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message 1: by John (new)

John (johnpsauter) | 168 comments Mod
Monthly Themes & March Theme
We have selected a March Theme, but need your help in selecting other themes for the upcoming months. Let us know in the comments if you have any ideas that you want to throw into the mix. Past themes can be seen on our website at

March - Women Authors
April -
May -
June -
July -
August -
September -
October -
December -

March Theme: Women Authors (from Dave)

Hey everyone, I'm trying to be better about posting reading lists around the first of each month to help give you ideas of classics to read. Admittedly this list is recycled from years past (with the dead links stripped out), but it should give you plenty of ideas for what to read in March, or anytime throughout the year. Please add your own suggestions so I can build them into a future March re-post!
Suggested Reading for March (Women’s History Month)
• Sappho
• St. Hildegard of Bingen
• St. Catherine of Siena
• Julian of Norwich
• Margery Kempe
• Juana Ines de la Cruz
18th Century
• Mary Wollstonecraft
• Anna Laetitia Barbauld
19th Century
• Louisa May Alcott
• Kate Chopin
• Emily Dickinson
• Harriet Beecher Stowe
• Jane Austen
• Mary Shelley
• Anne Bronte
• Charlotte Bronte
• Emily Bronte
• George Eliot
• Elizabeth Gaskell
20th Century
• Edith Wharton
• Willa Cather
• Virginia Woolf
• Agatha Christie
• Doris Lessing
• Iris Murdoch
• Zora Neale Hurston
• Sylvia Plath
• Katherine Anne Porter
• S. E. Hinton
• Margaret Mitchell
• Laura Ingalls Wilder
• Harper Lee
• Pearl S. Buck
• Ayn Rand
• Carson McCullers
• Flannery O’Connor
• Toni Morrison
• Maya Angelou
• Octavia Butler
• Ursula K. Le Guin
• Anne Tyler
• Joyce Carol Oates
• Joan Didion
• Marion Zimmer Bradley
• Amy Tan
• Madeline L’Engle
• Sandra Cisneros
• Margaret Atwood
Various “Best Of” Lists around the Internet:

message 2: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthas48) April is Jazz Appreciation month. Perhaps books written and/or set in the 20s which would include authors such as Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Stein.

message 3: by Roberta (new)

Roberta McDonnell (robertajune) | 15 comments Hi great to catch up again! Thanks for jogging my motivation , so, This year I'm planning to reread some of the classics I have on my 'pride of place' bookshelf and some that I read on my first kindle. May I offer a couple of suggestions for future themes? I'm in the middle of Gabriel Garcia Marquez 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' and also have V S Naipaul's 'A House for Mr Biswas' on my list, which lead me to suggest maybe a 'World Literature' month? Also some classic RD Laing books are on my agenda for reading again later this year, not least because the film is underway and I can't wait to see it, plus I love to be reminded of the wonderful man and his work every so often. On that note I was wondering if 'classic and popular psychology of the twentieth century' might be a theme? Just a few thoughts, thanks again, Roberta :)

message 4: by John (new)

John (johnpsauter) | 168 comments Mod
Thanks for the suggestion.

message 5: by John (new)

John (johnpsauter) | 168 comments Mod
Thanks for all the great theme suggestions. We have selected Martha's Theme the Jazz Age/1920s. The following is Dave's message from facebook.

On our Goodreads site there was an excellent suggestion that April be Jazz Age/1920's Month. For those of you looking to get beyond The Great Gatsby, here are some suggestions:

Prize Winners listed here:…/the-50-...#

Enjoy exploring and padding those to-read lists!

message 6: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthas48) I love the lists! Trying to decide which to read first. :-)

message 7: by John (new)

John (johnpsauter) | 168 comments Mod
For May, we have a special theme for the Read a Classic Challenge. That is right, it is time for 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

As long as it is a classic and you can make the connection with 6 degrees or less it is fair game! The following is a library website that offers an example!

Here are some easy ones (1 degree) from the film, Footloose.
Reverend, we have a little problem.
I heard the English teacher is planning to teach that book.
Slaughterhouse Five.
Isn't that an awful name?
That's a great book.
Slaughterhouse Five.
It's, it's a classic.
Do you read much?
In another town it's a classic.
In any town.
Tom Sawyer is a classic.
That's fine.
Ethel, have some more ham.

message 8: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthas48) Sorry I didn't read anything in April. The whole month was a blur for our family. I may still choose something from one of the lists.

message 9: by Martha (new)

Martha (marthas48) Actually, I remembered that I own a copy of Lost Stories by Dashiell Hammett which I think will work for Jazz Age or be close enough.

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