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The Upside of Cancer: How a Terrifying Illness Can Lead You to a New Life
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The Upside of Cancer How a Terrifying Illness Can Lead You to a New Life by Christopher Foster Christopher Foster

Genre: Body, Mind, Spirit/Cancer/Inspirational

The Upside of Cancer: How a Terrifying Illness Can Lead You to a New Life

Book Description:

"You have cancer." If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, you know the gut-wrenching fear these three little words can bring. But suppose these words could bring light, not darkness, and courage instead of fear? Suppose cancer can be a catalyst that helps us discover what is truly important in life, and opens our eyes to the wonder of creation?

The Upside of Cancer is an encouraging pocket guide, born of personal experience, that helps cancer patients overcome fear and find joy and inner peace. Chris Foster, a colon cancer survivor whose story is featured in "Stories of Hope" on the American Cancer Society website, writes with cheerfulness and vulnerability about turning anxiety into joy, finding solace in stillness and listening to the wisdom of our own heart.

This inspirational cancer book is both practical and spiritual. It will help you:

find inner peace
develop resilience
find new meaning and purpose
face the fear of death
overcome anxiety
tap into your inner courage and wisdom

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Tara Woods Turner The Upside of Cancer? Really? As a writer you should know better than anyone the power of words and the impressions they can make. I lost my mother to cancer nearly a year ago. She did not get to go on a discover a new life. Thank you for forgetting about people like her when you came up with the title of your bbok.

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Christopher Foster (goodreadscomnaturelover) | 13 comments Dear Tara,

First of all, I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I am sorry, also, that my title has caused you more pain. I did not choose the title lightly. The book conveys, to the best of my ability, my own personal experience thus far in my journey with cancer, and I wanted my title to reflect, as far as possible, the nature of that experience.

As I seek to share in my book, I have discovered, and continue to discover, that as I face my fear of cancer, and my fear of death, or to the degree that I do so, my anxiety turns to joy because I am inevitably drawn into a deeper experience of the peace and love that I believe is the eternal truth of each of us.

Tara Woods Turner Perhaps "Triumph: My Story of..." or " Beyond Fear:..."

I promise I am not trying to be censurious but there is no upside of cancer. There is only the strength and courage that comes from not letting it rob you of your hope and love of life. Thank you for your courteous response. Despite my objections, however, I am sincerely glad that you have found that strength and I wish you health, happiness and peace in your journey.

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Christopher Foster (goodreadscomnaturelover) | 13 comments Tara, thank you again for your thoughts and for your kind words to me personally. I'm 83. I have found so often in life that whenever I go a bit deeper into something, I run into a paradox. Thus I agree with you that from one standpoint, there is no 'upside' to cancer. It is an abomination indeed, an affront to our dignity as human beings.

And yet, as I said before, I have come to see that cancer can also be a catalyst, or "teacher", that like any major affliction, can break us open and help us realize the boundless, ageless nature of our own unconquerable spirit and what is truly important in life.

Thanks again for sharing. It's a privilege to connect with you. I wish you much success and happiness in your journey through this life.

Tara Woods Turner We still have a difference of opinion. full disclosure: in the 1970s my aunt was an enlisted servicewoman in the military. While stationed in Kentucky she was sexually assaulted by a civilian from which a pregnancy resulted. She struggled through the emotional trauma and went on to have a successful career, a loving marriage and raised her son, a beautiful boy who was the apple of her eye and her greatest achievement. If she ever wrote a book about her experience she would not call it "The Upside of Sexual Assault"

You are giving power to cancer in your title instead of giving that power to your spirit and will to overcome cancer. I guess if people are inspired from your book you feel that is good enough but causing anyone pain when you don't have to is not a good compromise, in my opinion.

So agree to disagree. Godspeed.

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Christopher Foster (goodreadscomnaturelover) | 13 comments Godspeed to you too Tara. Thank you for your input.

Tara Woods Turner You're welcome and thank you for the discourse.
:-) :-) :-)

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