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Why are you looking forward to Chrombooks?

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bookSmith | 16 comments Mod
Read this article:

What are you looking forward to about having Chromebooks next year?

message 2: by Steven (last edited Apr 01, 2016 06:00AM) (new)

Steven Casey (scasey84) | 10 comments One thing I am looking forward to using on the Chromebooks is Linux. Another thing I am excited for is being able to use most android apps. Another thing I will be anticipating in the Chromebooks are being able to work offline.

message 3: by Adaline (new)

Adaline Griffiths | 6 comments The two main parts of having Chromebooks next year that I am most excited. One is being able to work offline. I think that will be nice for certain activities that I can do anywhere. Another feature I am excited about it Microsoft Word. Currently my laptop doesn't have Microsoft Word, instead it has a free more general option. I am excited to have more options.

message 4: by Diamond (new)

Diamond Hawley (dayzoning2nd) | 6 comments Well one thing is for sure. I wont have to worry about my sister taking over the shared laptop anymore. I will finnaly be able to stop begging her to give up the laptop so I can do my school work.

message 5: by Jeremiah (new)

Jeremiah Moses I think it is going to be different, because we are going to do more homework online then doing it on paper.

message 6: by Kobi (new)

Kobi Im Looking Forward To Getting A lot Of School Work Done So I Wouldn't Say I Didn't Have Access To None Of My Online Work. Also, Because I Would Be Able To Just Explore When Needed For School Work.

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