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message 1: by Melli (new)

Melli | 12 comments Mod
Ok guys so I decided to create this topic for those times when you have a few book choice but really don't know which to pick, so you let the other member pick your read for you..

I'll go first so that you can understand the idea..

Right now I'm stuck between choosing

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah(I'm about halfway threw and put it down for a minute)

Sharp Objects -Gillian Flynn

If hooks could kill by Betty Hechtman - (crochet mystery)

Which one should I choose.. I'm leaving it in your hands

message 2: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 3 comments Choose the one that your half way through reading :)

Can anyone tell me if 'Chris Kyle - American Sniper' is worth reading? I got it a while back but have never got round to starting it.

message 3: by Melli (new)

Melli | 12 comments Mod
I have never read the book but saw the movie and it was awesome so if the book is anything like the movie I would say give it a chance

message 4: by Matthew (new)

Matthew | 3 comments I have the film on DVD but I don't really want to watch it yet as I think it will ruin the book. I started reading the Martian but watched the film before finishing it and now I have no interest in finishing the book :/ I think tomorrow I will try and make a start on the book :P

message 5: by Awdah (new)

Awdah | 3 comments It is a struggle to distant your mind from a movie you watched and enjoy the book version. Like Harry Potter. It took me some effort to try & enjoy the book & approach it like its new. I ended up imagining my own Harry & my own Ron. Wasn't easy at first.

message 6: by Awdah (new)

Awdah | 3 comments Melli, you should start something completely different from your previous read. That's what I like to do in this situation. :)

message 7: by Justin (new)

Justin (rockstarintraining) swerve to something new. get a fresh start. That's the best I have ...

message 8: by Melli (new)

Melli | 12 comments Mod
I actually am listening to an podcast reading of Jane eyre. Even thought I just bought the book because my old one got damaged by my middle daughter somehow when she was learning to write.. Years ago , I like that I can listen while Laying my room waiting for my 1 yr old to go to sleep. (It also helps him fall asleep faster)

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