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Terence Park | 11 comments Hi all

New Science Fiction novel: The Tau Device

The Tau device by Terence Park

Lory Gato enjoys a privileged life, hopping from world to world, sending reports of his gourmet experiences to those back home who can't afford the stars. He gets sent to T'negi 36, an out of the way planet where humans have a small presence. As new kids on the galactic block, humanity get the scraps — T'negi 36 is nearly airless and it'll be a long time before it's fit to live on. Like any self-respecting businessman, Lory is a socialiser but the few bars on T'negi 36 are closed. There's been problems with humans which the t'negi, like good hosts, try to gloss over. He arranges to meet a t'negi xeno-archaeologist, Liasse, who is researching a long dead civilisation. She believes whatever destroyed it is still a threat.
Lory has a run in with Earthers - humans who believe their manifest destiny is to (somehow) overthrow alien civilisations, steal alien terraforming technology, and colonize.
The technology that powers interstellar civilisation suddenly fails... then it turns out that the Earthers have powerful allies. Lory and Liasse are thrown together in a desperate bid to survive.

The Kindle release date is 17th March 2016. It can be pre-ordered at:

Link to book website: The Tau Device

Themes: Mystery, Alien Culture, Romance, Humor, Robots, Contact, Invasion

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R. Billing (r_billing) | 196 comments This sounds fun. I'll have a look.

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