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Canoeing sound fun?

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Psycho Master | 234 comments ((Can you post first Kitty?))

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments ayame stared off into the distance wondering what she had done wrong to deserve her fate. revealing the secret to a boy she thought she loved, it couldn't have been so wrong for her to be exiled from her own home. could it? it all came with good intentions but her family least of her father and seto disagreed with her actions. so here she stood now contemplating the reverence of her demise and her supposed betrayal, until further notice. they didn't even allow her to keep the armor she so treasured, and she felt bare in this low skirt and buttoned up flannel, they even stilled her beloved Trojan winged horse from staying by her side, seto stripped her of her sword and her powers. she was completely vulnerable to the dangers of the outside world, but did they care? no they didnt, leaving her to suffer in her own punishment, which she did not believe she deserved

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Psycho Master | 234 comments Lucifer crawled from the shadow of the random person. He shook his head and sighed. It was not his usual way to go about things but he had to get out of there quickly. He looked around, then locked eyes with the female, whose shadow he had emerged from. He blinked and then smiled, setting a bit of charm in his voice, hoping to soothe her if he had startled her. "Oh... Hi. Sorry for using your shadow against your will."

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments She blinked repeatedly, if he thought putting charm in his voice was going to soothe her, he was so incredibly wrong. "Who are you and what do you want?" She asked her eyes narrowed into suspicions as her eyes studied him, even if she didnt have her powers or her sword, or her trojan horse, hell even her armor she would attack him in some way if he so much as approached her. She crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her hips to ths side, intinstictively regretting her postion and instead shifted to stand up as tall as she could and glare deeply into this mysterious mans eyes.

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Psycho Master | 234 comments He smiled. "Roman? Or no.... Your greek aren't you. I notice that glare from anywhere.... Cold and hard.... not fit for a woman if you ask me, but none the less." He smiled. "My name is Lucifer. A pleasure to meet you. Mind what I ask your name is?" He smiled a little, trying to seem easy going, and calm.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments She slowly outstretched her palm and restrained the urge to smirk. She believsd herself nothing but a warrior but in her curreng position others would think otherwise, and she despised them for it. "Ayame, dont think i could say the same though." She murmured the last part, and at least thanked her family for letting her keep the
Blue roses in her pigtails, that at least made her feel like she was a warrior, just a little

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Psycho Master | 234 comments He smiled lightly, not able to hold back his smirk. His slightly longer canines made him seem a bit more than what the surface told. He had his leather duster on and pants as well. Other than that he was shirtless, and wore a black chain as a belt. The sword on his left radiated, almost like a hum.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments Her eyes skimmed him up from head to toe over and over again, eyeing his teeth suspciously, but then landed on the sword against his left hip, humming. As if it were calling to her, but it wasnt and she involuntarily took a step closer to him pointing at the sword against his belt. "That sword. What kind of sword is it?" She asked singularly impressed with it, but didnt necessarily reveal her sudden interest in it. "Lucifer." She added and crossed her arms again to restrain the urge to reach out and rub her thumb in sequent circles against the hilt of the sword.

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Psycho Master | 234 comments He smiled. "It is a demonic Artifact. It's a longsword by the name of Punishment." He smirked. "It is so sharp, that a touch from it feels like a gruesome wound." He drew it, making a loud shink noise. "It is very potent... and, it has a void ability, that makes shields worthless, as well as armor. It phases through anything inanimate, to attach flesh directly."

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments "A demonic artifact?" She said, tasting the word against her tongue, and nearly smiled with the saying. "Well so im supposing your a demon of some sort right?" She began to circle him sizing him up with every step, never missing one imperfection, which she didnt seem to find, sadly. "So can your sword slash through...." She paused to twirl into a circle and stare searchingly for something, until her gaze landed on a dead tree and she thought why not put the tree out of its misery. "....that tree." She asked, staring back at him, and pointing her slim small finger at the northwest direction from where she stood

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Psycho Master | 234 comments He smiled a little. "Your gonna like this." He walked over to it and smirked, drawing his sword and making a cut through it. It didn't look like any damage was done to it. He the then smiled, somoning a shadow copy of himself, right behind the tree. He cut through again, but the sword did nothing to the tree, the copy of him thoiugh, was cut in two.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments She stood there, her arms dropping to her sides, which again made her feel like she was nude, but other than that she was unable to summon speech to her tongue. Which she doubted her tongue even knew the meaning of the word speech. So instead of gacking at him like a fangirl would stare at her idol or crush, whatever, she didnt give a damn. She ran up to him and inspected the damage. WOW! It was clean! This time she really did smile, he was right she did love it. But whether she trusted him or not was another thing. Though her head nodded up and down with admiration.

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Psycho Master | 234 comments "It only damages what I view as a threat or an enemy. Anything else is unaffected. Armor, swords, and shields do nothing to stop this blade. It is why its name is Punishment." He smiled lightly, and sheathed his sword. "What did you think of it?"

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Psycho Master | 234 comments ((So sorry it was so short.))

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments ((Its alright i gtg ill respond when i can))

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments she opened her mouth, just so she could tear his ears off with her current barrage of admiration for his sword, but then stopped and just simple said, "its amazing, i love the way you handle the movement with sufficient ease, oh and how the sword responds to you, its like both of you are insync with each other, and it is very admirable. i swear if i did not have a sword of my own, i would gladly like to wield a weapon such as yours. mine's nothing special like yours by the way but i love it so much." she said, letting the words flow out of her system. it was strange she felt a comfortable ease washing through her when she was talking to this strange. almost as if she had known him all her life. which she hadn't but he was almost like a child hood friend compared to any other guy she had ever met, including her once love: Artemis.

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Psycho Master | 234 comments He smiled and tilted his head. "How are you with a sword? You seem to know much I can tell." He smiled. He sized her up a little. She was cute, shorter than him, but she was deffinatly stronger than she looked... and probably more skilled as well. Though she looked out of place with the flannel.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments ((My notifications are acting up>.<))

"Im decent enough, probably not as skilled as you or my brother, buf im getting there i suppose." She shrugged and crossed her arms again, letting him know that she was pretty decent, she wasnt lying there, for sure. "Since your much brighter with the movement of a sword would you mind teaching me some moves." She asked looking around for a stick to use as a fake sword.

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Psycho Master | 234 comments ((Same lol))

He smiled. "I have never taught anyone... And honestly, I don't know if I can. Most of it comes from instincts." He heald out his sword, which dulled, turning into a normal sword. A new sword appeared in his other hand. "Here."

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 2281 comments She looked at the sword on his hand and the stick in her hand and thought about which would help her in this match. However she did test the sword he created and swung it around in a circle, hearing the ssss like sound as it swung swiftly through the air. Shrugging she looked at her dull sword and then up at him. "It'll have to do i suppose." a smile lifted at the corner of her lips, as she dropped the branch into the lake and faced him. "Im sure whatever you got to teach me i can understand in a heartbeat." She remarked with a teasing glamour, holding the sword hilt with both hands. "I suppose we'll go for a clean one round match?"

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