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Gala | 48 comments Hi

I'm looking for beta reader or beta partner. I have completed a crime and literary fiction manuscript at about 60k words.

My synopsis of The Network:

When Carrie Dane's husband is taken by an unknown fugitive, she is driven insane by the police's lack of progress and her urge to fight, which she calls her hobby. She creates her solution when she is approached by Nexus. Nexus is an underground company that is one the brink of being investigated by the police. Carrie hopes that having both sides of the law will help her find her husband, but Nexus proves to be more toxic to her hobby than help.

I've watching out for my character development,
creating compelling characters,
evoking emotion from narrator
Anyone who is willing to look at all or any of these or point out anything at all that seems off to them is welcome.

Please be prepared for some heavy topics to be discussed in the plot. There's also some violence every three or so chapters. No swearing or erotica is involved.

In three of the sixteen chapters, the POV is from the second main character, incase that would be an issue.

As for swapping, I'm more than wiling to read anything that's even double the words that I've written. I love to bounce ideas off of people if anyone would be comfortable with it. I don't mind doing a general overview after the end of the manuscript, chapters and line edits.

If anyone is interested in beta reading or swapping with me, please PM me.


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Derek | 45 comments Have you found a critique partner?

message 3: by Gala (new)

Gala | 48 comments Not yet, might you be interested?

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