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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Lucas (goodreadscomuser_sharonlucas) | 3 comments What is your favorite Brown Girls book?

message 2: by Kimyatta (new)

Kimyatta Walker | 2 comments I'm's The Motherhood Diaries 2....I'm in it Yeah.

message 3: by Dwon (new)

Dwon Moss | 33 comments Sharon wrote: "What is your favorite Brown Girls book?"

Do I need to name only ONE.

message 4: by Terri (new)

Terri Haynes (thaynes) | 1 comments The Man of My Schemes by Leslie J. Sherrod My favorite right now is Man of My Schemes by Leslie Sherrod. It had several laugh out loud moments. Great read!

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Mitchell (authormichellemitchell) Jezebel! The characters were amazing and just...Jessie Belle was a beautiful mess to enjoy reading

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