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Cristal (Professional Book Procrastinator) | 91 comments Mod
What are you thoughts on this book?

QNPoohBear | 120 comments This is one of my recently published favorites. I won an autographed copy and I wait eagerly for my nieces to be able to read it. I grew up obsessed with Laura Ingalls and pioneers so this book was right up my alley. As an adult, I appreciate how hard Hattie worked and how Kirby Larson worked in the issues of the time period. I loved the German neighbors and hated the discrimination they experienced.

The incredible detailed descriptions of Montana combined with the first person narrative make me feel like I was Hattie, working hard and trying to make a home for myself. I could feel everything Hattie is feeling and experience her joys and sorrows right along with her.

The characters are all very realistic and appealing, even the "villain" has more depth than a typical stock villain who comes along to shake things up. Even the Mueller children capture my heart with their innocence and loyalty. (view spoiler)

Hattie is an incredibly strong and determined young woman who has my utmost admiration, especially as she is based on a real person. I'm not sure if I would have had Hattie's courage in her shoes.

This book inspired me to write a paper on independent women in the west. You may be interested in reading about Ellinore Pruitt Stewart and her letters.

Cristal (Professional Book Procrastinator) | 91 comments Mod
I really liked this book. Hattie is a very strong and independent woman. Especially during that time period. She was not afraid to work hard and take charge if need be. I loved her character and spirit.

QNPoohBear | 120 comments Glad you liked Hattie, Cristal. I wish the author knew more about her ancestor but from what I've read, real life women in the west were just as strong and brave as Hattie. However, many didn't live on their claim year-round or do their own work, the way Hattie does. They often had brothers or boyfriends to do the work.

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Susan Chapek | 7 comments I listened to this book on CD and loved both the book and the reader.

As I listened, I wondered whether I would have found the book as believable if I didn't know that Kirby Larsen based it on a real young woman? What Hattie endured (especially in terms of the isolation and cold weather) and the hard labor she had to do seemed sometimes almost like the impossible tasks given to heroines in fairy tales.

There is a sequel, which I own on my Kindle--Hattie Ever After.

QNPoohBear | 120 comments I think the book is pretty realistic for homesteading in the west. There are a lot of books about women in the west and I wrote a graduate paper on independent women in the west prompted by Hattie.

message 7: by Susan (new) - added it

Susan Chapek | 7 comments Prompted by Hattie? Do you mean reading this book suggested the topic to you? How interesting!

QNPoohBear | 120 comments Susan wrote: "Prompted by Hattie? Do you mean reading this book suggested the topic to you? How interesting!"

I was taking a class on the West and needed a paper topic. I happened to be rereading Hattie Big Sky at the time and decided to look into the history behind the story.

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