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Is Farley Pregnant?
Lindsay Lindsay Mar 05, 2016 10:55AM
Is it just me or did you get some Shade baby mama vibes? Please let this be true!

Yes! I think she is.. I was wondering if I was the only one who had caught that. I think her question was if she was pregnant or not, and the answer was yes, so I'm pretty sure she is. It would be so wonderful, especially since Shade, you know, is dead..

I am convinced she is. It's so obvious, only Mare was to blind to pay attention. I am wondering if Shade's baby is going to have some power. Perhaps Farley will be able to use it when she's pregnant?

I think she is too, everything about her was suspicious, like she was pale and wasn't feeling very well and she didn't participate in the final "battle"

deleted member Apr 05, 2016 03:17PM   1 vote
I am pretty confident that she is. Mare noticed Shade and her sneaking around and through the book it was obvious the two characters were in love. When Shade died ( I was wrecked), Farley was freaking. Of course, she loved him so that was an obvious reason for it. But, I also think it was because she found out she was pregnant especially when she showed up to the grave when Mare was there and placed her hand on her stomach. That was a major "Hey look. Foreshadowing a baby" moment.

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I think so as well, it would explain why she was throwing up all the time. I hope the baby will have Shade's ability. After all as it states in the first book, children are most likely to get the ability of the Father.

She is

I'm glad someone asked this because I wasn't sure myself! I personally think she is!

OMG I JUST REALISED omg she's pregnant??? ahh how did i not notice the signs?!? XD

I am pretty sure she is. After all she is not the type of person who would let her comrades march into battle without her. She even tells Mare that she is not staying behind because of herself. I think she is concerned about her pregnancy. I am really excited about this plot twist too. There are just so many in this series that I think I will die waiting for the next one.

Also remember that man that Mare met that could see the future. And how he told Mare the answer to Farley's question was a yes.

Ami E. Bowen Seriously. Obvious spoiler links are obvious. Lol
Jun 23, 2016 03:55AM

I'm sure she is!

Yeah but he said that when she had doubts the answer to her question would be yes.

She is definitely pregnant, though because she was constantly mentioned at having her hand pressed against her stomach (after Shade died). You don't mention that unless it is important.

I think i read a part where it said she touched her stomach...I might be mistaken, but I do think she's pregnant

I'm 90% sure Farley is preggers. Besides her holding her stomach after Shade died, it's also written that Farley was sick a lot. The way that it was written possibly made us think that it was just from all of the "jumping", but I think there's more to it than that. There are hints everywhere.

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