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March nominations!

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message 1: by Janna (new)

Janna Grace | 17 comments Mod
Hi everyone,

There are just so many books I want to nominate-- thankfully we have months and months for more =) Here are my nominations and please feel free to add yours! I will try to get a shortlist up by the 10th and then the final poll to you by the 13th. As always, feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions!

All the best,

1. Beyond the Code by Kelsey Rae Barthel - 69 days til funding ends
Join Aurora and her comrades in their struggle to topple the corrupt Hand Council and change their world as they know it

2. Lucky by R.H. Webster - 57 days til funding ends
Lucky was going home when she’s suddenly in the middle of an interstellar conspiracy. Who can she trust when she doesn’t know anyone?

3. Judith by Zack Budryk - 66 days til funding ends
A dark thriller about a group of women tired of waiting for the law to handle abusive men.

4. The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising by ALexander Barnes - 62 days til funding ends
"A group of freedom fighters join forces with a cybernetic killer to escape a totalitarian government that wants them dead." - In a nutshell this story is Firefly (TV show) meets Deus Ex (Video Game) in a book.

5. Stranger Miracles by C.L. Craven - 53 days til funding ends
Stranger Miracles is the story of Mina, a young mother from Istanbul, who vanishes from her life with her abusive husband and comes to the US to find a new beginning for herself and her son.

message 2: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Rae | 3 comments Thank you soo much for the nomination Janna. I'm touched.

message 3: by Brian (new)

Brian Guthrie (nidfar) | 3 comments I've preordered lucky and amaranth already and I think beyond the code. So getting those three over the line are my vote

message 4: by Zack (new)

Zack | 2 comments Oh my goodness thank you SO much for the nomination! I'm in hella good company. Anyone who's interested, PLEASE preorder a copy if it's within your means! I'm making much better progress than I ever thought I would!

message 5: by Janna (new)

Janna Grace | 17 comments Mod
So glad you joined!! You were already nominated before you found us =) I stumbled upon your story last week and thought it a perfect candidate!

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