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Super hot reads by Maya Banks???
Rissa Brahm Rissa Mar 04, 2016 04:12PM
Wondering what anyone recommends of Maya Banks newest stuff that isn't bdsm or suspense, just a super-hot contemporary? I loved a bunch of her earlier stuff! What's the low down? Thanks!

I would recommend the KGI series but if you aren't feeling suspense then you probably won't be into it.
or the McCabe Trilogy and The Montgomerys and Armstrongs but they aren't contemporary.
I can't think of any from her that are non bdsm and contemporary but I could be wrong, I've read most of her books but there does seem to be a couple new ones I haven't gotten my hands on yet.
If you're up for a different author Kristen Proby writes pretty good contemporary romance.

Rissa Brahm Thanks Erin! Will check out Kristen Proby, and yeah hey, I'll try the KGI... I'm kinda over the BDSM but love Maya banks voice! Anyway, thanks for the ...more
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