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Janine Southard (jani_s) | 2 comments I'm looking for beta readers for an old-school quest fantasy that's approximately 110K. It's got adventure and politicking, elves and mages, and a dragon and a mercenary (who do NOT have hearts of gold).

It's in its third draft stage, and I'm sure it still has problems. My top worry at the moment stems from the two POVs. My alpha readers were split: half of them loved the dual POVs, and half of them hated a particular POV character.

(Since I only have 4 alpha readers, that's not a significant sample size. You will be my data points! Heck, you only have to get through chapter one--if you're a hater--before emailing me that OMG NO.)

Since people are posting samples here, have a snippet from the prologue (because old school quest fantasies all have prologues):

If a certain country road hadn’t been constructed, Supreme Emperor Goodwin would never have come to rule these lands.

Perhaps some would prefer to say: “if it weren’t for increased trade in the kingdom.” Or better still: “if Goodwin’s family hadn’t grown such amazing radishes or made such palatable ale.”

But I'll tell you that Goodwin’s tale begins with a country road. Once you understand the kind of man our Supreme Emperor has always been, you’ll see how a mere road could propel him to the exalted position he has today.

We will begin this tale before the road is built.

You haven’t heard anything about that period, now, have you? The bards don’t find it very exciting. Did you know our most-beloved Supreme Emperor lived on a quiet family farm and never wished to leave it? Oh yes. I can’t say if it’s still there now, waiting for him to come home, but he was definitely a more provincial sort before the road appeared.

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Airic Fenn | 7 comments I'd be willing to beta read this. Fantasy is what I live for. I'm not a pro, but I'd love to help. PM me you want.

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