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February 2016 Book Club: Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kehunert

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Marianne Pierres (mariannedepierres) | 79 comments Mod
Hi Everyone,

the girls had strong reactions to this month's book club. You should check out what they said. We'd love to hear what you thought:

Discussion Topics

Are the kinds of self-harming habits explored in Ballads of Suburbia – things such as excessive drinking, drug use and cutting – being glorified in novels, or is it important that these issues be explored?


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Ju Transcendancing (transcendancing) I haven't read the book - it's not one that grabbed my interest. But overall my opinion is that it is really important to explore these topics, to have it be okay to talk about them non-judgementally, to listen to people figuring things out for themselves. Is inclusion alone glorification, I don't think so. I also don't think it's realistic to only have books that condemn things or talk about the negative side effects without also exploring the reasons people seek out these kinds of things. I think especially because younger people can be wary about talking with others about this stuff - outside of their friends groups certainly, and that books like this might be important for some people in figuring things out. Influence works both ways, but I don't think withholding information or trying to pretend that there are only negative side effects of these behaviours addresses things. It's more complex than that.

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Marianne Pierres (mariannedepierres) | 79 comments Mod
Krista's review of this book has now been added to the original post. Her thoughts on it are very interesting. I suggest you all take a look.

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Ju Transcendancing (transcendancing) Great review from Krista!

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