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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments Name: Ryan Lucas Kyllo
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: July 21
Faction Before the Choosing Ceremony: Abnegation

Appearance: [image error]
Written Description:
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Tanned
Body Shape: He is muscular, but never shows off.
Height: 5 ft 10 inch
Weight: 145
Pitch of voice: He has an alto voice and can lie easily.
Other: He considers his hair annoying, so he just lets it be. He wears a pair of worn leather boots given to him by his dad. He tends to simply wear jeans, a plain T-shirt and a hoodie if it's cold.

Personality: Ryan is an average Abnegation guy. He's selfless, and will sacrifice himself for anyone he cares about. But he is also very kind, caring, calm, and peaceful. He doesn't prefer violence, but if someone he cares for is in danger, watch out. He can be a little secretive and shy, so make sure you approach him nicely. He's a bit talkative, but in a good way. He really loves to lead, but mostly lets others take the job.

History: Ryan was born in Abnegation to Emily and Jason Kyllo. When he was 9 his mother died. They were about to go out for dinner when a group of armed men in uniform stormed in. The men whispered something to his father. After a moment his mother grabbed her husbands arm and tried to pull him inside. But it was to late. One of the men pulled a gun from his holster and held it up. He aimed it at his father. Before he could pull the trigger his mother jumped in the way.

Mother: Emily Rachel Kyllo, deceased, Abnegation, died at age 29. Emily was a sweet and selfless as you could get, and a very loving mother.
Father: Jason Reed Kyllo, Abnegation, age 36. Jason is very selfless, but also very brave and a great leader.
Older Sister: N/A
Older Brother: N/A
Younger Sister:N/A
Younger Brother: N/A

What Faction you Character would like to go to: Abnegation
What Faction(s) Your Character got on the Aptitude Test: To be filled in after the Aptitude Test.
What Faction your Character Chose: To be filled in after the Choosing Ceremony.
Divergent: Yes

Other: Ryan is afraid of fire. Major time. He loves to draw, and surprisingly, read.

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Delete my little blurb by the family and you should be good to go. :)

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments Oops, hang on, the image isn't working, can you try?


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I can the link works for me...

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments I know, me too, but I mean I can't embed it.

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Did you try the format?

<.img sec="paste link here"/.> remove the periods.

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i dont think images are really working right now, they sometimes glitch like that

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments Yours worked!

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GR fixed the glitch…

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments Yeah, but mine isn't. Oh and Luna, I thought it was <.img scr="Paste link here".>

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Same thing. App.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments Oh, it stinks, I'll find a new image.

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments Is the picture working? Anyoje on a PC?

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Picture's not working...

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Ginny  Weasley  | 82 comments I don't know why it won't work Ally's worked! I am on a PC for now.

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