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Glass Sword : Cal , Maven or Kilorn?
Lindsay Lindsay Mar 05, 2016 10:52AM
Personally I am torn between Cal and Maven and Kilorn gets on my nerves. So who do you think is end game? I cant choose Cal or Maven HELP!

Cal and Mare confirm,definitely, 100% is the end game. Okay, I get that some people loves Maven, in red queen i was torn because i have no idea whether i'll choose Maven or Cal (stronger feelings toward Cal) but than after the betrayal I knew from that moment it was Cal. Aveyard did this because she'd known that people will be torn between choosing Maven or Cal because in Red Queen their both great characters until the betrayal and Maven being the antagonist makes it easier to accept Cal as the endgame, no offence to those who loves Maven but it is stupid and unreasonable for Maven be the endgame. Oh and Kilorn is just too in the friend zone .

I didn't like Kilorn that much in Red Queen, but I think he turned out to be a very funny and sweet character in Glass Sword. However, I agree that he is too deep in the friendzone to end up with Mare in a romantic way. Sorry, Kilorn. Really hoping that he will find his own happy end though!

And Maven, of course. God, I hate that guy with a passion. I cannot fathom in any way how some people like him. I seriously try to understand but it just won't make any sense for me. I didn't like him that much before the big betrayal, I thought he was annoying and just whining the whole time about how he was stuck in Cal's shadow. Then he turned out to be an evil psycho at the end of Red Queen and that little bit of sympathy I had for him vanished. But in Glass Sword I truly learned to HATE him. I don't know man, there are certain limits even for villains and that dude just crossed them all. I will be very upset and disappointed if Aveyard tries to somehow change him again and show a "nicer" side of him or show that his behavior wasn't his fault because honestly the things he did in Glass Sword are clearly inexcusable no matter what.

Whereas Cal, oh Cal. I fell for him in the very first scene he appeared in. Loved him throughout the rest of the novel and that certainly didn't change in Glass Sword. Cal and Mare have the potential to be a very powerful couple, one of the best YA literature has seen. They went through horrible, horrible things together and were the only ones they could rely on. Also, there is an amazing chemistry between them.

So, yeah. Team Cal forever and always.

Amreet :) S but cal left mare for the throne...
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Positiwitty Oh my god yesss, Cal was just amazing from the very first scene
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I was on team Cal since his first apparition in Red Queen. I think they are really good for each other and they always know what the other need. Cal did everything for Mare, he's ready to die for her.

I understand that some people loved Maven in Red Queen but redemption isn't possible for him now... He has gone too far and did too much awful things. If Mare ended up picking him, it would be really disappointing. She can't possibly forgive him.

I really hope she ends up with Cal and that we get a lot of romantic scenes in the next book :)

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Uh...ever heard of books where a girl falls in love with the "bad" boy? Yeah. There are plenty out there. I think of many including the popular/infamous Shades of Grey because some gals like em bad; of course, not forever this way...Besides life would be boring if it was all plain vanilla.

It's also interesting to note that Aveyard herself has said that her favorite character aside from Mare is Maven because he's complex. #TeamMaven

Guess what. 1000000 % TEAM MAVEN! :3 I can't help me. Unfortunaly I think he won't end up with Mare. It'll be Cal. And Kilhorn has no choice. I think It's the best for him. She doesn't deserve him. Honestly It was really unnecessary that he fell in love with her. We don't need a square releationship. Even I pity him.

I love Kilorn and all, but he's stuck in the friend zone so that will never be endgame.
personally, I don't think Cal and Mare should end up together. Although she seemed to like him in Red Queen, they just didn't seem to click during Glass Sword at all. To be honest, although everyone will probably hate me for saying this, I didn't like Cal at all. Something about him always just annoyed me since he seemed generally irritating and big-headed, plus I think everyone's forgetting that during the war at the end, he still chose his Kingdom over Mare.
The thing is, I love Maven so much - again, I feel like everyone will hate me for this, but he and Mare had so much more chemistry during Red Queen and they seemed so perfect together. It's true that it was all a lie, but I'm still holding on to the relationship they had, because Mare and Cal just can't live up to how perfect Mare and Maven were, especially since Mare is also still hung up on the person Maven was before the betrayal.
I personally am on Team Maven but I don't think they will end up together because I don't think Mare will be able to forgive him for what he's done, even though she still loves him. I think Victoria will probably put Cal and Mare together, and I understand why but I just don't see a connection between them. I mostly ship Mare and Maven for who he used to be, to be honest, and I probably shouldn't, but then again I've always shipped these sorts of things (such as dramione, which again would never have happened).
This was so long omg

Kilorn is and will always be friend zoned, sorry buddy.
Maven is a PSYCHOPATH, so no freaken way!!!! Why is it so hard for people to think whether or not to choose Cal. Maven is manipulative and a psychopath. He wants Mare is a sickening way. Who treats someone like a dog, kills children, his father, and basically anyone in the way. I will tell you, MAVEN THE PSYCHOPATH!!!
My heart melts for Cal, so Cal ALL THE WAY!!!! He is a dream boat. How did people get annoyed with him in Glass Sword???? He lost everything, thanks to Maven (a bit of Mare), but he still cares for her. He still follows his heart.

i think she dies in the end but i am totally team Cal!

During Red Queen, I was really torn between Cal and Maven too. I am always a sucker for both of their character types and I could see Mare going with either of them. Then at the end when Maven became the antagonist, I of course went to Cal and Mare as end game. I still believe this because they are perfect and deserve to be protected at all costs buuuut there was one moment in King's Cage that tugged at my Mare/Maven heartstrings just a little bit. It was when he was talking to Mare while he was in the bath tub. I don't even remember what they were talking about now but I just know that I felt the tiny twinge of hope for a redemption arc However, Maven is an actual psychopath so that is probably never going to happen

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It seems like, the author is trying to justify Mavens acts but its just making him seem even sicker. *shudder*

Kilorn has been in the friendzone FOREVER. I don't think it's likely they're going to end up together, at least not at this point. (hey lol Mare give me Kilorn because I love him)
So...Cal or Maven?
Ugh...I'm secretly rooting for Maven. Cal just kind of...annoys me a little as a character in Glass Sword. (Everyone instantly hates me.) I know, I know - Maven betrayed Mare HARD and everyone basically sees him as a really messed up kid, but I'm still hanging onto (old) Maven and Mare! UGH Red Queen made me fall in love with Maven's character and now I can't seem to get out of this Maven + Mare hopes hole I've dug myself into. Help...

none because mare doesn't deserve any of them

I have the feeling that I am the only one on Team Maven but I think he is just such an interesting character. ♡

Maven is probably my favorite character and I liked him much more than Cal. I know that he is evil, but....
He is just to awesome to give up on.

Lindsay wrote: "Personally I am torn between Cal and Maven and Kilorn gets on my nerves. So who do you think is end game? I cant choose Cal or Maven HELP!"

Mare and Cal aren't perfect for each other, but I think that's the point. The fact that even after all of their trauma they always find comfort in each other and no one else just goes to show how much they need each other, even if they do have their flaws.



TEAM CAL FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have shipped Cal and Mare scene Cal had appeared in the book and Mare has confessed her love for Cal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These two have many things in common, they both feel like no one understands them, they feel alone in there family, and that they have both been betrayed by maven AND suffered losses. Do I need to continue........................................ Reason to pick team Cal. By the way did you know that he will ALWAYS chose her?. Furthermore these are my reasons to pick Team Cal.


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MAVEN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO MURDER HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean they are all great, how can you choose?
1.) I don't know why I like maven so much. I hate him and then I like him.

If Mare doesn't end up with Cal I will burn the book and just delete it from my life. Then I will rewrite king cage so that she will end up with him. (If you haven't seen it I'm always on team Cal) Like how can you like Maven? He is so evil that I just can't handle it, and Kilorn is all the way friend zoned. Maybe Cameron and Kilorn? Well I'll just wait and see! (Spoilers) the part in the end was so heart breaking like that Cal didn't show up at the funeral was so dumb. But I still love him...

Here's one way that Mare can get back at Maven while she's currently enslaved in his castle: pretend to love him and do or say things to win his heart without giving up everything (body/spirit). He'll then realize how much he loved and lost. But then she'll stab him in the back - figuratively speaking - like he did to her. Ouch. Mare killed the Queen Elara (and humiliatingly displayed her body for all the world to see), so he can't let this go without consequences. Despite all he's done, I'm hoping they'll be some sparks left for the next book.

I'd be freakishly mad if Mare ended up with Maven. He was a great guy if only he hadn't faked everything!!!! Come on, he was ready to let Cal (his brother) and Mare (the girl he supposedly wants) die! Seriously, that is messed up. Entirely messed up. And even if there is a little bit of humanity in that crazy ass 'shadow of the flame', why would she choose him, if she could have CAL? He's like everything! Although I'm disappointed in how their relationship is progressing...
Kilorn never really was an option, he got friend zoned. Hard.

Sara (last edited Dec 15, 2016 07:36PM ) Dec 15, 2016 07:31PM   0 votes
Endgame is clearly Maven/Mare. Maven is a manipulative and ruthless bastard, but I am dead certain that he (and his steward) is the Scarlet Guard's "Command." Best way to make a revolution happen: manage both sides of it. Assure the requisite atrocities to stir up an uprising and the necessary level of incompetence in putting it down.

It doesn't make sense to me, otherwise, why the identity of "Command" is so mysterious. If they were actual unknowns, we'd have two outside forces (Newblood Republic plus Command). And we know that (1) Maven has repeatedly told Mare not to wear her heart on her sleeve, and (2) did have a genuine friendship with a Red named Thomas.

Maven's double-betrayal was foreshadowed by Kilorn seeming to betray Mare, as part of a plan to set Mare free.

Cal, on the other hand, is a nice guy but ultimately isn't on board with the Scarlet Guard's mission. And he's never pretended otherwise -- he's told Mare he's just wants to kill Maven (while diverting her from questioning his villainy). Cal had some kind of revelation when they were fleeing on the plane that has never been shared, and I'm pretty sure something about the recognition codes made him realize Maven's involvement in the rebellion. Then at the end of this book, he disappeared with the plane for a while (great operational security, Scarlet Guardsmen). No reason for that to happen as part of the story except to create a gap in time in which Cal could contact people for a counter-revolution. He's ultimately determined to rule traditionally and win the war against Lakeland. And he's willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish that as well -- which was the purpose of Nix's story. Maybe he plans to use newbloods.

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Ok so i definitely am for the idea of her dying in the end because Jon did say something along the lines of her having to rise alone. Also, I do not see mare and cal having a long lasting relationship. They only seem to have a sexual attraction and their hatred for maven gives them a common goal. but idk i like cal but not for mare, but at the same time i can see where all the " care" ships come from bc they can be cute sometimes.
As for maven, i like him, but i do not see him ending up with mare. I kind of dont know where i see his future being. Because he is definitely going to be dethroned but i haven't decided if he is going to be killed bc i do not see mare doing that to him. I can see cal doing the killing but eh.
Kilhorn is a major no no. They are not going to end up together. Slick i feel like he is going to die, or i could see a little cameron kilhorn action??? idk just a thought but i think they could be the younger version of shade and farley since cameron acts all badass and kilhorn is very playful and sneaky.

I think that Mare and Kilorn should never date. Kilorn has always loved mare and (we as readers can tell) Victoria just doesn't make Mare realize it. But Kilorn is Mare's best friend. It would be so awkward if they dated!! But Cal and Mare.... That is a whole other story!!! I can't wait

okay, so first i loves the book. i hate maven with a passion and kilorn will always be a very good friend of mares. Cal, on the other hand is perfect, but i don't think they will develop a relationship until the end because there is soo much going on. But, will always be on Team cal


Okay, personally I haven't finished Glass Sword yet though I'm still torn between Maven/Mare and Cal/Mare. After the big betrayal I could say I was pretty mad about the whole ordeal. Though I couldn't bring myself to hate Maven. Cal, I love him too, I hated him a few times, but loved him more. I would say that any is exactly fair game, but I'm sure that Cal/Mare will be the one who overrules Maven/Mare. Now into their personalities, Mare is a girl who has gone through some deeply wounding things in her life, she's stubborn, a bit hardheaded, and can't bring herself to trust everybody, heck probably no one at all. So who's personality would fit hers? Cal is a born leader, they've been through things together, everyone believes they should be together. Here's the thing though, at the height when Mare was trying to get him to help the Reds, he chose his kingdom over what would be greater for the world. I don't think that Mare would forgive him, especially after seeing what he could have done. Now let's look at Maven, he was that brother that was the jealous type. Though after the big betrayal and we see who he really is, he's psychopathic, he used her, but I believe that he still has some sort of connection with her. Same with Cal, he fell in love with the girl that has red blood, but has silver, actually not even silver powers. Though look at Mare, she still thinks of the Maven she knew, the Maven she wants. Now think back to the kiss between Cal and Mare, she regretted it, and even after the betrayal still regrets it. I honestly believe that in the end she'll either go to Cal (Though I am more team Maven, or both.) or she won't choose either of them. She regrets making Cal go through what he had to go through, and she's too hurt by what Maven had done to the both of them.

•I would like to note again, I am not anywhere close to done reading Glass Sword so no spoilers if you plan on replying!

•I apologize that I got off topic at times, I have a habit of that that really needs to get fixed. . .

•I also apologize for not putting Kilorn in here, I see them more as a brother and sister relationship. Not to mention, though Gisa and Mare have a small rivalry and such, she would not hurt Gisa more than she already has by taking away her crush.

Thank you for reading my opinion on this matter, have a nice day.

#TeamMavenANDTeamCal #MoreTeamMavenThough #Idon'tknowwhotochoose. . .

Agreed! I don't think Mare will survive the series alive, hence Aveyard is isolating her so much from anyone. IF she survives, which I doubt, I think she'll end up with Kilorn. I know most people think that Kilorn will always be in the friend zone (and I don't detect any chemistry myself, I personally much prefer Cal), but I think, to quote Katniss that 'she has too much fire inside her and doesn't need another person beside her to fuel it', so Kilorn makes sense that way.
Maven on the other hand has done things too cruel IMO to have any hope of redemption, but Mare seems unable to let go of him. Perhaps his darkness calls her own? I can see a scenario where Mare falls in love with Maven while she's his prisoner, hating herself because she can see he's evil, but in the end she'll do the right thing and redeem herself by killing him. After that, she'll either get killed herself in some way, or end up with Kilorn, since Cal will always remind her of Maven.
As much as I'd like to see Mare with Cal, I do believe that Cal in the end is too good for her, too innocent a soul to understand the darkness inside Mare. I can see Cal ending with Farley or Cameron instead, but that may be too far fetched.

I was really a big fan of Cal for a while till later in this book, and in the newest book, I really wish that Kilorn and Mare were together.

I'm not gonna lie, in Red Queen I disliked Kilorn. I don't really know why but for some reason I didn't click with his personality however in Glass Sword he really grew on me. Despite this, I still don't think Mare and Kilorn will, or should, ever be together as he's just too friend-zoned.
Everyone will probably hate me for this... But in Red Queen I did not like Cal one bit. Frankly, I found him annoying and full of himself and I didn't think that he and Mare should be together. Ever. And while I did begin to like him more in the second book I stand by my opinion that they should not be together and I will never be able to ship them. Something about the atmosphere when they're together seems wrong to me but maybe that's because I just don't like Cal that much.
And now you're all going to hate me even more because I, like Mare, cannot let go of who Maven used to be. In the first book he was my favourite, he was amazing and he and Mare were perfect. The ending broke me I think and throughout Glass Sword I was still trying to picture them together. Now believe me when I say that it pains me but I just don't think what Maven has done is forgivable. I don't think he can ever come back from this. As much as I believe he is not truely evil and this was somehow all Elara's doing, I don't think Mare will ever forgive him.
So with Kilorn and Cal as a definite no no for me, I guess I'm TeamMaven eventhough the reality is that I'm TeamMaven based on who he pretended to be...

I don't think Mare and Maven ever had a chance but I personally think Mare could fit well with Kilorn or Cal.

I'm sorry but I have a thing for bad boys.... #TeamMaven

How can u say that? I mean how can u give that HORROR a chance when he gave us a glimpse of his true self i know for a fact i was TERRIFIED he can't have a second chance he's sick. Theres nothing good about him it's all been DESTROYED I mean whos psycho enough to treat someone like a DOG! Their are sssoooo many thing's i could say about that SICKO but i'll say this if u really think about really hard you'll see he's A PSYCHO MANIPULATIVE WEIRDO who REALLY need's to DIE. BUT i understand who made him to be this way his MOTHER. Oh and i like Cal!

Even though Maven was apart of one of the biggest betrayals I had ever read, my heart still wants Maven and Mare! Both Cal and Kilorn got on my nerves in Glass Sword so it's always been #TeamMaven for me! Hopefully that love rekindles in book 3 though it might be a stretch of the imagination at this point in Maven's reign of terror!

Unfortunately I think that Kilorn will forever be friendzoned, but still #TeamCal

Lindsay wrote: "Personally I am torn between Cal and Maven and Kilorn gets on my nerves. So who do you think is end game? I cant choose Cal or Maven HELP!"

I do like Cal and Kilorn, but Cal I'm just confused about how I feel about him as a character, and Kilorn really just seemed to have a brother/sister relationship with Mare. I still love Maven as a character. He is an amazing antagonist, and possibly antagonist if mare joins him, or viscera, but that'll probably never happen. So personally I'm on team Maven. This might change the more I read, I've only finished the second book.

Ceren (last edited Feb 24, 2017 09:30AM ) Feb 24, 2017 09:28AM   0 votes
Okey, honestly I love bad guys soo much but it changed only for this series. I mean I always love Cal, and since the time he gotten in the book I didn't have any bad ideas about him. Because he could do anything for Freaking Mare, but Freaking Mare was like blind for Innocent Cal and because of that she thought that she had a really really good future with Badass Maven. Unfortunately this blindness was for everything so when the time Badass Maven took off his mask, she was shocked. Because our 'smart girl' was thinking the badass was our Innocent Cal. But even in the 2nd book she just couldn't get rid off her feelings for Badass Maven. Even the time she was with Cal. So I think the author is on Maven's side, and that's the why she is the 'prisoner' of Badass Maven. She could be with Maven too. Actually I am worrying abot that, I really am. I hope that it will not happen. By the way I hope that Mare and Cal will be together at the end of the story.

!- Sorry for didn't mentioned Kilorn. But I really do not think that he could be with Mare. For me it doesn't even a possibility.

!- By the way we shouldn't worry about that things getting messy. Deeply she love Cal, and she will notice that.

#usingmom'sphone anyways. I love love LOVE Kilorn. I really hope Mare ends up with him but honestly it would make more sense if she ends up with Cal. But still I COULD DREEEEEEAAAAAAM. #Kilorn4eva

Omg. I hate life
Kilorn and Mare are PERFECT
Haters gonna hate
Cal is stupid, he says he loves Mare but his actions show otherwise. He dumb and doesn't deserve Mare after all that he has put her through. He is too self absorbed and too mentally stressed. I loved Cal at the beginning of Red Queen, but he is horrible
Maven, well... Maven. At least he has a reason for being a monster. I know he has a heart and he had showed it in some parts of the books, but I ship Mare×Kilorn more. But he is better than Cal.
Kilorn. AHHH Kilorn. He is amazing. He would do anything for Mare, but he tries to hide his love for her behind a smirk. He has a great personality and has never once betrayed Mare. Mare is stupid, and still hasn't realized this. Most people will say he is too in the friend zone, but that's not true. Mare thinks she hates Maven, and Cal just betrayed her for the crown, so I think in War Storm he will be the only one there for Mare. She will be all depressed because of Cal (another reason to hate him) and he will be there, just like he always has. I think this will cause Mare to realize how amazing he is. But if not, I think Mare will get mad at him for trying to comfort her, and that will make it harder on her and make Kilorn feel horrible. Even if she doesn't end up loving him romantically, I still think (hope) that they will end up together. If not- KILL ME NOW. I will scream for 5 days straight at a wall and cry until I have no more tears. I hate Cal, he had always seemed to odd to me. I will hate and curse the entire series if they end up together. And if she doesn't end up with Kilorn, she is the most stupid person in the entire universe and I hope Kilorn ends up with someone who actually cares about him.
Oh and also... 
Has anyone noticed that in Glass sword when Kilorn explains why he locked Mare up with Cal in the cell and had a good reason, she barely noticed or cared much at all, even when it helped all of them. It got them the information they needed and helped Mare get Cal out of the cell, even though Kilorn hates Cal, he did it for Mare.
When Cal said he could fly the plane there was a whole page talking about how awesome Cal can fly the plane EVEN THO HE HASN'T DONE IT YET. Mare is all caught up in how awesome she THINKS he can fly the plan, that all she said to Kilorn was 'oh.'
Kilorn deserves so much more than Mare has given him, if she would just realize this 

Maven Maven Maven

It is definitely a hard choice because throughout the whole trilogy I loved all three. But, after Maven's betrayal I was not a fan of him because all of the things that made me like him was a mask, which worked very well, well done Victoria Aveyard. I loved Kilorn because he had this brotherly love and protection aspect for Mare, I never really saw him as Mare's true lover, and when he started to show these feelings and feels hurt that she doesn't feel the same way towards him he starts to get whiny and quite annoying. Personally I have always thought that Cal and Mare were meant to be, even in the very beginning. During the whole trilogy I always felt a sense that Cal had this strong feeling of protection for Mare that neither Maven or Kilorn really had. Mare and Cal are really just meant to be together.

Ok, this is the thing I don't like about YA fiction. Every YA novel has a love triangle in it and get that they're compelling to read but why are all these teenagers so concerned with their love lives. I mean there is a war going on and so many more important things to focus on then guys. I hope Mare doesn't chose anyone because Maven is evil, Kilorn is just a friend, and Cal will never really understand her.

I love Kilorn. I know it's a rare opinion, but come on. He's not only cute, but you can see he cares for Mare, in his own twisted way. But you know. :)

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