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Kat (katpreece) | 532 comments I've strived to be vague as to not give any spoiler alerts.

My favourite was when Urian gave Ash a beatdown over Styxx.

When Tory gave Artemis a beatdown over Ash

When Styxx acted like a complete badass to King Xerxes when the king sent his guards to kill him. Dayammm boy.

Valerius complimenting Vanes mate Bride in night play. I was like Oh my gawsssh you are so amazing!

Maggie going all kick ass on the people accusing Wren of crap he didn't do. Actually it made me laugh, because it's a load of nonsense. Your telling me that (view spoiler) Puhleeze I just laughed to myself. As if. But I had to admire her feistyness

When Urian tells Alexion just who Styxx is and his status, and Alexion be like bullshit! and Urian be like "damn right"

When Simi was in the cavern with Zarek and Zarek was like "wow and she's a camcorder too" Paraphrased what a crack up.

Zarek toast at Valerius wedding.

Astrid giving Valerius ambrosia so that Valerius could throw lightning bolts at Zarek when Zarek is being "playful" W00t you go Astrid!

The whole Vane and Bride romance

Valerius not wanting to touch plastic cups or whatever, because they're beneath him. Honestly if I knew a Valerius as a friend in real life, I'd be on a the floor laughing so hard at his reaction to everything.

Tabitha - need I say more?

When some of the were hunters in the council spoke shit to Savitar. Savitar's reaction what a funny!

Vane putting Taylor Brides ex in his place.

Bride being "oh hail no- oh no you din't" with Vanes mother. I honestly had to stand up and give Bride a standing ovation.

Simi being like "pfft why are you scared of that loser, Thanatos won't even make good barbecue" Lol paraphrased

Bill Laurens awesome court case spiel towards Blaine for his crap he caused towards Wren

Selena Laurens on the gate post in hysterics.

Oh man it's just all the little moments. LOL. There are so many more, but I want to leave some room for you guys to think of any.

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Persephone complaining about how she has a limited amount of time without her husband... (view spoiler)

Simi eating the cows... actually any moment with Simi

Urian (view spoiler)

Zarek- need I say more?

Valerius after being stabbed by Tabitha

“Oh God, I just kissed a vampire!" - Amanda

Oh Gods, I just kissed a human!” - Kyrian

Talon seeing the dead:
Are you the asshole who sent the 'I See Dead People' T-shirt to me? (Talon)
That would be Wulf. (Kyrian)”

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