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L.H. Nicole | 67 comments Mod
Alright my fellow authors and authors to be :)
This is the header/folder where you can create new threads to promo your books and even offer your books for review from our wonderful bloggers :)
I'll give you the perfect example in a new thread :)
Enjoy everyone!

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Charlotte Peyton (charlottepeyton) | 2 comments Along the Garden Path

This is a story about Addison Erhard, an affluent young seventeen-year-old growing up in McLean, Virginia, who feels pressured to be successful. She wants to be a journalist who makes an impact on the world. In order to attend her dream school of Columbia University, she must break the state track record, and write an incredible story for her school's magazine. Her family is split in their support, the pressure in the community and from her father is to attend an Ivy League school, to become a successful lawyer, doctor, politician or banker; her father would like her to become a banker. Her mother, an artist who does not fit in with the McLean society as well as her father, supports her desire to follow her dreams.

She meets a boy, Mason Gentry, who wants to buck high society McLean by following his family’s legacy and become a farmer. While investigating her story about kids who pursue non-traditional college and career paths, the young journalist falls in love with Mason.

In March a student at Chain Bridge High School and friend of both Mason and Addison, Jamison Randall, is struck down during a hit-and-run accident early one morning. The driver of the car has fled and Jamison is in a coma. Addison, who works for the news magazine, decides to investigate the accident on her own, and what she find is more than she can handle.

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Mathew Lloyd | 1 comments I am looking for reviews for my unique new novel The Beginning

You can get the book for free from April 17th - 18th on amazon kindle

Link - http://www.amazon.co.uk/MASK-The-Begi...

message 4: by Lynn (new)

Lynn Lovegreen (lynn_lovegreen) I have a couple books that are going out of print next week. They are both part of my YA historical romance series set in the Alaska Gold Rush.
Worth Her Weight In Gold

Quicksilver to Gold

message 5: by Shawn (new)

Shawn Seward | 1 comments Frank Made Lunch

Blood lust builds in Frank’s heart. His stomach begs for human flesh. On the days leading up to Halloween, Frank’s already questionable sanity deteriorates. He spends his nights working at the local haunted house called Terror Mansion. This only serves to aggravate his fragile sanity and fuel his murderous behavior. The question is not whether Frank will kill and eat, but how many will be killed before he is stopped.
Laura is a college student and works at a local hamburger shop. A new relationship leads to conflict with an unwanted admirer. She thought he was the worst there was until Frank gave her free tickets to Terror Mansion, for her and her friends. This is a Halloween the city will never forget. This is the Halloween of Frank’s ascension.

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J. Bailey (jleighbailey) | 1 comments I'm giving away 5 digital copies (in epub, mobi, or pdf) of my September 15 release of my LGBT YA romance/adventure book DO-GOODER (200 pages) in exchange for honest reviews. It would be awesome if reviews could be posted the week of the 15th, but not required.

Here's the blurb:

No good deed goes unpunished, and for seventeen-year-old Isaiah Martin, that’s certainly the case. The gun he was caught with wasn’t even his, for God’s sake. He only had it to keep a friend from doing something stupid. No one wants to hear it though, and Isaiah is banished—or so it seems to him—to live with his missionary father in politically conflicted Cameroon, Africa.
However, when he arrives, his father is so busy doing his good deeds that he sends Henry, the young, surprisingly hot do-gooder with a mysterious past, to pick up Isaiah and keep him out of trouble. Even while Isaiah is counting down the days until he can go home, he and Henry get caught in the political unrest of the region. Kidnapped by militant forces, the two have to work together to survive until they are rescued—unless they manage to find a way to save each other first.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks in advance!

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Annette | 3 comments My YA historical mystery is FREE July 31-Sept. 1

When a heinous crime is committed behind the secretive walls of a boarding school and Andy Olson decides to investigate, he's drawn into a conspiracy that reaches to the highest level, forcing him to choose between exposing the truth and protecting himself.
A Different Truth

Would very much appreciate your reviews!


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Lisa J. (lisajskye) | 1 comments "The meteors will obliterate everything, and all I can do is watch.
You don't know how glad I am you can see my messages.
It means, in this moment, I don't have to die alone.”

Timecrest is an interactive story where you connect with, Ash Elden, a young mage from the magical world of Alyncia at the moment of its destruction. You discover that you have access to a forbidden magic—the ability to turn back time.

With your help, and incredible new powers, Ash will be able to journey to solve the puzzle of who unfroze the meteors that will destroy Alyncia.

The story progresses in real time. Ash will be notifying you on what is happening in Alyncia and will await your guidance throughout the day. Every choice you make matters, and will change the outcome of this massive 225,000-word interactive story, leading to one of multiple endings.

Ash needs your help. What will you choose to do?

1. Let Ash die alone.
2. Save Ash: https://itunes.apple.com/app/apple-st...

Hi Everyone,

I'm Lisa J. Skye, the author of Timecrest. I've been writing YA stories for a long time, but Timecrest is my first interactive story. Writing an interactive book wasn't always how I wanted to tell a story, but the more I learned about the medium, the more that I wrote for it, the more I grew to love it.

Believe me, there are still times when I'm greatly challenged by the limits I face in writing an interactive story, but those times are few and far in between the good times.

I hope you give Timecrest a try, because it's not only my story, it's yours.

message 9: by E.B. (last edited Dec 05, 2017 01:29PM) (new)

E.B. Mann | 1 comments For Karina Morgan, every day is another chance to be bullied by the pretty girls at school–all because of an accident when she was just a baby that left her horribly scarred. Her life seems hopeless, until she stumbles upon a mysterious cave near her home. What she learns from the cave's extraordinary inhabitants will change her perspective–and her life–forever.
Karina by E.B. Mann

message 10: by Yasmina (new)

Yasmina (yasminairo) | 4 comments Shroud

Starting today until Sept 5th, you can get the e-book for Free for Amazon Kindle! Feel free to pick it up for yourself!

Sirix, a Dragon with a Promise to keep….
Elmeye, an Enchantress with a Wrong to Right…
Iasi, a werecat with a Dark secret to hide…
Aailaine, the only Light in the Darkness…

Aailaine’s life is simple; work for the betterment of her community and take care of her aging caretaker. Although she secretly longs to leave her mountain home, she is resigned to her predictable life…until the day destiny catches up to her.

Aailaine's home is suddenly attacked by the Shadows, twisted beings that prey on others. Forced to flee the safety of the mountains, Aailaine stumbles out into the world of A’sthy and meets Sirix, who starts her on a journey to decide the fate of a world she barely knows.

After setting Aailaine on the right path, Sirix is approached by the young enchantress Elmeye with an offer she can’t refuse; a chance to ensure Aailaine’s success and revenge against a mutual enemy. Bound by her promise, Sirix forms a wary alliance with the young girl, but questions the girl’s ultimate goals in helping her. Meanwhile Aailaine sets out on her journey after meeting the sensual werecat Iasi, who has his own reason for helping her. He carries within him a dark secret, one that could cause him to lose himself and everything he cares about

message 11: by Tony (new)

Tony Duxbury | 3 comments REDHAND: A post-apocalyptic sword fantasy. Five short stories featuring the same protagonist.
It is the new age of barbarism, hundreds of years after the collapse of civilization. Most of the vast knowledge that mankind had accumulated has been lost. The once great cities are either piles of blasted rubble or crumbling ruins. After society imploded, humanity turned on one another. Decades of war followed. The survivors banded together in tribes and clans. All the bullets and bombs have run out. It’s back to edged weapons and blunt instruments. Technology has taken an enormous step backwards, and so has humanity.
He belongs to a band of wanderers, mainly peaceful people who gather and hunt. One day they suffer a raid by a group of warriors and in the aftermath, he finds himself alone. All his family and friends killed, and he left for dead. The only survivor was his little sister, which the raiders kidnapped. He vows to rescue her. After a night of mourning, he sets off to get back his sister, not yet a man and without any idea how to go about it. The shock of the raid and the grief that followed it fundamentally changed him. He surprises himself time and again as he tracks down his sister’s kidnappers and gets her back.

message 12: by Patrick (last edited Jun 21, 2019 03:19PM) (new)

Patrick Jean-Jacques (patrickjean-jacques) | 2 comments Promethean Shadows by Patrick Jean-Jacques

When Will picks up an old photograph, he stumbles upon a dubious connection between past global disasters and the Promethean organisation. As Will starts to dig deeper, he unravels a plot, which began in his past and will end in his present. Faced with danger on multiple fronts and surprising allies, Will must stop a threat to the nation that becomes both perilous and personal…

PROMETHEAN SHADOWS is a contemporary thriller about Will Cox, an aspiring journalism student whose investigative research unwittingly makes him a target of the mysterious Promethean organisation and the British government. As the elusive and calculating leader of the Prometheans draws closer to him, Will becomes more determined to uncover a web of intrigue and lies that began in his childhood. As events from the past threaten his future, Will must try to prevent two catastrophic events that threaten to send Britain into the dark ages.

For any new (an old) author, the proof of the writing is in the reading. So, I'd be extremely grateful for all your reviews, particularly regarding characterization, pace and style of the story. I hope you enjoy the first in the Promethean Saga...

Thanks everyone!!


message 13: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Sandoval | 2 comments Hi, everybody. Happy to have found this group. As a professional ghostwriter and editor operating under my own business, PurpleInkPen, I’ve worked on over two dozen novels in varying capacities. My own YA fantasy novel, Arcamira, is set for release in March 2020 from the hybrid publisher Cosmic Egg Books. It’s a fantasy-paranormal crossover wherein classic high fantasy species like elves, fairies, and griffins face off with paranormal monsters like vampires and werewolves. It’s made for readers seeking cinematic action sequences and fast-paced plots that are family and friendship driven, not romance reliant. I’d love to swap books with a fellow YA fantasy or paranormal author.
Arcamira Description: When the elf princess, Atalanta, is snatched from her palace and a vampire crashes a ball at the castle, all of Arcamira is on high alert.

To uphold their alliance with the elves and to satisfy their desire for adventure, four young royals set out with a search party to find Atalanta. The small band of warriors quickly find themselves facing down a monster, unlike anything they've ever seen. The vampires and werewolves they believed extinct are rising up under the banner of Tyrannus, a hybrid of two fearsome species forming an army to rid Arcamira of humans and elves...

An act of war. A hybrid king. Adventure awaits, and Arcamira hangs in the balance.


message 14: by Tony (new)

Tony Duxbury | 3 comments New Release: REDHAND 2
Post-Apocalyptic/ Dystopian Sword Fantasy short stories featuring Redhand. Free June 1-5 2020
In this second volume, Redhand continues to explore the world and tries to find his place in it. He is a mixture of naivety and sharp-wittedness. Drifting, he comes across other people, encounters strange beliefs and learns that there is much about the world that he didn't know. He seeks a normal life but is burdened by his propensity for violence. He earned the name he now carries in a baptism of blood, and although proud of his fighting ability, he now follows a dangerous and twisted path.
Available on Amazon KDP Select

message 15: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne Mayse | 1 comments If you like teen magical realism with a mental health twist, I’m looking for reviews for my new novella.

Blue Feathers, Bright Flames is about seventeen-year-old Leigh Carpenter who suddenly finds herself facing a mental health crisis. But when she’s asleep, she travels to the magical world of Green, where animals talk and a monster lurks. What’s real? What’s not? And how will Leigh find peace?

Free on Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 for the ebook. Enjoy!

message 16: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Caruso (antoniopatrick) | 1 comments Under the Red Moon
Under the Red Moon by Antonio Caruso

Hey guys! So i wrote a brand new dystopian fiction novella e-book.. The concept is pretty out there, but I think it's interesting and relevant.. The name is "Under the Red Moon" and I'm super proud of it.
Writing this book was a labor of love and the writing process was totally worth the effort, and I think you guys will dig it.
AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW, (release date 10/6/21)

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