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Here you go! Can't wait to read what you post

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Manasa (manasags298) Here's what I've written till now

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Manasa (manasags298) I'll post directly henceforth :)

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Manasa (manasags298) Rest in peace
The sky looks broken tonight,
and it's too cold for angels to fly
the stars are just souls aflame,
they shine faintly, miles away.

The wind is swirling, icy cold,
whispering voices of stories untold,
tears poured down from the unseen world,
washing away all that the earth could hold.

Each raindrop held a memory of you,
Scattering across the heavenly blues,
the clouds were turning grey with greed,
when thunder shook the willow tree.

And I walked alone in a garden of stones,
the flowers I held were withered and torn,
I cried and wept as I laid them on the ground,
and realized, what's lost can never be found.

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That's really nice! Love it

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Manasa (manasags298) Crown of Midnight inspired :)

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