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Last Exit Before Trolls Book 1 Swimming With Toasters
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Nigel Cole | 9 comments If anybody is interested, Last Exit Before Trolls Book 1 Swimming With Toasters is free on Kindle and will be until the end of 5th March. Reviews gratefully received but if you grab a free copy and don't review it I won't sulk or anything and I doubt Karma will catch up with you later :-)

Here's the blurb to give you an idea of the content/tone...

"Presented here for the first time as a dramatic novelization, Last Exit Before Trolls Volume 1: Swimming With Toasters allows you to experience The Grand Separation as though you were actually there, as many of those involved in the production of this book nearly were.

You may think you know all that there is to know about The Grand Separation and how the world you live in today was created.
But do you really?
How much do you really know about Draknoor, the last of the Great Black Dragons? What strange events led to the rediscovery of the King's fabled sword Excalibur in the waters of The Wold? And could you answer with certainty if asked when the trolls made Dartford Tunnel their home? These, and many other questions, are at least partially answered in Last Exit Before Trolls Volume 1: Swimming With Toasters.

Until now the facts about the reintegration of the two worlds have been shrouded in mystery, either because there were none left alive to tell of them, or because they were deliberately kept from you. The Falston Gazette Press, with the approval (pending) of King Arthur II, can finally bring you the truth.

You've read the rest, now read this one. It's less apocryphal. Most likely."

Lenita Sheridan | 1010 comments Thanks, I downloaded it. I love fantasy with comedy. I will review it after I've gotten to it.

Nigel Cole | 9 comments Thanks Lenita - the review isn't a condition of sale but will be much appreciated nonetheless :-)

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