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How many star's would you give Orphan X ?
Oswaldo Reyes Oswaldo Mar 04, 2016 08:02AM
Have you read Orphan X ? and How many star's would you give it ? On a 1 to 5 star's ? Please give us your opinion about the book .Did you enjoy it ? This is a new series and Orphan X is a new hero .What are your thoughts about this awesome new character ? I personally loved the book .I could not put this book down.I think it would be a great discussion , if we could find out what our fellow avid readers at goodreads think about this new series and character.If you have read the book ,please participate and post your rating and comments.

Gave this 4 stars. Found Evan to be a very different type of character; very intriguing. Hope the movie is as good as my imagination. My first Gregg Hurwitz read and I was not disappointed!

I read it last month and totally loved it. I gave it a 5 stars. It reminded me of the movie The Professionnal.

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Oswaldo Reyes Hi, Dominique. I knew that as soon as i finished this book ,i had to start a discussion about it on GoodReads.That is how good this book is ,i have ne ...more
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Five stars! Great pace and characters.

I also loved it. I don't read much in that genre, but I liked the hero's outsider viewpoint. He really doesn't get normal people.

5 stars...without hesitation.
Evan Smoak? Holy Smoke! I really enjoyed this first edition in the Evan Smoak series. As an avid reader of Lee Child's Jack Reacher series, I think I may have found another "page-burning" series here. Gregg Hurwitz, take a bow for this new character. Orphan X is one "scary, scary man". 5 stars!

5 Stars for sure. Each book in this series gets better and better. The manner in which he ends his latest, THE PRODIGAL SON, will blow your mind.

Evan grows with each book. I put him in the same category as Jack Reacher and the Gray Man.

Gregg: keep them coming!

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Hello Everyone,

I also LOVED "Orphan X." I was lucky enough to win a print copy of this book before it's publication date. The character of Evan Smoak, to an avid reader such as myself, was everything I look for in a protagonist. In my opinion, Evan could teach "Jack Reacher" more than a thing or two!

I was thrilled when my local Library finally obtained copies of the sequel to "Orphan X," titled "The Nowhere Man." This much-anticipated follow-up was everything that I'd hoped it would be, and more. Prior to borrowing a copy of "The Nowhere Man," I once again read "Orphan X" and enjoyed it even more the second time. I have now read both novels twice and highly recommend both to anyone in search of great writing, great characters, and an all-around great story! I've no idea if Mr. Gregg Hurwitz has plans for any future novels continuing Evan's story, but one can ALWAYS hope.

As far as the original question of "How many Stars would you give Orphan X?" On a scale of between 1 and 5 Stars, I would give this book 10 Stars! (I guess I have always been a bit of a rebel... *LOL*)

Take Care All & Happy Reading,

I gave it a 4 * if I remember correctly! I liked Evan, the main character and I liked the neighbors in his building.
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I thought it was awful...trite, cliched and repetitive.

As I mentioned in a very brief review, the one thing that I enjoyed was the mention of a dear (late) friend. Other than that I can only say that I made an honest attempt to get through it and failed.

If only it had been as entertaining as "The Professional" which at least had the benefit of excellent performances by Reno, Oldman and Portman.

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