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Path to Freedom: My Story of Perseverance
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message 1: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 673 comments What do you think of Conrad's story?

message 2: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 673 comments So far this story is a straight forward diary of the author's early life in Guyana. I enjoyed hearing about the wild-west feeling of the mining town he grew up in, perhaps not Too different than Wyoming, where I grew up - aside from a lot more rain!

It does bring up some interesting points for consideration, such as the divisive power of politics. "Despite the adeptness of the two main political parties at exploiting racial and ethnic differences...." location 138.

It's sad but true thing seen time and time again through history in countries around the world, political parties may identify with one race or religion or another and fan coals of discontent which may have quietly and harmlessly smoldered for generations into roaring flames in order to gain power for their own purposes and generally to the detriment of their citizen's happiness and security. i.e. Hitler, Tutsis vs. Hutus, Christians vs. Muslims, etc.

"Guyana's historically democratic system had succumbed to a new political order during my schooling abroad." Humans can have trouble imagining further than the span of their own memory or perhaps the memory of their parents. We tend to be lulled into security by the fact that our government has been stable for longer than that. This is a good reminder not to take stability for granted.


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