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Looking for Friends.

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Dawn  Mulligan Hi Goodreaders, I'm Dawn and I'm new to the Goodreads world and I'd really like to meet new friends here! I love to read and just get lost in a book, there's just nothing else like it. I hope to hear from some of you Goodreaders , I'd just love to meet and make some new friends in the reading world! I'd also love to know what you guys prefer to read, paperback, hardcover, e-reader etc. I loved physical books! I think that's way I had so many I ran out of places to put them. I loved the feel, the smell, everything, but I also wanted to keep them looking brand new and untouched, something none of us can do I'm sure. I believe that part came from the thought of how hard the authors had to work and sacrifice to bring their books to us, how much love and thought they put into them for us to enjoy. So I give them all away so other people could enjoy them and got a kindle. I love my kindle and would be lost without it.

Filipa Pereira Hi Dawn, welcome to Goodreads.
I particularly like physical books, just like you I love the smell and everything else. Although I find an e-reader rather helpful when I'm travelling.
As regards to keeping the books looking brand new and untouched I don't agree. I don't mistreat my books or anything but they were made to be read and read again and that's why I think it's sad to look at a shelf full of books that look like they've never been touched.

Dawn  Mulligan Hi Filipa, it's nice to meet you.
I don't disagree with you one bit about books being made to be read and read again. And yes they are going to get some wear and tear and things like that. And believe me my books were no different I'm sure, but I still felt so bad when something happened to one of them I would almost cry. I just wanted to keep them in the best condition I could. But that's just me and how I am, I more than understand everyone is not like me and has his/her own likes dislikes and ways of doing things, that was just mine. But I was more than happy to give my books away for other people to enjoy and fall in love with the way I did.

Filipa Pereira I'm not really sure where I stand about giving my books to people. I want them to read them so I can have someone to discuss them with but I think I prefer buying them another copy rather than giving them mine. They can borrow any of my books for as long as they need them but I still want them back.
When I'm having a bad day I just need to sit in the couch and look at my bookshelves and my mood gets better almost instantly.

JENNY Hello ladies. I'm also new to Goodreads and would like to find friends interested in discussing books. I am the only reader in my circle of friends and it's sad when I am unable to discuss a current book.
I prefer the actual book to an e-reader. I bought the Nook when it first came out, and it just sits and gathers dust. Nothing can compare to a good firm book in my hands. As you Dawn, I love the feel, and the smell. I worry that books will eventually stop being published. Already there are books that only come out digitally. I also take great care of my books. It hurts me when a page gets wrinkled or when a drop of coffee makes a stain. However, Filipa, you described my bookcases perfectly when saying they look like they have never been read. I never thought of it that way.
Sharing books, that is something I have learned not to do any more. I am ok with recommending books but I will never "share" my books again. I have lost a great many books that way.
I'm a little late to the discussion. I hope you guys are still active!

Filipa Pereira Hi Jenny, welcome to goodreads. You won't find a better place to discuss books with other people than here.
Unfortunately I'm one of the few readers of my group of friends, just like you. Even the ones that do read have different taste, so we almost never read the same books. Because of that, when I started on goodreads I was a bit scared to give my opinions, I wasn't used to it. I must say that goodreads helped me a lot.
Besides, there's so many more to do in the site, I really hope you explore and enjoy all of them.
I can't remember if I said this before but I don't think that e-books are ever going to replace actual books completely. Maybe this is a stupid comparison but elevators and stairs "co-exist". With books is pretty much the same thing. There is a market and a place for both of them.
Again, welcome

Dawn  Mulligan Hi Jenny, welcome to goodreads. I have the same problem, none of my friends read books or have the love for them I do. So there is no one for me to talk with about them. And to me there is just nothing better than getting lost in a book and forgetting everything else for a while. I like all kinds of books and will read just about anything, however I do seem to have a great deal of vampire books lol. And like Filipa I believe actual books and e-books will co-exist and stay that way, so I don't think you need to worry. To many people want to read actual books. As I said before I love everything about a book, the way they feel in my hand the smell of the pages, everything. But yes I was way to picky about them and always wanted them to look new, like you I would be so upset when a page got wrinkled or when a stain got on them. I didn't mind the everyday wear and tear from reading them, I just freaked out about everything else. I do have a kindle and I love it and can't live without it now. I believe this is only because I can have all my books in one place and I don't have to worry about anything happening to them and things like that. But my love for a actual book will never go away. I hope you enjoy goodreads, and your more than welcome to add me as a friend if you'd like.

Scerina Elizabeth Absolutely loved this book and can't wait to see what happens to Sofia & Derek in the next book - I have totally and utterly fallen in love with the stories and all it's characters especially Sofia & Derek

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