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message 1: by Caecilia (new)

Caecilia Saori :-) This is the discussion thread for the Buddy Read of:
Girl Through Glass by Sari Wilson

John and me will have our discussion here, if anyone else wants to join us ~ you are very welcome, of course!

message 2: by Caecilia (new)

Caecilia Saori :-) I started reading the book yesterday evening. a nice read, so far. too early to say more ...

message 3: by Caecilia (new)

Caecilia Saori I am 30% into the book and enjoying it, very much. It provides insight into the ballet I do not know too much about.

Also, I like how the author tells the whole story in two time settings. John ~ have you started with the book? what are your thoughts?

message 4: by John of Canada (new)

John of Canada (johnofcanada) | 271 comments Sorry I'm late Caecilia.I've just started,and I am a fan already.In her book Inside the O'briens,Lisa Genova gives a really interesting description of the care and feeding of ballet shoes.I also have a wonderful photo of a friend surrounded by dozens of her ballet shoes.I will be posting on a more regular basis.

message 5: by Caecilia (new)

Caecilia Saori hello John :-) no problem. enjoy reading at your own pace.

I finished the book yesterday afternoon.
not going to spoil anything big, but you have quite a story to come along. looking forward to hearing your thoughts as you continue reading.

message 6: by Caecilia (new)

Caecilia Saori :-) Just popping in, wanted to check if John has perhaps finished reading "Girl Through Glass"? ...

It is quite a read and having finished it a while ago, I still remember many details about it.

message 7: by John of Canada (new)

John of Canada (johnofcanada) | 271 comments Caecilia,I am the worst readalong friend.Mea culpa.I am devoting my reading hours to Girl Through Glass,and promise a lively discussion.

message 8: by Caecilia (new)

Caecilia Saori No problem :-) John.
And, thank you for the personal message.

Feel free to share thoughts as you read along.

message 9: by John of Canada (new)

John of Canada (johnofcanada) | 271 comments Hi,
I now know more about ballet than I ever thought I would.It's fascinating and a joy to watch.So far I have watched Sacre du Printemps,Giselle,and bits and pieces of the Nutcracker.In addition,every time I see a reference to ballet moves(e.g:penche,arabesque,first position,tutu...etc.)I spend a lot of time looking it up.The characters are beautifully drawn,and I like the inclusion of real people such as Balanchine.There is much more tension than I expected.What will happen with Kate?Will Mira be safe?It's a terrific book so far.Much more than I expected.More to come!

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