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What is your favorite Pat Conroy book and why???
Patricia Medis Patricia Mar 05, 2016 03:53PM
Prince of Tides was recommended to me as "The Greatest Book Ever Written" Huge recommendation but I read it and became a huge Pat Conroy fan. The storyteller extraordinaire. R.I.P.

Richard (last edited Mar 28, 2017 08:43PM ) Mar 24, 2017 03:09PM   0 votes
The Great Santini. Great story, very funny dialogue, sad, and a character both hated and loved, Bull Meecham. Prince of Tides and Beach Music are close seconds.

For me the 'gateway drug' to Pat Conroy was "My Reading Life," which led me to "The Prince of Tides." The latter book is a reading experience that I would recommend to everyone who wants to grow as a human being. Just a masterpiece. It has so much complexity and humor. Parts of it were autobiographical; it had me asking throughout: "did this actually happen?" At the same time it was a mystery as the reader asks himself or herself: "how did she die?" and "why did she die?" More importantly, the reader asks "who is the Prince of Tides?" (I won't spoil it) and "what happened to Tom to hurt him so badly so long ago?" The answer to that question becomes the most important of the novel but Conroy gives it to us only in fragments.
It reminded me a lot of "The Brothers Karamazov," and it's that same kind of broken family story with so many great characters that demands that we keep turning the pages. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" has a similar tone.

Prince of Tides for me as well. I think it captures the trauma of a dysfunctional family better than anything else I've read. "The Greatest Book Ever Written" is a stretch, and would be for any novel, but it is certainly a great novel, and that's probably all Conroy would ever have asked. I am grateful to him for his gift that he shared so generously.

The Great Santini. It's a very accurate representation of the dynamics in domestic abuse relationships. That being said, I loved all of them!

deleted member Apr 16, 2016 04:56PM   0 votes
I have read all of Pat Conroy's books except THE BOO. And, I have loved all of them. But, MY LOSING SEASON will stick with me for a long time. I had so many pages dog-eared that the book looked "used" after I finished with it. I can tell you one thing,...Pat CONROY has stamina, true grit and I hope he is rich, happy and look forward to anything he writes.

I read "Prince of Tides" first and really loved it. I don't think I'd even been aware of Pat Conroy till then. Since then I've read most of his novels. I'd have a hard time picking a "best" one but I think "Prince of Tides" and "Beach Music" are the two I'll re-read. Actually I've read them both a couple of times but I'm not done yet.

When they announced the movie "Prince of Tides" as a Barbara Streisand movie, as much as I like her, she just seemed so very wrong for the part so I refused to see it and I avoided it for years. I finally did see it and I was amazed at how well she did it. They left out too many critical portions of the story but it was still an excellent movie.


Although I have liked all Conroy's books and agree that he is a master storyteller, my favorite all-time book of his is
Beach Music which I just re-read after his death.

After his wife's suicide, when he takes his daughter to Rome to raise her there, I love their poignant yet adult developing relationship and when they return back "home" for a "visit" when his mother is dying, the relationships that he has with brothers and their hilarious dialogue together = nothing funnier!

SOUTH OF BROAD is my favorite!!! Prince of Tide seemed to bog down too much

I'll never forget the profound joy of my own 'discovery' of Pat Conroy after the movie The Prince of Tides was released. I've now read everything he's written and loved every word because there's something evocatively moving about each of his books. Choosing a favourite is a big ask - they are all wonderful.
If I HAD to choose I'll have to name two - Beach Music and The Lords of Discipline. RIP Mr Conroy, gone much too soon.

South of Broad. I love all of his books, but the fact that he had resolved all of his demons with his dad by the time he wrote South of Broad and could write about a dad who was good showed. I hate that he died, but I feel like this was his goodbye letter to us and, as a reader, I feel like this was a good ending to his work.

The Losing Season. A memoir about a season with his high school basketball team.

The Prince of Tides is probably my favorite, but I have enjoyed all of his books. However, The Water is Wide holds a special place in my heart.

Prince of Tides. Tears at the heart.

Prince of tides is my favorite Pat Conroy book. It was the first I read of his and
Found the writing style very engaging . The story was wonderfully told .

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