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QUEEN For Gods and Goddesses to RP.

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Athena sat on the bench outside, listening to the peaceful birds chirping and the steady melody of the wind around her. Her mind wasn't so peaceful though. She was trying to figure out a problem she had encountered that morning. One of her battle plans had gone completely wrong, even though she had situated all the warriors in the right places and the correct weapons had been distributed. With the right placement and weaponry, this battle was supposed to go fine, but it hadn't. It was only around 50 deaths, it was an extremely small quarrel, but the thought kept coming back into Athena's mind. She knew she had not made a mistake, so what was going on? Mind engrossed in these thoughts she did not notice the figure approaching her.

QUEEN Gisele Diana entered the room, a look of clear disgust upon her face. She never did like Athena, she was annoying and bratty and always got what she wanted. Gisele wished for nothing of the sort. She snorted as she bashed into Athena's shoulder.

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Athena glanced at the demigod next to her with annoyance. It was obvious she was attempting to be intimidating, but Athena was clearly not threatened. She ignored the demigod, and started tapping her foot on the floor.

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