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The Children of Húrin
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Josh Rubinstein (JoshRubinstein) | 15 comments Mod
Hey folks!

Our book of the month for March is Tolkien's 'The Children of Hurin' which tells the story of one of his most tragic characters, Turin Turambar. Set in the First Age of Middle-earth, the story of Turin is one that crops up again and again in Tolkien's works. This is the most complete retelling of the story, and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

Fun fact: If you're somebody who likes listening to audiobooks, the audiobook for this is narrated by none other than Christopher Lee!

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Heather  (istolethe1ring) | 26 comments Okay, how hard is this going to be, Silmarillion hard or Lord of the Rings read??

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Josh Rubinstein (JoshRubinstein) | 15 comments Mod
I'd say it's more at the LOTR level. There are a lot of references, especially in the beginning, to events and characters that exist outside of the scope of this particular story. I don't think they're all that confusing, though. It's kind of like Aragorn gazing at the Argonath. You may not know the whole history of it just from that one scene, but you can get enough context to understand its relevance.

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Heather  (istolethe1ring) | 26 comments Okay, that I can manage.. Can't wait to get started.

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Josh Rubinstein (JoshRubinstein) | 15 comments Mod
And here is our discussion of the book from the convention floor of Wondercon from last week. Enjoy!

Lady Kingsbury | 13 comments Although it had a lot of sadness...I enjoyed the book very much. I really appreciated having gone through the Silmarillion as it gave the context I needed to really understand what was happening. I appreciated the strong female characters and how they related to the men. I love learning more about the Elves and how they intertwined with Men. I see the Men/Elves relations as a lot of the foundation that built up to the Hobbit and esp. LOTR books. Seeing the rich history and Middle earth world that Tolkien created just never ceases to amaze me!!

E.F.B. | 15 comments I actually read CoH back in 2014 before reading the Sil, and got through it just fine, though I admit that once I read the Sil I realized I had gotten Gondolin and Doriath mixed up in my mind. I guess the kings having different names should have been a clue. Duh. :p

I enjoyed the story despite the sadness too, which actually surprised me at the time. I'm usually not one to enjoy tragic stories (I still have a strong urge to *bookwall* Romeo and Juliet, for example), but I think I enjoyed CoH because even with the tragedy it still felt like Tolkien. That, and there were still characters that were very likable, even if quite a few of them did end up dead. *sniffle*

Like Lady said, the depth of the history Tolkien created for Middle Earth never ceases to be amazing. The man had quite an imagination!

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