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UNSOLVED: One specific book > It was a bout this lady who went back to her hometown when she learned that the guy she likes is there.

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Jecjec | 2 comments It was a bout this lady who went back to her hometown when she learned that the guy she likes is there. She went back with the excuse of visiting the grave of her parents or some relative just to see him. They met at the port or something coz the guy works with boats. Then there was an accident and someone close to the guy died so she comforted him and something happened to them. She got pregnant so they lived together. Then the lady's friend visited them and stayed with them for a few days. The guy learned about the 'obsession' of the lady, why she really returned to their hometown because of the tendency of her friend talk endlessly. They had a fight. One of their fights was that when the lady and her friend went sight seeing, she did not even consider resting for the sake of the baby. When she gave birth, the guy was not there with her because he was in some kind of competition about boats. At the later part of the story, she was asked by the guy to go to her mother's place because he secretly bought a bigger house for them and renovate it with the help of his friends. There was no communication from om him for a few days so she got worried. She went back to their old house together with the baby but didn't see him there.(not sure if the house was already empty) she went back to her mother's place. The guy then learned what she did and heard on the radio the news that there was an accident with the train so he got worried and rushed to her.
What actually happened was that he got hit by a roof tile so he was rushed to the hospital. In the end, he and the lady together with the baby went home to their new home. I think that was where he proposed to her.

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Jecjec, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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Jecjec | 2 comments Hi, I am still looking for it. I liked that book which I just borrowed from m classmate in college and that was about 7 years ago.

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Jecjec ~~
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