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мαr ♚ Howdy! :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Hello!

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мαr ♚ So the Harry Potter Era. I'm going with George Weasley and my OC this time around. Who shall I be playing for you, darling?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments I was thinking my OC and Draco, since it's been a large amount of time since I have roleplayed something like that, would it be okay for you to play Draco Malfoy?

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мαr ♚ I would be perfectly okay with playing Draco for you! :D

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Okay then! Would you like to make characters? Or shall we jump in?

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мαr ♚ I would like to create characters, if that is alright with you? If not then we can just jump right in :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments I would actually love to create characters, do you have an blank template I could use?

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мαr ♚ Awesome! I do, all that I ask is that the disclaimer remain at the top :)

disclaimer©(view spoiler)
||♔|Full Name|♔||

||♔|Date of Birth|♔||
||♔|Language Spoken|♔||
||♔|Other Languages|♔||

||♔|Relationship Status|♔||
||♔|Love Interest|♔||


||♔|Face Claim|♔||
||♔|Skin Tone|♔||







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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments No problem mi amigo

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мαr ♚ Gracias :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments De nada

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мαr ♚ disclaimer©(view spoiler)

"There will never be a better day for me to remember, than the first day I met you."

||❀|Full Name|❀|| Elara Polaris Black
||❀|Nickname|❀|| {Ella}, {Lara}, {Miss Black}, {Larabear}<--George is the only one allowed to call her that

||❀|Age|❀|| 16
||❀|Date of Birth|❀|| April 1
||❀|Ethnicity|❀|| British, Scottish
||❀|Language Spoken|❀|| English
||❀|Other Languages|❀|| Ancient Scottish

||❀|Gender|❀|| Female/Feminine
||❀|Sexuality|❀|| Heterosexual
||❀|Relationship Status|❀|| Single
||❀|Love Interest|❀||
~ George Weasley

||❀|Blood Status|❀|| Pureblood
||❀|House|❀|| Gryffindor
||❀|Wand|❀|| Yew, Dragon heartstring, 13¾”, unyielding flexibility
||❀|Patronus|❀|| Lion
||❀|Boggart|❀|| Dementors
||❀|Animagus|❀|| Lioness
||❀|Quidditch Position|❀|| Keeper
-->Pine wood smoke
-->Crisp mountain air
-->The smell of George Weasley
-->Sandalwood and Lavender


||❀|Face Claim|❀|| Georgie Henley
||❀|Hair|❀|| Dark brown, but is currently dyed in a dark blue reverse ombre
||❀|Eyes|❀|| Crystal clear ice blue
||❀|Skin Tone|❀|| The color of buttermilk
||❀|Build|❀|| She is the average height for a girl her age, though she is often made fun of because she is shorter than most by the Weasley twins. She ranges in at 5’4” and weighs in at 120 pounds, 6 ounces.

✿ Adventurous
✿ Courageous
✿ Versatile
✿ Lively
✿ Positive
✿ Passionate
✿ Arrogant
✿Tends to leave projects mid-way

✿ Elara Polaris Black was born to her parents, Sirius Black and Diana Windgate. She was conceived through a one-night stand and was unexpected. When she was born, her mother took her to Sirius, leaving her with him and abandoning them both. With the help of Remus Lupin, and James and Lily Potter, Sirius raised his daughter. From a young age, it was apparent that she had inherited her father’s Animagus abilities, only Elara’s Animagus was not a dog as her father’s was, but a female lion cub. At the age of four, her father was taken to Azkaban Prison. The next time Elara used animagi she did not shift into a lion cub, but a full-grown lioness. She was found by Arthur Weasley, who took her to the Burrow, to his wife Molly, who fed her, clothed her, and bathed her. After seeing how well Elara interacted with their two twin sons, Fred and George, Molly and Arthur made the decision to keep her with them, where she was safe. They were also blown away at the fact that Elara had been born on the same day as the twins, at the exact same year as well, though not at the exact same time. As the years went by, Elara and the twins Fred and George would celebrate their birthdays together while Arthur and Molly kept Sirius Black’s daughter with them at their home, until she comes of age.

✿The season of winter
✿ Laughing
✿ Thunder and lightning storms
✿ George Weasley
✿ Pumpkin juice
✿ Quidditch
✿ Arithmancy
✿ Thestrals

✿ False accusations against her father
✿ Professor Snape
✿ Being lied to
✿ Her distantly-related stateside cousins
✿ Her mother, Diana, for abandoning her and her father
✿ Humid weather
✿ Pumpkin juice
✿ Veal
✿ Foul treatment

✿ Charms
✿ Arithmancy
✿ Dancing
✿ Shifting into her Animagus at will
✿ Making the first years feel welcome
✿Getting George to smile
✿ Telling it like it is
✿ Potions

✿ Chocolate cake
✿ A winter snow storm
✿ Christmas
✿ When snow falls
✿ George’s smile
✿ Newborn babies
✿ The Thestrals
✿Getting the chance to go on any sort of adventure

"It does not matter where I have been. All that matters is that I am here now, and that I will not be going anywhere. Ever. I will always be by your side, from this moment forward."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments disclaimer©↝(view spoiler)

||♔|Full Name|♔|| Amara Serine Withers
||♔|Nickname|♔|| A, Ama, Mara

||♔|Age|♔|| 16 years old
||♔|Date of Birth|♔|| February 14th
||♔|Ethnicity|♔|| French
||♔|Language Spoken|♔|| French and English
||♔|Other Languages|♔|| German, Russian and Italian

||♔|Gender|♔|| Female
||♔|Sexuality|♔|| Heterosexual
||♔|Relationship Status|♔|| Single
||♔|Love Interest|♔|| Draco Malfoy

||❀|Blood Status|❀|| Pureblood
||❀|House|❀|| Slytherin
||❀|Wand|❀|| Blackthorn, Unicorn tail hair, 14", unreasonably springy
||❀|Patronus|❀|| Black Stallion
||❀|Boggart|❀|| Harry Potter
- Forest Wood
- Apples
- Unknown to anyone: The smell of Severus Snapes wand
- The Smell of Draco Malfoy and his hair
||❀|Animagus|❀|| Black Stallion
||❀|Quidditch Position|❀|| Chaser



||♔|Face Claim|♔|| Chloe Norgaard
||♔|Hair|♔|| Amara is an rebel, a full blown rebel, as an witch she loves doing muggle stuff because it fascinates her so much, like hair dying, she dyes her hair a lot, but it's currently white underneath, and there is an blue layer and an purple layer.
||♔|Eyes|♔|| Amara has beautiful eyes, they fit her face perfectly, the color of them fascinates others though, her eyes are a shiny purplish blue color that really turn bright when she's happy or when she's around her crush.
||♔|Skin Tone|♔|| Fair, her complexion though is quite pale, she tends to spend too much time out in the sun or stays in the light all the time in her free time.
||♔|Build|♔|| Skinny, tall and well built, she packs a punch and in fact has broken Potters nose at least once this year for being rude to Malfoy and the rest of her Slytherin house.

♚ Wild : Amara is a wild girl, she loves parties and loves being such a rebel, she sneaks out all the time and causes havoc in Hogwarts, using an invisibility cloak that her rich father has sent her when she was in her second year. Amara is wild when it comes to having fun, out her in an race or make her watch one and you got a wild bull on your hands.
♚ Rebel : Hating everyone at Hogwarts but her Slytherin house and Severus Snape, she tends to act a rebel and secretly gain more Voldemort followers by sneaking into houses and making up speeches so that people can follow her to somewhere. She dyes her hair all the time using muggle stuff to do it, she eats muggle candies all the time, knowing it angers Malfoy.
♚ Intelligent : Unknownst to everyone, Withers has an high IQ and is actually excelling in all her class, like her father has told her to and like she wanted. She never lets anyone know that she is actually passing her classes, because she has an reputation to hold in her Slytherin house and Hogwarts.
♚ Queen : People call her Queen of Slytherin, and sometimes they call Draco the king, but she prefers to be called Princess of Slytherin, because that's what she is, she is a princess, she is a spoiled brat who likes treating others with so much disrespect. She acts as if she rules Slytherin and all of Hogwarts.
♚ Darkness : There is a dark side of Amara, and that is her Deatheater side, since she holds the mark on her left underarm, she has a dark side that unleashes when she is told to by Lord Voldemort, in whom she calls father by his request.
♚ Beautiful : Seemingly called pretty and beautiful all the time by boys of her house and by others in Hogwarts, she never really truly believes that she is beautiful, not unless said by Draco Malfoy or that of Harry Potter.
♚ Honor : She holds a great honor in her heart towards her father and Voldemort, whom both saved her from an loose dragon during an battle at Hogwarts that had been caused by Voldemort one day. No one remembers that battle because her father had wiped everyone's minds, even Albus's mind.

♚ Born to a lovely couple, Veronica Withers and Nigel Withers, she grew up in a three children family, which is now an four children family, but her family is dark, everyone has the death mark on their forearm. Amara has her fathers eyes and her mothers queen personality, seeing that her father had been Prince of Slytherin once and her mother had been Princess of Slytherin once. Amara had lived her life being bullied by her two older brothers and her older sister, who all hate her for getting her dark mark early and hate her for gaining Voldemort's trust right away. Amara has hated her siblings for years now, she has gotten back at them of course with the help of Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle whom have helped her by scaring sense into her siblings during one Christmas holidays.

Amara's first year went pretty well, she gained an excessive amount of friends, and had tried gaining the friendship of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and the mud-blood Hermione Granger. Amara never actually liked the golden trio, it was just part of her task, which was to gain the trust of the golden trio and to befriend them, first time it didn't work.

Second year approached and she finally gained the trust of Harry Potter and the other two, she spent her time talking to them and making fun of other houses, but when they started making fun of Slytherin she would immediately retaliate and use magic on them.

Third, Fourth and Fifth wasn't that bad really, it was actually the years she became best friends with Malfoy, after the whole school basically just began to ship them both. When the word got out about the two being best friends, they only got shipped more, finally Amara had had enough of it, she didn't want to be shipped with Malfoy anymore, but she had gained an crush on Malfoy, so to make him angry and jealous, Amara had begun to go out with Harry Potter, and they are still dating.

♚ Malfoy ( There is no doubt about it )
♚ Pain - She loves causing pain
♚ Death - She has an extreme obsession with death
♚ Owls - she loves owls so much
♚ Broken Bones - she loves breaking bones
♚ Love - She has an strange obsession with love
♚ Voldemort - She calls him father, only because hers disowned her once she began dying her hair in first year
♚ Family - her family, minus her father

♚ Potter - Yes she's dating him, but she still hates him
♚ People - she hates being around people
♚ Hufflepuff - She had a small crush on Cedric Diggory, she was also dating him too, when he died she was heartbroken and had cried into Draco's shoulder for weeks. But she hates the rest of Hufflepuff for personal reasons.
♚ Gryffindor - They're too nice and she hates that
♚ Ravenclaw - She just hates them with a passion
♚ Nigel Withers - He disowned her for dying her hair, she disowned him as a father
♚ Siblings - She has three, and they have always bullied her for the color of her eyes and the closeness of her realtionship with Voldemort

♚ Figthing
♚ Sarcasm
♚ Thinking
♚ Strategies
♚ Charms
♚ Potions
♚ Flying
♚ Quidditch
♚ Hatred

♚ Malfoy
♚ Cedric's Death
♚ Love
♚ Hugs
♚ Kisses
♚ Apples
♚ Forest wood
♚ the smell of Draco Malfoy

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Okay should I start? Or can you?

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мαr ♚
Draco Malfoy had just gotten off the Hogwarts Express. The smell of smoke that came from the steam engine immediately introduced itself with his nose. Beneath the smell of the smoke, he caught a whiff of an all to familiar scent, and he immediately knew who it belonged to. None other than Amara Withers. He could have spent the whole night standing next to the train and letting his thoughts become clouded by the mere scent of her, but his father would be unhappy if he found out that Draco had been missing for the start-of-term feast all because he was mooning over the smell of a girl he couldn't even call his own. That's right; the girl whose very scent intoxicated Draco Malfoy was not even his, she was Potter's. If it weren't for Potter dating her at this very moment in time, Draco would have immediately asked her out at the first moment he caught the whiff of her scent. She walked right past him, her hand in Potter's, their fingers laced together. It made Draco angry to see, and he damn near whipped out his wand and challenged Potter to a duel to prove who the better man was here.

A heavy hand on his shoulder had stopped him, and Draco looked over to see his two closest friends, besides Amara, standing next to him. Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle had been Draco's friends since he had first come to Hogwarts, quite the same as Amara. Crabbe had his heavy hand placed on Draco's shoulder after seeing how rigid Malfoy had become from seeing Potter and Withers together. Draco was grateful, but he would never admit it. He was a a Slytherin for crying out loud; why the hell couldn't he shut down the emotions he was feeling? Why couldn't he be more like his father? Hell, why couldn't he be more like his godfather, Severus Snape? Draco would swear on his life that he had never seen his godfather smile, and it would be the complete truth. Shrugging Crabbe's hand off his shoulder, Draco tried not to think about how good Amara looked and how good she smelled when she had brushed past. But of course, he did.


Elara Black stepped off the Hogwarts Express, a smile on her face as she caught the familiar scent of the surrounding land that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sat upon. She felt almost as at home as she felt at the Burrow, with the Weasley clan. She was glad to be returning to the school that her father had attended when he was her age. It made her feel as if she was getting to know a part of him that he had never gotten the chance to reveal due to the fact that he was taken to Azkaban Prison when she was only four years old. It was then that Arthur Weasley had found her and brought her to the Burrow. In more ways than one, Arthur and Molly Weasley had saved her. Elara did not know where she would be today if they hadn't taken her in. Behind her, she could hear the Weasley twins, Fred and George, laughing as they too stepped off the train. Not far behind was Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. Harry had gone off the be with his girlfriend, the Slytherin girl, Amara Withers. Elara knew how Ginny felt about the whole relationship, which just caused her to further disapprove. A Slytherin dating a Gryffindor. It wasn't unheard of, but it certainly did complicate things, at least that's what Elara thought.

She began to walk towards the boats that would be taking all the students to Hogwarts this year, and she was nearly knocked off her feet by someone running into her back. "Oi, best watch your step there, love," she said, turning to look back at the person who had run into her. It was none other than George Weasley, whose twin was laughing a few steps behind him. Apparently, Fred had pushed George into her. Not that she minded, but she would much rather she had been the one to run into George, not the other way around. Seeing the awkward pause, Ginny came to Elara's side, linking arms with her and continuing and pulling her along towards the boats, where the whole Weasley clan, Elara, and Hermione climbed into one boat. Elara was seated at the front, facing the water as she looked out at the rest of the boats that were ahead of theirs. The Hogwarts castle glowed with bright light, welcoming all old and new students back. Already she was looking forward to the start-of-term feast.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Once she had gotten off the Hogwarts express, she had smelled an familiar smell, the smell that made her almost faint, the one that calmed her when she was angry, the one that comforted her when she was sad. She couldn't exactly place the smell, not yet anyways, Harry's hand was holding onto hers firmly as they walked past Malfoy, her best friend, her head immediately shot up when they passed him. Once she and Harry had gotten a little farther away from Malfoy, she turned and caught his gaze, she could still smell his scent and it calmed her more then anything at the moment. Harry leaned over, " You alright my love?" He asked her, Amara only blinked and looked away as Harry asked her a question, " I'm fine," she lied as she and Harry got onto the boat with Luna and a few others she didn't really want to know.

Amara hated Potter with a passion, she hated how he had begged her to come with him to the Weasley's, she absolutely hated the red haired family and hated almost everyone who was friends with them. No matter how many time or much she had and has tried to bully Hermione and Ron, she has always been shut down right away when Harry tells them that she is just tired. " I am never tired you dumb excuse for an damn wizard," Amara muttered to herself. " What was that love?" Harry asked her, making Amara jump where she sat, she wished to smell the smell of Draco once more, seeing that it would calm her down right now.


George absolutely hated Fred at the moment, how dare he push him into Elara, how dare he push him into her, how dare he try to get him to be close to her, he growled and almost threw himself at Fred, but instead his brother grabbed his wrist and yanked them to the boats. George was forced to sit behind Elaram he soon became intoxicated by her scent, he leaned forward a little more to smell her better. Soon he then focused on the water, he looked up at the castle that they were getting closer and closer too, he couldn't wait to be back in Hogwarts.

Georges mind was filled with images of seeing Harry and Amara together this summer, he grimaced, " God I hated seeing Harry and Amara together, all those cuddling moments, all those kissing moments, all those making out moments, it sickens me that he asked her out, why couldn't he ask some other girl out? Why did he have to go and anger Malfoy, I mean you all know the look Malfoy gives Harry, right?" George asked everyone on the boat.

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мαr ♚ Draco damn near jumped forward to steal Amara from Potter when she turned her head to make eye contact with him. His heart thudded dully against his rib cage as he followed after Crabbe and Goyle, climbing into a boat with them and a few other members of Slytherin, all the while focusing on Amara, whose hand was still in Potter's. She did not look entirely thrilled to be sitting among Potter's friends in their own boat. Draco really couldn't blame her. He personally wouldn't like being stuck with people he didn't know--especially the students in other houses.

It took everything he had in him and more to keep himself from pulling his wand out of the left sleeve of his Slytherin robes and perform one of the Unforgivable Curses on Potter. His father would certainly be proud, but there would definitely be some explaining to do with the Ministry of Magic. Which was why Draco did not move, sitting in the middle of the boat, Goyle in front of him, and Crabbe next to him. The other Slytherins in the boat had piled in at the front and the back. It felt good to be surrounded by the people who would be his family while he was at Hogwarts this term. He really wished that Amara was in the boat with him, sitting next to him instead of Crabbe, with her hand in his instead of Potter's.


Elara sensed George behind her, and she half-smiled to herself when she sensed him lean in towards her. With him being so close, his scent made its way up towards her to where she sat at the front of the boat. The chilly breeze that came off the water gently blew her hair away from her face. Over the summer with her distantly related stateside cousins, she had gotten her hair dyed in what the Muggles called a dark blue reverse ombre. It looked nice, she had to admit. She liked it. It was unique, and she was unique, so it suited her. When she heard George talking, she looked back, listening to the question he had asked everyone in the boat.

"I personally think that it is good that Harry has someone, but I will agree, he could have asked out someone else," Elara nodded. She shrugged, "Some people are just lucky to have a comfortable relationship like that, I suppose." Shifting slightly on the wooden plank she sat upon, she turned towards the rest of the people in the boat so that she could involve herself in the conversation that was most certainly going to start up in a short moment. Fred was wiggling his eyebrows at his twin about some silent comment shared between just the two of them, and Elara's curiosity almost got the better of her, and she was forced to bite her tongue to keep herself from asking what Fred's expression was all about.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Harry says something to Amara, which enrages her, her hair once a beautiful vibrant blue, purple and white color, was now a deathly dark blue, " If you don't shut up Potter, I am going to break up with you, and once I do, you know exactly who will claim me once I do," Amara growled as she ripped her hand free from his grip. Amara then turned and found herself looking at Draco, she stared at him and then lifted her head a little bit, she then smiled, her smiles always looked evil, but she knew that Draco always knew her emotions.

Luna Lovegood sat next to Amara, " My, my, why are you yelling at Harry like that? and why have you and Draco been staring at each other like that?" Luna asked Amara, she waited patiently for the colored haired girl to answer her. Amara groaned and looked at Luna, " Draco is my friend, we have a close relationship with each other, something you wouldn't understand," Amara replied. " Try me," Luna says as she placed an hand on Amara's shoulder, Amara growled and looked at Luna, she then sighed and sat down. " People say Draco has no heart, he's soulless, what no one knows is that when Cedric died, Draco was there for me, he was the one who comforted me, he was the one who held my hand, he was the one who held me close at night when I sneaked into his dorm," Amara muttered to Luna before moving back over to Harry.


George growled at his brother, but then kindly smiled at Elara, " You know, I heard her talking to Vincent Crabbe at Diagon Alley one weekend over the summer, I heard her tell him a secret, one that musnt be told to Harry, it will break is heart," George began. Fred was staring at him now, as if willing him to speak up, George cleared his throat, ready to speak again, " I heard her tell Vincent, that she wasn't in love with Harry Potter, that she was only carrying out an task for her father, and I know which father she meant, the only father who has since carried out an undying interest in her, He who must not be named, she's only carrying out an task given to her by him, her task is to try and get Harry on his side, or to kill him," George says, telling everyone in his boat about what he had heard.

He hoped Ginny didn't blab this to Harry, he hoped Hermione or Ron didn't blab this to Harry either, this news would damage Harry, this news would kill Harry, and that was one reason why it shouldn't be told to Harry. George didn't know why he was telling everyone this, it was as if he was jealous of the two, really he wasn't, he was just jealous of the closeness they had, he wanted that same type of closeness with Elara, but he knew he couldn't have it, he thought she didn't like him in that way.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( Sorry, I'm watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part two on Freeform right now, sorry for the long wait ))

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments (( Small reminder ))

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