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QUEEN Knock-Knock

Gisele stood outside of Serena's house. It was odd looking and didn't appeal to the demigod's eye externally. She had hope that its inside was more appealing.

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Serena opened the door to her house without bothering to check who was outside. The old wooden door wouldn't budge. She groaned and kicked it. A cloud of dust flew up and she started coughing. She kicked the door again and it creaked open. Gisele stood at the other side of the door.

"Um ,hi."Said Serena, still coughing, and threw the door wide open, inviting her in.

QUEEN Idil wrote: "((ah whoops sorry I'll edit it))"


QUEEN (why is she nervous.....)

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((she's not nervous, she's just coughing, so she's all like awkward))

QUEEN ((oh ok))

Gisele entered the house and looked around. Hmmm.... "How are you?" She asked her voice neutral

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"Good, you?" Serena muttered as she wedged the door shut. She walked over to the couch and sat down. Seeing Gisele's hesitation she patted the arm chair next to her, indicating that she could sit down.

QUEEN She sat, "Fine," She muttered. "Athena's being a.....," Her voice faded off. "Nevermind," She mumbled.

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Serena was not too surprised by her attitude, but still wondered what was going on.

"What happened?" She asked, genuinely intrigued.

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QUEEN "Her ego is expanding," Gisele groaned. "Its giving me a massive headache," She said rubbing her temples

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Serena knew that Gisele was not quite fond of Athena.

"She's a goddess, Gis, of course she's gonna have a big ego."

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QUEEN "Whatever," Gisele mumbled slumping down on the couch.

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Serena could feel her dark energy spreading. She scrunched up her nose, and concentrated on her energy. There was something about it...

"Is there something else you're not telling me?" Asked Serena.

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QUEEN "What?!" Gisele groaned. She aimlessly threw her sword across the room in annoyance. It stuck in the wooden door.

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Serena rolled her eyes.
"Do you absolutely have to destroy my house every time you come over?" She whined. She had noticed a lot of dark energy around Gisele, and didn't think it was all because of Athena. But if Gisele didn't want to talk about it, Serena wouldn't force her to.

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QUEEN Gisele rolled her eyes and breathed out frustratedly. "Stop trying to read me," She said. She looked over at Serena, her eyes revealing she knew fully well Serena was evaluating her energy.

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Serena knew she wasn't being subtle, but she knew that Gisele didn't care as much as other people. She stopped anyways.

"You, missy," Serena said, pointing at Gisele, "Need a break. So we're gonna go out and do something fun. Where do you want to go?"

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QUEEN "Ice skating," She said. "But I'm gonna need your clothes, I'm too tired to go home and get my own," She stated.

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Serena was already heading towards her closet when Gisele got up and dislodged her sword from the door. She tossed her a pair of leggings, a neon pink shirt with the word "Sugar" written on it, and pink ice skates with striped laces just because she knew it would annoy Gisele. Serena put on a red hoodie and grabbed her ice skates from the closet.

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QUEEN Gisele grabbed the clothes she was tossed and gagged at it. She held it far out away from her and dropped it before rumaging thorugh Serena's clothes. She found something to her delight and smiled. She had been over to Serena's house so many times that she stashed her own clothes at her hourse. She departed the house wearing:

"Ready?" Gisele asked hands on her hip.

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"Yup." Said Serena, already at the door. She flung it open with such a force, that it hit the wall, and then hit her on the head. As she walked out rubbing the back of her head, she could hear Gisele laughing behind her at her stupidness.

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QUEEN Gisele wore an amused smile as they departed. The sun was just beginning to decend upon the land, casting a yellowish glow radiating through the nearby tree tops. Birds chirped and creatures of all sorts scurried about. Gisele ran quickly behind Serena, yelping "leap frog!" She pushed her somewhat forward before launching herself over Serena

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Serena laughed as she jumped over Gisele's balled up figure.

"This thing should be at the Olympics. We could be world champions." She joked.

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QUEEN "Yup," Gisele replied hoping over Serena but got caught and they tumbled down the hill. She was laughing and her hair was messy and had a few leaves in it.

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When they finally stopped laughing, Serena stood up and brushed off her pants, and picked some leaves and twigs from her hair. When she looked up, she saw the skating rink.

"Hey, we're already here!" She said, her eyes lighting up, and she walked towards the door.

((Do you want to start at the skating rink?))

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((Wait, is there even a skating rink?))

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QUEEN (yes, just dont think about it too hard)

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((I mean, is there a thread with the skating rink?))

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QUEEN ((nope, ill make it later though))

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((ok, I'll see you there then :) ))

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