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Gigi | 2 comments Genre: Erotic Supernatural
Word Count: 3270
Kind of Sex: Graphic, Rape themes
Violence: Bloody and Gory
Triggers: Rape themes, sex, blood, gore

*Hoping for feedback on how this first chapter is, if it needs edits and some rewrites great! If I should throw it out the window I would like to know now, I have been branching out at different genres and this was my try at Erotic since I read so much of it. Looking for any feedback, thank you in advance for looking at this piece. It will be posted in two parts.*

Bailey looked in the mirror and bit her glossed pink lip. She raised her small fingers to push up the glasses on the bridge of her nose and sighed a little, hoping that she looked okay. Her dirty blonde hair was woven by her mother's expert hands into an updo with soft curls coming down and framing her face.

Her more blue than green eyes sparkled and she ran her hands one more time nervously down her dress. It was lacy like a fairy tale princess story. Soft shimmers danced on the outer lace and the light pink material came out to a flowy skirt that ended at her knees. Her shoes were silver flats with little bows on the tips and she blinked again, looking in the mirror.

Some girls hated looking in the mirror, they only found faults in their appearances, and Bailey found plenty of faults as well. But for some reason she was always compelled to look in the mirror and inspect every aspect of herself, breaking her body down into sections that were cross examined, picked at and prodded. Her mother said she was beautiful but this was her first dance that she had been invited to by an actual boy. She was a shy girl who kept to herself and her books, it was really no wonder that she was a senior and had never been on a date. Her free time was spent with her nose in a book, some erotic romance, thrilling mystery, darin sci-fy, or beautifully crafted literary masterpiece. Her tastes had a very large range.

Loud knocking on the door broke her gaze with the mirror and she glanced at the window, spotting Cades red dusty truck. Cade was a senior as well and was tall and lean. His legs carried him in large strides and his head poked out of the crowd at 6’3. He was a swimmer, a ladies man apparently, and now Bailey’s date.

She had no idea why this was happening, honest. She just was lucky that she had grown on him in their tutoring sessions at school. He needed to pass and she needed volunteer hours. Like a romance novel she told herself over and over before finally scurrying out of her bed with her hands held at her chest. She peeked out at the scene that awaited her down the stairs and smiles shyly at Cade. He grinned and ducked his head awkwardly to walk through the front door and stand by her petite southern mother.

“H..hi Cade. You, um you look nice.” God she wanted to sink through the carpeted stairs. You look nice? Of course he looked nice, he was one of the cutest guys on the swim team. He knew he was cute if the rumors of how many girls he had taken out were true.

Bailey lived in a small southern community, the fields or grass and corn outnumbering the houses and buildings. It was a quiet sleepy town. A place you moved to for a bed at night and left for work in the day. Still, it had a cute quaintness to it.

“You look stunning hun. Real pretty in that pink dress. Are you ready to go or does your Mama want a few photos?” Cades thick southern accent rang out and made her giddy inside. She pulled at the ends of her dress, fidgeting under his smiling gaze and looked to her mother for instructions.
“Oh I just want one picture and you two can have fun,” Her mother said, a smile on her plump face as she motioned for Cade to go to the stairs where Bailey was. “I just can’t believe my baby girl gets to be taken out by such a handsome man.”

Bailey smiled at her mother's slightly embarrassing but sweet words. She looked up at Cade through her lashes and saw a flash go through his eyes as he towered over her, a flash that made something inside her shiver a bit. She didn’t particularly like his hand on her back, so commanding of her, pulling her slightly closer for the photo, and she knew the reason why was probably that flash. He was going to try to kiss her tonight. She knew it and usually girls got all giddy about it but she had never kissed a boy before and didn’t know if she wanted her first kiss to be with Cade, even though he was as handsome as her mother proclaimed.

The truck ride was a little awkward and she tried to make conversation flow as it had when they were studying for Pre Calculus. It just wasn’t happening. Cade would nod his head and look at her with smiles and answer back but his mind seemed somewhere else. She sighed and leaned back in the truck as he took a left at the fork in the road, leaning them to one of the many out there grass fields where wild flowers covered everything and the trees surrounded it like a meadow. It was known as make out field to the teens around town. Just to beautiful in the moonlight when parked out by it to resist kissing the person next to you was how the stories went. Bailey wriggled in her seat and said nervously, “Um, I think you took the wrong turn, the dance isn’t out this way.”

“I know,” was all she got back in reply.

Now she was really nervous, her breathing a little hitched and she felt a crawling sensation in her stomach, nerves most likely at the thought of making out with Cade Turner, swim team star. When they parked, Cade turned to her and smiled a little sheepish and motioned his thumb to the back of his truck.

“I got a picnic basket back there and some quilts. I thought we could have a lil’ dinner before goin’ to the dance, what do ya think hun? Have a picnic with me?” His eyes flashed again with that primal looking lust and Bailey bit her lip. She wriggled her nose and pushed up her glasses a bit before nodding slowly.

“That, um that sounds like fun. Sure Cade.” She was not sure in the slightest but maybe she just didn’t know what boys did when they brought out their date for a dance. Maybe a picnic or eating was usual. And maybe he just picked make out field because it was so pretty, covered in a silver bright light of the full moon.

She got out of the truck and saw him gather some quilts and a basket from the back of the truck. Walking out to the middle of the field she smiled a little, her dress looking like a fairy costume in the moonlight, her dirty blonde hair glowing a bit brighter. She felt pretty for once in her life and maybe this date wouldn’t turn out so bad.
“Hey there sugar.” She jumped whirling around with a flutter of her dress to meet Cade smiling, holding out his hands as if to calm a skittish animal. “I’m sorry darlin, didn’t mean to spook ya. You just looked a little lost in thought standin’ out here all pretty and lit up.”

Bailey blushed at his words, knowing she had been letting her imagination run a little wild. She saw the quilts all laid out and took a step to them before Cade caught her hand, pulling her down with him to sit on the blankets. Her eyes widened and she tried to get up but Cade just smiled and took out some blue berries from his basket. “Here lil miss thinker, I’ll feed you some sweets and you can go back to thinkin’ about whatever it was that caught your pretty lil’ minds attention.”

She blanched a little at this and turned to face him and protest when he popped a blueberry between her lips and she chewed it, her big eyes on his. He grinned slowly and fed her another and another, slowly and delicately. Bailey swallowed another before she blinked slowly, her mouth watering. Cade saw her tongue wet her lips and he turned getting a canister and pouring some water into her mouth. Big mistake. Baileys body grew a little fuzzy and she blinked slowly after a while, her body growing limp against his.

His hands started caressing her, his thumbs running under her breasts and her nerve endings screamed at him to stop, bile in her throat as he touched her. Crickets and cicadas chirped their songs and the scent of the wild flowers, covered in the light of the moon rose around her as she cried, trying to get out desperately from Cades strong grasp. He shushed her and whispered in her ear how pretty she was, how she was going to like this because he knew she was just a slut asking for it. That no one would believe her if she said that he had touched her, because who would touch Bailey Stewart willingly? She pushed against him, her nails trying to catch skin but he easily pushed them down on either side of her.

Her stomach twisted and she tilted her head to the side, throwing up violently and Cade sat up, his face a snarl, “Oh you disgusting bitch.” His hand came down and he slapped her hard, her head cracking the other way and a light inside her cracked open. Her nails in the ground grew and elongated into perfect french manicure length red painted claws. Her body shifted and her mind went blank till she came too, her eyes opening and her heart racing as she watched a girl and Cade in the mud in the field. Rain had started to pour down and the earth grew brown and the dirt grew wet. The girl under Cade, Bailey realized with a start was her, except… not her.

This Bailey was much different. Her dirty blonde hair was platinum, her eyes startling green. Her glasses were gone and her dress was wrapped around her curves in a devilish little mini number. Her silver flats were fuck me pumped heels and her legs were long and lustrous. Her breasts nearly falling out of the pink lace sweetheart top. Cades hand was on this girl’s throat and she moaned under him, lifting her hips to press against his bulge in his dress pants. He grinned wolfishly down at her, not noticing that he had a completely different girl under him. Bailey then remembered that he was raping her and a scream built in her throat but the girl’s gaze caught hers and she shook her head, winking in her direction.

The Other Bailey looked at Cade and arched her back, her breasts finally peeking out and his head dipped to catch a nipple in his mouth, biting hard and sucking at it as she moaned his name. His hips ground themselves into her and he started whispering words and phrases like, yea I knew you would like this slut. Mmm such a pretty girl Bailey, you know you were asking for this. He seemed to forget that this wasn’t consensual, that he and this girl didn’t just happen to get it on, that he DRUGGED her!

Bailey was horrified.

She wanted this other girl to stop acting like she liked this cruel man's touch, that his caresses and words couldn’t bring her pleasure. How could this girl moan for him! How dare he think that was her. It wasn’t her, she had puked at the thought of him touching her.

This Other Bailey though looked like the picture out of an erotic magazine, her legs moving to push up against Cades erection, massaging it with her thigh. She whispered back to him how much of a man he was, how she wanted him to let her show him how she could ride his cock. Cade was groaning in pleasure and nodded as he rolled over, dragging her and him in the mud, the elements making them look like pagan deities, bodies of pure lust and want with animalistic needs, no thoughts to how they had ended up there. The other bailey arched her back and pulled his shaft out, her manicured hand pumping it up and down before a tear got rid of her panties, Cades hand pulling the torn fabric to his face to breathe in as she sank down on him and cried out.

message 2: by Gigi (new)

Gigi | 2 comments Her mouth open in an o as she lifted and dropped her hips on his body, the mud splattering on her pale skin and on his suit. Her hands worked to tear off his clothes and with his help his chest was bare as she raked her hands down his abs, her body lifting and dropping on his cock. His big hand came and spanked her hard on her ass that was exposed by the dress and he grabbed it, spanking it again hard and unforgivingly. The Other Bailey and Cades cries rang out and soon, even innocent Bailey knew they were close to the edge. She vomited again, nothing but stomach acid though since her stomach had long ago been emptied by the horrors of tonight, her body convulsing in fear and she sank to her knees with her eyes fixed on the scene before her. Other Bailey looked up and grinned wolfishly at her before her nails grew into claws and her teeth sharpened and she whispered to Cade.

“You will never hurt another girl again. And the last thing your pathetic life will experience is the truest rape I can give you. I will completely desecrate your body and you will worship me.” She snarled and slid up his body, his mouth at her soaking wet pussy as he groaned in pleasure, not hearing a word this mad woman had said, just raising his mouth to suck on her clit.

The Other Bailey pumped his shaft as she screamed for him to make her come and the closer she got the more she glowed, the more power radiated off her body as his tongue swipped between her folds and his hands gripped her thighs, drinking in the juices of this amazon woman. Finally she came, her juices coating his throat as she made him scream in pure pain, her nails digging into his groin and clawing upwards, moving her body as she panted to claw at his skin, his groaning body convulsing as if he was orgasming from the pleasure of giving his body to this pagan goddess.

She stripped him completely naked, kissing his mouth and groaning on him as her razor sharp nails tore his body like a wolf did to a deer. He just kept begging for more, begging for her and his body laid covered in his cum as she laughed and pulled out his heart finally, kissing it softly before dropping it beside his corpse, crawling back on top of the dead boy's body, grinding herself on him, her nails digging into the mud as she used his pelvis to put pressure on her clit, getting herself off as she gasped and cried out, his body sinking into the mud and her hands with it. Finally with a primal scream she shivered, resting, panting on him as her body calmed down. Her perfect skin oozing with sweat, rain, mud, and blood.

Bailey vomited again, her body convulsing as she dry heaved into the mud. This woman was too much. How had she managed to rip out Cades heart? The world just kept spinning as Bailey looked up at this Other Bailey as she got up and went to kneel besides her. The two looked at each other the Other Bailey brushed away strands of hair from her face, shushing away her sobs. “Little one, I will not hurt you. You must know that I am here to protect you from men like that. I am your guardian.” Bailey looked up at her and opened her mouth.

“ gaurdian…? You Killed him! You tore his heart out, he thought you were me! He let you… he let you tear him to shreds and he… he got off on it! How is that possible? What are you? Where did you come from? I’m going to jail! They will think I killed him, i’m going to be locked up.”

Bailey was screaming, her big more blue than green eyes filling with unshed tears. Other Bailey looked at her with a sympathetic gaze and caressed her cheek. She hushed the sobbing girl and gathered her up like she weighed nothing at all, carrying her back to the truck.

“Sweet sweet Bailey,” the Other Bailey said. “I have already worked out everything in my head to take care of all that mess. It will look like he got torn up by wolves. It will look like he was with someone and tried to drug them but they got away and knocked him out where wolves found him and ate him. You are going to go to the police station and tell them someone tried to rape you at Makeout field. That you threw up when they tried and were able to hit him over the head and drive away.

“When you lead them back here you will cry. You will throw yourself into one of the police mans arms and sob saying you didn’t want him dead, just in jail. Then you will faint. And next week you will convince your mother to send you to the city to live with dear grandmother and we will leave this town and never look back sweet Bailey, because nothing good is here. Nothing at all.”

Bailey’s body grew tired and she sniffled in the arms of this murderous woman who only had answered one of her questions. She was scared and confused. She looked at this other Bailey and her bottom lip trembled.

“Did I kill him? Are you me?”

“No. I am you but I am also not you… It is hard to explain right now when you are in such a fragile state. But no you did not kill him, I did. To protect you and to gain power for myself. I grow stronger when I feed off of sexual desire.”
“What’s your name?”

“Well I came to being because of you, so in some ways I am you, meaning my name is yours.”

“No… you are not me. I don’t want you to have my name.” Bailey shook her head adamantly, her arms holding herself together, as if her small hands could keep her world from falling apart if she just held on tightly enough.

“Well… would you like to give me a name then? Something you can call me?” The Other Bailey tilted her head, buckling the girl in and going to the other side of the truck, starting it with the keys that were left inside. Her elegant bloody hands cranked up the heat and turned on the radio.

“Lee. Like a nickname of Bailey… I’ll call you Lee.” Bailey looked over at the beautiful girl sitting next to her, her body growing weaker as she blinked once, twice and again before letting her eyelids drift closed as they headed out of Make out field, down a path of covered trees to take the right turn to the right part of town where she was supposed to have gone to her first dance.

“Lee, I like Lee. Get some rest sweet Bailey. I’m here to take care of everything now.”

End of Chapter one :)

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