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MARVEL: Avengers and Asgardians.
Crimson Peak: Crimson Peak.

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TITLE: SHOKI(Shine & Loki)
GENRE: Romance(without the bleh stuff).


I've grew up in the Ghost Town. Until one day, that monster, Nick Fury, had his army of SHEILD Agents take me away to live in the Avengers Tower. I pouted and sulked the whole time and ignored everyone. That's when I met Loki. Now, there was something different about him. He was no monster, but a wonderful and unique creature. Nick Fury, on the other hand, was furious and he stormed off as he cussed.

That night, when everyone was alseep, I was still mentally raging. This was all the SHEILD Agents and Nick Fury's fault! They took me away from my home! MY HOME! THE HOME I GREW UP WITH! I raged in my mind all night.

I never told anyone about my darkest secret. I was in danger.

As months went by, we were getting closer and closer in relationship. That's when the next month, we were engaged.

Things went down hill when the Dark Elves invaded.

Once all the chaos was over with, Thor went to the meeting room with the Avengers. Apparently, Nick Fury was furious about something. Loki, on the other hand, refused to leave me. He stayed by my bedside.

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All the Avengers cringed and whinced at the volume of their boss' angry voice. Thor was the only one that knows that Loki has been helping this girl that was living in the abandoned house. Nobody knows why. The girl didn't tell Loki why.

"I wouldn't be shouting in rage if I were you. My brother was brainwashed and he loves her(Shine) so much. All we know is that she's in danger. We don't know why the house caught on fire or why she's unconscious. But we can't judge their deep love." Thor said.

While the Avengers and Nick Fury bickered in the meeting room, Loki was by my bedside. He has refused to leave my side as well as holding back his tears of worrying that I'm gone or something. His emerald eyes stared at my paled face, waiting for me to wake up and it's been only a few days since the incident. Minutes later, I felt my conscious kicking in and I slowly woke up in a dim room that was a hospital room.

'Great. Just great. What's Loki going to think of me now? That I'm nothing but a weak girl who can barely take care of herself without getting harmed at?' I thought to myself. How on Midgard am I suppose to tell Loki what happened? I do LOVE him.

Suddenly, I heard a hum and I slowly turned my head and my eyes met emerald eyes. I could tell that he was worried and concerned about me. I started to wonder if he was deeply in love with me. Of course, he was going to engage me to be his wife a few days ago, but that's when all the bad things happened. Those bad things happened a few days ago. Which means, I was unconscious for a few days and all I remember was the fire and smoke.

I was holding back my tears when he gently hugged me and kissed me. I never knew that Loki would risk life to find me in that dangerous house that I didn't know about until those bad things happened. Once all the danger was over, we got married.


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It's been months since after the incident and the nightmares of the fire kept coming back. I couldn't sleep much like I wanted to. I felt haunted by the ghosts of the villains who were related to Thanos and his army. And I thought the Dark Elves were the insane ones.

As I stared at the ceiling, lost in thoughts, I felt someone pulling me to its chest and protective arms around me very securitily. I could smell the men's perfume(can't spell their men scent name). OLD SPICE. That same scent that Loki had. Then, something caught my attention. Green silk for men caught my eyes. I heard a little laugh. Then, it hit my mind. It was only Loki holding me close to him. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice or hear him come into the master bedroom.

"I didn't notice you coming in." I said.
"I figured that. The villains have been found and put into their dungeons." Loki informed.
"They deserved it." I muttered.
"They do. They almost killed you." Loki whispered.

I lay my head on his chest where his heart was and I gently placed my hand on his chest and kept it there. Loki smiled and held me close to him. We've been married for months and he's still in his overily protective state towards me.

I don't blame him. And everyone knows that Loki's protective zone can't be broken. That's how they knew that Loki deeply loves me and wants to protect me at all costs.

The Jotun side of him never bothered me or harmed me. I still remembered the time when Loki fainted from the shock he had when I touched his Jotun for the first time. I kept myself from laughing and put cold water on him to wake him up. Loki still blushes every now and then when I say something cute about his Jotun side.

As the night got more dark, we fell asleep together while holding each other protectively. That's how our snuggling and cuddlings always end up. We end up falling asleep at the sametime.

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(Inspired by: Thor's hospital experience.)

"GET YOUR BEASTLY HANDS OFF OF ME YOU BEASTS!" Thor yelled at the doctors. Thor being Thor hated doctors. But he acts so calm when around Eir and Banner. Everyone else isn't an acception. Jane Foster was getting to the point of having the Hulk do Thor's check ups. Because everyone else was fed up as they fought with Thor. "I'M TELLING MY BROTHER ON YOU AND ABOUT YOUR DISRESPECTFULNESS! LET ME GO!" Anyone can tell that was Thor. Because he was just as bad as Odin and Bor all together.

AT THE WAITING ROOM, Loki could hear his brother's big mouth screaming in the hallway. Loki sighed and thought, 'Can't the Hulk show what it means to behave! That OAF always makes my appointments late!' Loki was really getting to the point of punching Thor in the guts and yelling at his brother about this disrespectful behavior. Loki was about to finish reading something when he heard the hollering, "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK THE SON OF ODIN!"

'Oh Norns! Somebody shut Thor up! Please! Have MERCY on this poor adopted Jotun here!' Loki mentally prayed.

That's when, the Hulk roared in the hallway and Thor ran out of the exam room, knocking Loki completely over, and ran out the building. Loki whimpered. The same one that he did in 2012 after being HULKED.

Jane chased after Thor while yelling.
Hulk became Bruce again and called for Loki.
It was Loki's turn for his appointment.
'FINALLY!' Loki thought as he followed Dr. Bruce Banner to the exam room.


(Inspired by: Thor's SMASHING the glass at the diner.)

It was Thanksgiving at Avengers Tower, Everyone was preparing the foods and party stuff. That left Thor and Loki to invite Jane Foster, Odin, Frigga, Sif, Heimdall, Eir, Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg. The Avengers were rushing back and forth, fetching the dishes, nearly running into each other. Once everyone was settled, Thor and Loki came back with the Asgardians from the palace.

The Asgardians took their seats and the Avengers took the remaining seats. While they were eating and chatting, Loki had a bad feeling where this was going. Bucky, Bruce, and Steve looked at Loki and then at each other. Frigga, Sif, Eir, and Jane couldn't bear to watch this scene.

Thor, Odin, Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg raised up their empty glasses, ignoring all the terror glares, and they threw them on the floor as they screamed, "ANOTHER!" on the top of their lungs and Thor was Loudest.

The Avengers jumped back as the glass cups shattered loudly on the floor, nearly tipping their chairs over as they did so. Perhaps Loki was telling the truth the whole time. And they thought Thor's hospital-phobia was bad enough.



(INSPIRED BY THE MOVIE CLIP: Thor and Loki Escapes from Asgard.)

It seems like Thor and Loki can't even follow their so-called father's orders. Of course, why would anyone want to be around Odin the Grumpy Old Man who doesn't think before he speaks? The brothers were beyond fed up with Odin and they snuck out of the palace at night.

So, the two brothers 'borrowed' the abandoned Dark Elf ship for their next escaping adventure. After they got in, the door closed itself. Unfortunately, Thor wanted to fly it first. Loki, on the other hand, had a bad feeling that his insane Oaf brother was going to crash into buildings and smashing into things and beheading the BOR statue.

"Let me fly it." Loki said calmly.
"No! I want to!" Thor whined.
"Since when you became the best backseat driver?" Thor asked.

Thor and Loki were at it again. Bickering for no reason while flying the ship. Thor was back to crashing into things and Loki screamed at Thor for being a horrible flying ship pilot. While they were arguing, neither one of them payed any attention to the BOR statue until they hit it. Beheading the statue as they flew by.

"Now what look you did!" Loki shouted.
"You're the one who won't shut up!" Thor hollered.

Loki lunged at Thor, knocking him over and wrestled him. Thor tried to push Loki off of him, but failed.

"I'll be sure to tell the Avengers that you're NOT allowed to drive their SHIELD trucks because of you're horrible flying/driving skills." Loki said.
"No you wouldn't." Thor complained.

The brothers kept bickering and wrestling during their night time escape. But they didn't know who was driving the ship.

It was a Dark Elf driving the ship, ignoring Thor's and Loki's on-going fighting.


(Inspired by the movie clip of Thor throwing the table over.)

It was evening at the Avengers Tower, all the Avengers(including: Loki, Bucky, Scarlet, QuickSilver, and Vision) were on their last round of playing Poker with Monopoly money. Just as they were finishing up the game, Thor bellowed, "ANOTHER!" Causing everyone to jump in startle with a flinch.

"Seriously Thor! If Jane Foster was here, she'll slap you until you're out unconcious!" Loki hollered, sending Thor death glares.
"If I say ANOTHER! Then, I want ANOTHER!" Thor yelled.
"You're such a BIG BABY sometimes Oaf!" Loki shouted, slamming his fists on the table, causing the glasses to jump.

The Avengers looked at each other and then back at the brothers. Who where literally screaming insults at each other in Old Norse in rage.

Thor shot up and without thinking, he placed his hands under the table and threw the table completely over. Causing the glasses to shatter loudly and all the game pieces hit the ground while the other game pieces flew all over the room.

The Avengers ducked down when the glass shattered. They didn't want the glass to cut them or worse.

Loki growled in rage at Thor and shoved him on the clean, glass-free floor, and pinned him on the ground. "THIS IS MADNESS THOR! YOU'RE JUST AS BAD AS ODIN AND BOR ALL TOGETHER!" Loki roared.

Thor and Loki were back into wrestling and bickering while the Avengers quietly cleaned up the mess. While they were cleaning up, they needed to think of a plan to keep the brothers from TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER.

On the main floor, in the boss office, Nick Fury and Phil Coulson could hear Thor's and Loki's on-going fightings through the HEATER VENTS.

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