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The Wild Card (Sienna's Story Book 1) by Dena Starostovic Dena Starostovic

Genre: Romance/suspense

THE WILD CARD (Sienna's Story Book 1)

Book Description:

Columbian drug cartel shows up at your workplace? A kidnapping in the process? A mole from within? Drugs, running from the law, a father that is pist off, and a drug lord that is as gorgeous and mysterious as they come? This all leads to a roller coaster of a tale that can only be told by the woman who experiences the ordeal, Sienna Carlson. She is a mom, a wife, living the American Dream in Atlanta suburbia, when one day it all blows up. But in the process of running scared, being held captive in a strange and forbidden place, she manages to also find out something about herself. Follow her ordeal and live it through her thoughts. The reader becomes enamored by her conflicting feelings of being scared, thinking death is near. Does she embrace this is her new way of life all the while embracing being thrown into a family as dangerous as they come? Or will she only wish for home, that security and warmth that brings her comfort, yet always the same? Which would the reader prefer? The reader will follow along with the struggle and bring you into her world. The Wild Card, Sienna's story part 1 is available now. Read it now before the sequel comes out.

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sent in your request Tony

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Dena Starostovic (denastar) | 5 comments Tony wrote: "

Email sent with pdf. Thank you Tony.

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