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20 year anniversary of this book
Connie Connie Mar 04, 2016 06:02PM
Who else remembers reading this book two decades ago?

It was one of those books that sent me on a search of that cultural era and any historical evidence we had on the lives of women at that time.

I only had the pleasure of coming across this book last year, but I loved it!

One of my favorite books! This book turned me on to historical novels, and is the first book I remember actively recommending to others. :)

I did not realize it had been out for 20 years already. I only got around to reading it last year after hearing from many people how life-changing it was.

I didn't like it that much. Although the historical and Biblical significance were intriguing, I felt it was too much like 'Fifty Shades of Gray' for the Bible-thumping crowd.

Now knowing how long it's been around, maybe it's 'Fifty Shades of Gray' that did a little borrowing.

Christine Oh wow, I don't know how you'd get 'Fifty Shades' out of that! ...more
Mar 20, 2016 08:19PM · flag

I read it about a year or two ago also and did not realize that it had been written so long ago. I enjoyed it very much...I learned a lot about the lives of Biblical women.

I saw the movie based on this book first. I read the book and loved it. I recommend it for anyone who wants to read a story about strong women in a male controlled society.

I liked it very much, but had heard SO much about how great it was the it left me a little disappointed.

I also just read it a year or two ago and didn't realize it was 20 years old. Amazing how the lives of biblical women can resonate so deeply with the women of today. It was probably the only book that I read accompanied by annotations for a deeper understanding.

Christine Me too, I became very interested in checking with the Old Testament. Fascinating stuff.
Mar 20, 2016 08:20PM · flag

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