bookstore. I met the rest soon after. Before long I befriended each of them.

I do enjoy the book meetings we share together. I try and make everyone at home and at peace. Not to mention laugh. I also tell them tales of all of my travels that I go on between the realms. Sometimes I can bring them with me during special times of the year. We call them field trips or adventures as Belle likes to call them!

One day as we were exploring the enchanted forest we came across what appeared to be a side of a cliff with ivy covering it. I went to look and scavenge for some rocks and jems when I came across this grey wood door. With the help of my light Faerie magic and Loki's witch magic we were able to open the door. When we first went inside it was pitch black. So I made a star appear in my palm that will shine bright enough for us to see from, but not enough to hurt the eyes of the animals that surely reside in the cave like dwelling.

As soon as the star appeared we could see that the pitch black darkness was mostly due to the black walls of the cave. I went to the wall and touched it with my other hand. It felt cool and slick to touch. I could feel a humming emanating from it. I knew what this cave was made of. It is made of a rare black Amber stone. This stone is widely used by my people to ward off the sting of metal when it is against our skin. I knew then that this shall forever be a secret from the world. I am pretty sure that faeries created this place, you can feel it. I wonder if Loki could feel it too. We soon find a tunnel that was in the wall of the cave. That led for awhile to another door. A door of Gold with a crystal handle. I knew then at that moment this place was indeed made by faeries. We opened the door and was welcomed with bright shining lightq. What was in front of us was a beautiful garden with flowers of every kind imaginable. There were trees that were perfect for climbing on and one even had a white swing. They had moss, flowers and fruit on their branches. There were wrought iron tables with matching chairs that had flower patterns and swirls on them. Beyond the garden was a meadow of wildflowers.. And beyond the meadow there was a strip of pale white sand with different colors of microscopic shells and rock that ended in a placid pond like lake of water that is so clear you can see your toes and all of the fish and wildlife in the water. This magical place was all under a hill. The top had a some and somehow it reflects the sun outside to light in here. We decided to meet there every time we have a meeting. This is somewhere we all can be free to be ourselves and have fun.

Normally we like to go there to swim and do other things. But today is just a regular book meeting where we are going to discuss the book Belle picked for us to read that week. I didn't start reading until last night though. So I practically stayed up all night long reading as a normal person would instead of just touching the cover and letting the words seep into my mind in a matter of minutes.

Belle said I would enjoy it more this way. Boy was she right! I couldn't help but to laugh, cry, and giggle through it all. It was like I became the character in the story! I seriously could not put the book down last night. I don't even remember falling asleep at my window seat.

Now as I take in my surroundings again I realize that it is early morning and the sun is beginning to rise as I can see the rays of sunshine gleem through the stain glass window. The stain glass window is a picture of faeries playing in a garden with my favorite flowers of daffodils, violets, lavender, lilly of the valley, orange blossom, lilac, and roses. Its so beautiful that it steals my breath away every time I look at it. When the light catches in the colors it looks like the faeries are alive in the picture and really are dancing among the flowers.

This room was a present from my dear Arthur. He wanted me to feel at home in his castle and to be comfortable. It is the only place where he is not allowed to go. Apart from my sleeping chambers as well. These rooms are under an enchantment that will not let any male through the door. It was initially put into place by my parents to protect my virtue when Arthur insisted that I live here in his castle. The only reason that I am here is because he can not travel through the realms like I can to come court me.

The room is circular and the walls are made of pale grey, white, and cream stone that is cool to touch that has gems and stones embedded between the rock. This particular rock has a shimmer to it so it glimmers in some light.

The ceiling is made of redwood and travels up to a point at the top where there is a circular window where one could see the starts shine bright at night. The wood around it has carvings of flowers and herbs and animals with vines and leaves swirling around the beams. If you look hard enough you can see hidden hearts where there should be leaves on the vine.

The window seat faces the East so it can catch the sunrise and has soft deep red, blue, and green cushions and pillows made of the softest velvet and embroidered with stars, moons, suns, and hearts with Ivey. The seat is set into the stone wall so I can lean my back against the cool stones for those hot summer days or I can have a pillow behind me that is made from the softest goose feathers and mixed with pieces of cloud that was a gift from an Angel. It made me feel like I was sleeping on a cloud.

There is a fireplace that is against the opposite part of the room. It is carved like a vine or a swirling ocean wave that is cresting and about to plunge back into the waters. Atop the mantle there are some candles that were a present from my friend Loki who enchanted them so that they burn different colors and shines very bright. The best thing about them is that they never melt. And there is this metal dome with patterns you put over the candle and the light will shine through on the walls in that pattern. My favorite if it of the few she gave me is the moon and stars pattern.

Next to the fireplace. There is a chair that is a cream armchair that has a pink heart pattern running through it.

My favorite shape is hearts. Arthur made shure to incorporate hearts in everything in this room. Even some of the stones that make the wall has a heart shape to them.

The white fur rug on the floor is the only thing that does not have a heart on it. It is circular and almost covers the whole floor of the room which is all mother of pearl. Arthur was verry saddened that he couldn't find a way to put hearts on it.

He always tells me that the reason why he has hearts over everything is because it is a symbol of his heart belonging to me and how when he first set his eyes on me that I stole his heart. And I should be reminded every day of it.

On the eve of my eighteenth birthday was when my parents first told me that I was arranged to be married to a King from a different realm. I was scared and skeptical that I could go through with this. Thoughts kept on entering my mind and tumbling out of my lips. I was so filled with rage and a deep sadness.

"What does he look like mother?" I ask earnestly. Trying to fight off the tears that are threatening to break free.

"Is he young?" I ask her. I feel a few tears break free of my hold on them.

"What if he is fat and old?" I exclaimed as I am starting to tremble.

"What if I never love him?" I whale out and choke on a sob as I fall to my knees before my mother.

The tears are steadily flowing from my eyes leaving caressing trails on my face almost like they are trying to soothe the hurt and pain of my heart. I know it is selfish and vain of me to ask such questions, but I think they owe me to answer them.

"Please mother, please tell me something!" I ask kneeling before her.

"At least tell me if he is kind!" I say loudly.

She looks at me with pity and starts to kneel down in front of me. Her arms stretch out towards me as she brings her soft hands up to caress my face. She gently forces my face up so that my eyes are focused on hers. I look into her eyes and everything starts to fade at the edges. Everything is white and then slowly there are colors that grow in size and are transformed into moving pictures. The pictures that I see tells me that she regrets keeping such a secret from me and my father does too. They wanted to keep it from me as long as possible so that I could have a normal childhood. They wanted me to be happy and carefree as I grew up and not to worry about being an adult. Deep down I understand what they did. I had a very happy childhood and upbringing. But it still stings knowing the truth.

I tore my eyes from hers. My vision slowly coming back into focus as I take deep breaths to stop the dizziness that follows. She released her hold on me and lowered her arms so that they rested on her legs right above the knee.

Her clam melodic voice rings out "Daughter," she starts to speak but ends up growing silent in thought. Probably thinking what to say to make this situation better.

I personally don't think that anything she says will make this seem better. How could I marry someone I didn't know? What would our wedding be like? Especially the wedding night!

I know what happens on the night of the wedding! And I will say that If I was forced to go through with this I would run away and hide in a broom closet and enchant the door to be invisible. Nobody, especially the royals, would know where to look for me if I were in a broom closet.

I am sure that my mother saw this while gazing into my own eyes. I look at her beautiful face. She is very pale with a tint of blue to her skin. She has wide ice blue eyes framed by long white eyelashes. She has sharp features that makes her face seem more defined and startlingly beautiful. She has high cheek bones and a strong jawline that gives the impression of a cut diamond. Her snow white hair is smooth and straight as it falls on either side of her face down her shoulders down her waist until it almost reaches her knees. She is slender like me but a head taller. She is very pretty but you can see signs of aging near her eyes where they start to crinkle at the edges. There are also some strands of gray and black hair showing in the white.

She lets out a sigh and goes to stand up while gracefully disentangling her skirts from her feet and legs. Once she stands up fully she reaches down to me and takes my hands that are clenched together tightly in front of my breasts.

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Lady Guinevere Amber (queenladyguinevere) | 51 comments Trying to stay calm I relinquished my shaking hands as she pulls me up to stand in front of her. I wobble slightly and quickly regain my balance so I can look at her once again.

She peered at me awhile longer before speaking again. "Daughter," her voice rang out.

"Let me speak to your father first before talking with you further on this subject." She said. You can hear the finality in her voice that no matter how much I beg she will not tell me anything more.

"Okay" I softly sigh. My heart feels heavy and I have grown tired from crying so I let it go.

She lets go of my hands only to lift hers to my face and bring her soft light pink lips to my forehead to plant a feather light kiss. She soon moves away and turns, walking to the door before opening it and closing it after her. After it closes I could hear the magical enchantment she weaves to confine me to my chambers to make sure I do not run away like I planned.

My heart sinks a little more. I am truly sad. I think to myself about the fact that what if I find that I could not love him and be forced to do this for my people anyway? I am the youngest of my siblings and all of them are going to be married. Although they got to choose their betrothed. I guess it seems I don't get that luxury this time around.

My brother, Cedric, is twenty-seven and already is being groomed to become the next King. He has a choice of brides to choose from that are all eligible to become Queen. My sister Lillith has a choice from the many suitors at court to wed and picked the Duke of Rosenly's son Henry. Then Cordelia is still trying to choose between her fancy for the young Lord Wemberly or the Lord Greyson. They both were told that they need to marry before they turn Twenty-three. Lillian is already married and Cordelia should be picking her choice any day now.

My parents ended up coming to the conclusion to send for King Arthur secretly without my knowledge so I could meet him before I refused. The only thing I was told is that there was a very important guest from a different Realm coming to the banquet that was being held that night and I needed to dress in my finest gown.

I wore my ruby red satin gown. It has a smooth corset waist that makes my waist appear smaller than it is and also pushes my breasts up so the tops peak out of the square neckline. The sleeves are long and fitted to my slender arms and has a longer wide sleeves that drapes and curves to about the middle of the skirt. From my waist my skirt is pleated and fans into a wide skirt that has a bit more fabric that trails in the back. The neckline is embroidered with gold threading in about an inch or two in diameter lining the border. Within the gold borders are rubies in the shape of hearts and in between each one lies a pearl. I had matching red shoes with a slight heal. On the shoe near my toes had a red ruby heart and a pearl on either side of it. I pared this with my white satin cape and good that is lined with white velvet on the inside. The hood has white fur lining the outside. And to match my cape I had a fur muff for my hands.

It was in the middle of the winter season in the kingdom so we had to dress warm. If I knew at the time I was meeting Arthur I would have wore something more modest.

I left the room and went down to the festivities before I missed anything. Upon arriving outside where we must ride carriages to go to the destination of the festivities. I spotted my father talking to a young man who appeared to be only a little older than me. It is nigh time and the stars are bright and big in the sky with a full moon joining them. There were torches lit on the pathway to light your way. They were half cast in shadow so I could not see the strangers features.

My father is a very handsome striking man. He has golden blonde hair with a slight wave to it that is cut by his ears. His wide eyes are a light green color and shine bright with joy and happiness that you also see in his big smile. There is a golden glow to his skin. He is tall in stature and has defined muscles in his arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. Even though he has muscles he is slender and not overwhelmingly big in size.

I can could hear his booming laughter at something the fellow said to him. As I grew closer I felt uneasy interrupting the conversation they were having. I don't know who it is he is speaking to. The man is turned facing away from me. My father happens to glance up at me and gives me a radiant smile. As I walk up to them he touches the man's shoulder and turns him so they are both facing me, standing side by side.

I curtsy in greeting to them. As I look back up my father opens his arms and envelopes me in his warm hugs. As he goes to pull away he placed a kiss on my forehead.

He turns to the man "I would like you to meet my youngest daughter The Princess Guinevere." As he says this they exchange a passing look of silent communication.

They both turn back to me and I get my first glimpse of this stranger.

He is a head taller than me and is very handsome with his light brown hair similar in cut to my fathers but shorter and with no wave. He seems strong but tapered and lean. The first thing I noticed was his silver round glasses and the eyes behind them. His eyes are big and emerald green and they shine as bright as my fathers. He has high cheekbones and a slender face with a strong jawline. His full lips are turned up into a smile as he stares at me. There is something about the way he looks at me. I can't place what it is, but it makes me squirm where I stand.

He holds out his hand for me to take in greeting. I take a sharp intake of breath when our fingers touch it sends sparks zinging through my arm. It's not an uncomfortable feeling, yet again I never felt like this before. I feel like my emotions are foreign to me at this point.

His voice rings out, "Princess Guinevere, it is a pleasure to stand before your radiant beauty." There is an underlying authoritative tone to his voice, almost like he is used to being in charge, but his voice is steady and smooth with a gentle quality that has a calming effect. As he says this he brings my hand up to his mouth where his lips touch my skin. I can feel the blush rising to my cheeks as he stares at me the whole time.

I know I am supposed to return his greeting but the words fail to come to my mind and form on my tongue. So I just stand there gazing at him as he still holds my hand and gazes back at me with just as much scrutiny as I am of him. He gives me a smile as he lets go of my hand. I let out a shiver that courses over my body. I take it as an excuse to put my hands in the warm soft fur muff

My father stands there grinning like a fool while watching our exchange. If he doesn't stop grinning I fear it would split his face in half. Even his eyes are affected by his smile by crinkling up into this slits. I let go of the strangers hand.

Father ends up asking the man to escort me in a carriage to the festival. I don't know what he is trying to do, especially since I was already betrothed to someone. But I go along with his plans anyway. He is my father and the King and I must be a dutiful daughter and Princess.

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(So, how do I add Loki into this?)

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Lady Guinevere Amber (queenladyguinevere) | 51 comments We can write a story on how we all met! And I can copy and paste it into this story!

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Amber wrote: "We can write a story on how we all met! And I can copy and paste it into this story!"

That could work.

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Lady Guinevere Amber (queenladyguinevere) | 51 comments PinkLoki(Shine) RULER OF: CrimsonPeak, Asgard, Jotunheim, Midgard, AvengersTower wrote: "Amber wrote: "We can write a story on how we all met! And I can copy and paste it into this story!"

That could work."

I think I would meet Belle in a library or a bookstore or even in the forest where she was reading a book and I asked her about the book she was reading. And from there I met everyone else.

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